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Psychic & Feng Shui Predictions Archive

Spiritual Newsletter Archive

Spiritual Newsletters

This free monthly spiritual newsletter includes information on spiritual remedies, astrology, feng shui, classes and workshops, and other relevant topics.
It is enlightening and entertaining to read. Subscribe to it below.

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Newsletter Archive

Newsletter    August 2020
Newsletter    June 2020
Newsletter    November 2019
Newsletter    October 2019
Newsletter    September 2019
Newsletter    August 2019
Newsletter    June 2019
Newsletter    May 2019
Newsletter    April 2019
Newsletter    February 2019
Newsletter    January 2019
Newsletter    December 2018
Newsletter    November 2018
Newsletter    October 2018
Newsletter    September 2018
Newsletter    August 2018
Newsletter    June 2018
Newsletter    May 2018
Newsletter    April 2018
Books and Art    March 2018
Happy Chinese New Year    February 2018
Shirts    December 2017
Peace Words    November 2017
Open Table    October 2017
Summer Arts    August 2017
Summer    July 2017
Summer Solstice    June 2017
Past Lives    May 2017
Fools, Lovers & Taxpayers    April 2017
Spring    March 2017
Happy Chinese New Year    February 2017
Happy New Year    January 2017
Burning Monkey Frenzy    December 2016
Thanksgiving    November 2016
Recovering    October 2016
Woof Woof    September 2016
Just Party    August 2016
Common Sense    July 2016
The Summer Solstice    June 2016
Water/Music/Fire/Dance    May 2016
Radiation    April 2016
Spring    March 2016
Year of the Flaming Monkey    February 2016
New Year    January 2016
War and Peace    December 2015
Hate    November 2015
Water Music: Blue and Gray 2015    October 2015
Autumn    September 2015
Time to Apply    August 2015
Independence    July 2015
Radiance    June 2015
Grace    May 2015
Ride, Dragged or Fueling    April 2015
Feng Shui Workshops    March 2015
Happy Valentines    February 2015
Green Wood Sheep    January 2015
Moving on    December 2014
Giving Thanks    November 2014
Between Abstracts    October 2014
Feng Shui & Radio    September 16, 2014
Peace, Poetry & Balance    September 2014
Galloping Along    August 2014
Celebrate Yourself    July 2014
Happy June ~ No Gloom    June 2014
Splendored Things    May 2014
Poetry in the Air    April 2014
Full Gallop    March 2014
Happy Chinese New Year & Valentines Day    February 2014
Happy New Year    January 2014
Holiday Season    December 2013
New Phase    October 2013
Autumnal Equinox    September 2013
Sow & Reap Your Karma    August 2013
Choose Independence    July 2013
Summer Solstice    June 2013
Read a Book    May 2013
Be Cool in April    April 2013
Spring Awakening    March 2013
Happy Chinese New Year    February 2013
Prosperous New Year!    January 2013
Rememberance    December 2012
Happy November    November 2012
Happy Days of Autumn    October 2012
Peace, Postcards, and Great Minds    September 2012
Summer Transition, Art and a Party!    August 2012
Summer Party ~ Summer T-Shirts!    July 2012
Transition Into Summer    June 2012
Happy Mother's Day    May 2012
Literature and Love    April 2012
Happy Spring!    March 2012
Happy Valentine's Day!    February 2012
Happy Chinese New Year!    Mid-January 2012
Happy New Year!    January 2012
Infuse Your Holiday with Goodness    December 2011
Books of Enlightenment    11-11-11
Revitalize Yourself    November 2011
Art and Feng Shui    October 2011
No More War on September 11    September 2011
Party! Party! Party!    August 2011
A Time of Liberation    July 2011
Sun Moon Stars and You    June 2011
Happy May Day & Mother's Day!    May 2011
Happy April Fools!    April 2011
Happy Vernal Equinox!    March 2011
Spice up the Chinese New Year    February 2011
Happy Chinese New Year    January 17 2011
Start the New Year Off Right    January 2011
Happy Holidays!    December 2010
Month of Honor    November 2010
Season of Sugar    October 2010
Happy Autumnal Equinox    September 21 2010
Astrology of the East and West    September 2010
The Art of Adjusting    August 2010
Summer of Giving    July 2010
Summer Solstice    June 21, 2010
Summer Love    June 2010
Great Luck / Disastrous Luck    May 2010
Open Studio Invitation    Mid-April 2010
Grace and Peace and Joy ~ Easter    April 2010
Remove Conflict Karma in March    March 2010
Where to Find Romance?    February 2010
Predictions for 2010    January 2010
Happy Holiday !    December 2009
Holiday Book & Print Sale !    Mid-November 2009
Recipe For Success    November 2009
October Feng Shui    October 2009
Happy Autumnal Equinox!    September 2009
August Forecast    August 2009
Wonderful News!    July 2009
Peace Words    June 2009
Let The Calm Begin    May 2009
April Greetings!    April 2009
Happy Vernal Equinox!    March 2009
Happy Chinese New Year!    January 2009
Happy New Year!    January 2009
Short Holiday Newsletter!    December 2008
Welcome to Your Holiday Survial Kit!    November 2008
Autumnal Equinox, Mercury Retrograde, Halloween: Greetings!    October 2008
Happy Birthday Virgo Babies!    September 2008
Dancing In The Streets!    July 2008
Happy Summer Solstice    June 2008
Happy Mother Earth Day    May 2008
Preparing for the Year of the Rat    February 2008
Blessings for a New Year    Winter 2007/2008
Returning Holiness to Your Holiday Season    December 2007
Transitioning into Fall    October 2007
Heal the Planet    July 2007
Summer Solstice: Marking a Spiritual Transition    2007
The Feng Shui of Fire    May 2007
Condolences for Virginia Tech and Earth Day    2007
Tips for the Chinese New Year of the Pig    February 2007
Manifest Blessings in the New Year    January 2007
Meditation and Generosity    Halloween 2006
Preparing for the Autumnal Equinox    September 2006
Harnessing the Energy of the Summer Solstice    June 2006
We Are the April Fools!    April 2006
Welcoming the Chinese Year of the Fire Dog    January 2006
Holiday Remedies & Winter Solstice    Winter 2005
Make Wood, Not War!    December 2005
A Deadline for Peace    November 2005
Regaining Balance    Autumnal Equinox 2005
It's Easy Being Green    September 2005
Balancing Masculine Energy    August 2005
Remembering Walt Whitman    July 2005
Happy Summer Solstice!    June 2005
May Day: Time to Appreciate Nature    May 2005
Eating God Press Release    May 1 2005
Inviting Spring into Your Life    April 2005
Vernal Equinox: A Time of Renewal    March 2005
Remedies & Feng Shui for the Chinese New Year    February 2005
Blessings for the New Year    January 2005
Spiritual Discipline and Taking Action    December 2004
11/11 Working Out Your Karma    November 11th, 2004
Autumn, Time of Introspection    November 2004
Finding Your Way Out of Summer-Autumn Limbo    October 2004
Balancing Yourself and Your Environment    September 2004
Stop Dis-ease Before It Starts    August 2004
All About Romance    July 2004
Happy Summer Solstice    June 20th, 2004
Summer Solstice: Time of Prosperity and Abundance    June 2004
Tips for Harmony    May 2004
A Month of Physical Blossoming    April 2004
Beings of Light unto the World    Vernal Equinox 2004
The Cycle of Life and the Year of the Monkey    March 2004
Chinese New Year - The Year of the Monkey    January 2004
The New Year - A Time for Self-Evaluation    January 2004
Grace and Peace and Joy Debuts!    Winter Solstice 2003
Unfusing Your Holidays With Holiness    December 2003
Co-Creating Positive Energy    November 2003
Combating Negative Energy    October 2003
Fighting Physical and Spiritual Disharmony    September 2003
Feng Shui Karma at the Peak of the Year    August 2003
Healing with Words    July 2003
Summer Solstice    June 2003
Transcending the Illusion    June 2003
Connecting with the Inherent Joy of the Universe    May 2003
Processing Karma in a Difficult Time    April 2003
Happy First Day of Spring!    March 2003
Happy Vernal Equinox    March 2003
Happy Chinese New Year!    February 2003
Special Forecast for 2003    January 2003
The Winter Solstice, Karmic Work and Culinary Discipline    December 2002
Healing the Holidays / Strengthening the Aura    November 2002
There is No Good Reason for War    October 2002
The Autumnal Equinox, Amethyst, and Psychic Development    September 2002
The Sixty Year Cycle of Chinese Astrology    August 2002
Cell Phones Affect Biochemistry    July 2002 six-month anniversary!    June 2002

Prediction Archive

Psychic & Feng Shui Predictions    The Year 2010