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Blue Period Prints
  November 2010    

Greetings and Thanksgiving!

eating God bookNovember 1st is the day of honoring gurus and saints and buddhas. Honor someone who has brought light into your life, someone whose discipline has made your life easier, releasing karma. Hold a place in your life for this honoring every day.

November 2nd is the day of honoring the dead. Honor your ancestors; every person in your lineage has contributed to your DNA and makes you who you are. Hereditary karma can be released by honoring the ancestors, resulting in physical and emotional healing. Hold a place in your life for this honoring every day.

To assist in the process of honoring gurus and ancestors to release karma, use blessthebody.com White Light and Karma Cleanse. Hold the intention of honor with each use, twice a day.

If you wish to aggressively release karma, combine with blessthebody.com Implant Cleanse.

The planet Venus will turn direct on November 18th. This is the time to take all you have learned about loving yourself and project it outward ~ let the world see how lovable you are! Surround yourself with love!

To assist the process of creating love in your life, use blessthebody.com Love Light four times a day.

If you wish to increase romance or rekindle a love relationship, combine with blessthebody.com Pink Light or Be In Love.

A week later, November 25th, is the day of thanks-giving. Thanksgiving! Give thanks for everything in your life ~ the graceful gifts and the challenging gifts… This has been a difficult year for many people, natural disasters, war, health crises…Take a day to appreciate the blessings bestowed on you. And hold a place in your life for thanksgiving every day.

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Daylight Savings Time ends next week, we are entering the Season of Darkness in the Northern Hemisphere. Most Winter Festivals center around candles: now is the time to order healthy candles for your Thanksgiving table, your Advent wreath/calendar, your menorah. Make every day special with candles at night!

The blesstheworld.com Feng Shui Shops and Humanity Shops have candles as well as many of your other holiday needs. Why search for the perfect holiday gift when healthy, natural products are just a click away?!!

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Astrological Feng Shui

Difficulties may ease off this month but there are severe challenges for the physical body. Take care of your health because the illness energy is even stronger next month. Conflict remains the dominant energy. Try not to fight with parents or children. Lawsuits may escalate. There is great luck in the heart of the home, you may be setting up a future of abundance. Work on projects with love. Romantic love may walk in the front door but be careful it does not steal your home. A lucky surprise of money may be more than what is found in a coat pocket.

For feng shui cures to ensure the best possible luck, click here.

May this month of honor bring honor to your life. Happy holidays from blesstheworld.com.


spiritual questions: blessthejourney@aol.com