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  March, 2009    

Happy Vernal Equinox!

The tipping of the seasons into Spring occurs on March 20th. May your heart also tip into Spring and your life blossom in these difficult times.

This is a short newsletter of hope.

Several astrological phenomena (including the approach of Vernal Equinox, Venus retrograde, etc.) in combination have resulted in dramatically unbalancing people. You may have noticed traffic being more unstable.

A combination of First Aid and Chakra Tonic is suggested for this situation. Add Radiation Cleanse for severe cases.

This combination is also recommended for stress over the economic crisis.


To remove the blockage to prosperity, use Karma Cleanse.

To clear your magnetic field after being around crazy, hysterical, or negative people, use Aura Spritz.

Feng Shui

The astrological feng shui workshops and consultations were a great success. It was a wild and wonderful month of traveling and teaching, culture and friendship. Thank you to everyone who participated.

If you have completed your annual feng shui treatments, this month you only need to add the burning of a candle for an hour a day in the Southeast sector of your home.

War and Peace

President Obama has promised to begin removing American troops from Iraq. These troops, however, will be deployed to Afghanistan. Take a stand for peace. Make a statement for peace. Wear a peace shirt now. Overcome the disease of inertia.

Art and Poetry

The letterpress print of my new poem, "if you have not seen the earth" is now available. It is signed and numbered in a limited edition of fifty. The poem is uplifting and the hand-painted details are ethereal. It is just what is needed to invigorate hope in your life. I am keeping the price low, just $28. Email now to order.

May grace and peace and joy sprout in your heart and blossom in your life.







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