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Spiritual Healing

Roy Anthony Shabla is a spiritual healer who specializes in the release of karma and the correction of subtle energy imbalances. While he does not work in the
physical realm, physical healing may occur as a result of spiritual balancing.
When you heal the subtle bodies, the chakras, the auras ~ you begin to heal the mind and the body and the life. Spiritual energy work is the most natural and holistic healing there is.

Spiritual healing is also the best wellness therapy. Regular and consistent healing sessions with Roy Anthony Shabla strengthen the chakras and the auras, clear present and past life karma, and correct the subtle energy imbalances that may manifest as problems in your physical, emotional, and mental life. Prevention is better than remediation. And a graceful life is better than struggle. Maintain wellness instead of curing illness.

Remote spiritual healing is available to clients anywhere in the world. It is safe and effective.


Initial healing session $260
Regular healing session $108
Month-long healing session $475

  Email to set up an appointment for a healing session Spiritual Remedies are etheric, vibrational solutions of homeopathics, herbs, flower essences, gemstone essences, and a complex of other vibrational ingredients designed to transform your life. They are the most powerful spiritual remedies in the world. Spiritual Remedies ~ $17

Divine Meditation is the spiritual practice of simple, subtle exercises for the movement of tantric and karmic energy. There is no other teacher for this work incarnate on the planet at this time.

For classes in the Los Angeles area: meditation schedule

Regular meditation class   $16 
Private meditation class  $160

  Email to set up an appointment for a private meditation class

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