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Personal Remedies

The following Personal Remedies, like the Spiritual Remedies, are not designed or intended to replace prescribed pharmaceutical medication from doctors of conventional medicine. By offering these personal remedies, is in no way attempting to diagnose, prescribe, or replace pharmaceutical or other medication prescribed by doctors of conventional medicine. Whatever choice you make for healthcare, always follow the advice and recommendations of your doctor. Personal Remedies, like the Spiritual Remedies, have no negative interactions with pharmaceuticals or other medications. These remedies are not conventional medicine, their effect is not physical. Like the Spiritual Remedies, the Personal Remedies work on an etheric level and are always safe and effective.

Use wisely and as needed.

Romantic House Spritz

All remedies are delicate, vibrational formulas. It is, therefore, highly suggested that they be stored away from television and computer terminals, microwave ovens, sunlight, and other magnetic and electro-magnetic sources. Every precaution has been taken to ensure the potency and longevity of these remedies and considerate handling and storage will maintain their utmost efficacy.

Personal Remedies ~ Be In Love Be In Love ~ $17

This remedy is the physical counterpart to Love Light; it stimulates the etheric brain and hormones to maintain the feeling of being in love ~ encouraging intimacy, bonding, and monogamy. Use frequently with your partner or spritz the bed and home. Follow with Love Light. Secondary remedies: Bright Brain, Chakra Tonic, Pink Light.

Personal Remedies ~ Be Happy Be Happy ~ $17

Natural, vibrational anti-depressent. Spiritual mood-stabilizer. Get your life back, be happy. No pharmaceutical side-effects. If you take prescribed pharmaceuticals for depression, this will re-activate them through an energetic process to work better. Use four to six times a day or as needed. Follow with Pink Light. Secondary remedies: Bright Brain and E-motion Potion.

Personal Remedies ~ Be Awake Be Awake ~ $17

Natural, vibrational stimulant. Organic, spiritual energy-enhancer. No caffeine or ephedra. No drug side-effects. No over-dose. Get energy for a long day. Stay awake to study or rave. Great for long-distance drivers or long-term meditators. Focus like a star athlete. Undetectable. Use as needed. Follow with Bright Brain. Secondary remedy: Chakra Tonic.

Personal Remedies ~ Skin Mantra Skin Mantra ~ $36

Energetic skin rejuvenation and cellular regeneration. Look and feel youthful again. Effective vibrational skin repair from signs of aging. Reverse wrinkles energetically. Formulated in a base of colloidal minerals, this is the only remedy that is not made in water.  Apply on clean skin twice a day or as needed. Follow with White Light. Secondary remedy: Gold Light.


The Personal Remedy links listed below are affiliates of Each time you follow a link from to one of these affiliate websites and make a purchase, will receive a small fee for the referral ~ a percentage of the purchase price, possibly a dollar or two. This commission does not increase the price of your purchase and has no influence on sales or discounts. It does, however, contribute to the work of ~ support for world peace and equal rights, disaster relief, and personal charity. All affiliates (the Humanity Shops, the Feng Shui Shops) support in this way.

All purchases from the affiliate websites are completely confidential and secure. Your personal information is never available to anyone nor is it used for any advertising campaign or demographic research. Your personal privacy is important to Shop with confidence for the personal remedies that will enhance your life.

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Sex In A Jar combines the natural ingredients of the bar and butter bases blended to create a creamy texture perfect for massage. Essential oils formula Sexsations is added to stimulate the release of the libido hormones. Use fifteen minutes before connecting.
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Spiritual Remedies