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Spiritual Healings

"Roy Shabla is a master at his work and does not need to let you know or sell himself to you. In fact, because he is so quiet about his powerful, healing work, you may not even realize that he is magnificently working behind the scenes in your very best and highest interest!!! His treatments heal and solve physical issues that you may not even be aware of, since he addresses them and heals them before they even surface. When you do have a health challenge or even an emotional one that makes you feel out of balance, he goes right after it and assists the body to get back in balance. His remedies are magical. I always and immediately feel better, calmer, and relieved when I use them and I use them throughout the day on a daily basis. I love how he regularly re-checks your remedies to stay current with the changes going on in your body. He has an amazing ability to sense and for-see events in the future, both in a positive and negative way. Last month in his newsletter, he cautioned his clients to be careful about theft, especially with finances and to check in with your credit card companies. I appreciated the warning and really did not do anything different. He suggested feng shui remedies for our homes, which I ignored, knowing that I was safe. However, yesterday, which was September 1st, when I checked online with my Citibank account, I was shocked to see a balance of $12,000, which I knew immediately was not accurate. So I quickly learned that someone made 19 charges on my card, including airplane tickets to Cuba. I was able to clear this with the fraud department and when I got off the phone, I remembered Roy's August warning. All of these charges were made at the end of August!!! This incident made me even more aware of Roy's amazing abilities and to make me more aware to take him even more seriously when he has information for us to pay attention to."

"He has been treating my husband and I for over a year now, as well as our home and we have annual consultations with him to update feng shui issues that change each year. We absolutely love working with him and have enjoyed his powerful meditation evenings as well. I appreciate how responsive and available he is whenever we have an issues or some question that we need help with. He is a gift in our lives, one that keeps giving and giving!!!"

"Thank you Roy for all the powerful ways that you contribute to our lives as well as our health and happiness!!!"

We love you,

Gail and Tim
Manhattan Beach, CA

~   ~   ~

"My husband just woke up and feels so much better and I know it is because of your care and treatment. He even has color in his face which is a great sign. Thank you so much. I woke up knowing that today was going to be a much calmer day. I feel like a huge storm is calming down. I hope that you really know what a huge difference you make in peoples' lives. I also know that to receive your help, people need to want it, believe it, and accept it. I have known for years that my body loves radionics, so I am so grateful that I have found you."



~   ~   ~

Spiritual Remedies

"The tragedy of April 16th brought much sadness to our community. As we work toward healing, the generosity and thoughtfulness of others help a great deal. We thank you for your kind gift and support."

Thomas E. Cook Counseling Center
Virginia Tech

~   ~   ~

"I want to share with you the wonderful things you have helped manifest in my life. I can't thank you enough! Your products are a blessing to my mother and myself. In the year and a half we have been using them, a true miracle has happened and my life has taken a 360 degree turn."

"I come from a long line of intuitives but I never knew what to do with the gift or how to protect myself from ravaging energies that surround us all. With your remedies, I am safe from harm and have developed my gifts beyond what I thought could exist. I don't feel sick or overwhelmed anymore. I have lost weight and my depression is gone. I am more confident and my true operatic voice has revealed itelf."

"I have turned my mother onto your products and she has never felt better. I am glad these remedies exist ~ I could never cope without them. I am so grateful."

Los Angeles

~   ~   ~

"First Aid works on everything and I can't live without it. Everyone should have it all the time. We use it in the dog's and cat's water everyday, too."

Long Beach, CA

~   ~   ~

"I work and live near the airport and did not realize the radiation from the area was giving me headaches and fatigue. Radiation Cleanse and Bright Brain have done wonders for alleviating these problems."

"Thank you so much Dr. Shabla!"

Love & Blessings,

Playa del Rey, CA

~   ~   ~

Dear Dr. Shabla,

"This letter is written to express my gratitude for your remedies."

"Recently, when I was diagnosed with an unfavorable liver condition, I was devastated. The conventional doctors told me I had to undergo medication therapy. I was NOT happy!"

"Then you suggested I try your remedies. I must admit that, yes, I am a skeptic and wasn't very interested in using them, but went along with it anyway -- never expecting the results I received."

"Within 3 months, my liver condition had totally reversed itself. My doctors were astonished and so was I."

"Thank you Dr. Shabla,"


Long Beach, CA

~   ~   ~

"Wednesday, I decided that, for various reasons, I needed to use your Karma Cleanse. Business boomed that day; and I had a great meeting with the couple who were interested in buying the store. Thursday, I used it again (and sprayed it around the store) and got an offer on the store. Today, Friday, we settled on a price and are moving ahead."

"I know at least part of the reason it has taken me so long to get out of here was because of money-karma issues I needed to work out on my own. Something has been changing in me for several months and I think the Karma Cleanse helped me manifest those changes -- and quite suddenly too. Or maybe it is just a coincidence... Right!"

"Whatever you put in there seems to do the trick. I won't ask for the secret recipe -- for all I know, or care, you could pee in it... but hey, if it works, it works! Blessings."

Seattle, WA

~   ~   ~

"Bless you so much for your products (Implant Cleanse) — they help me so much when I reach the point of having had enough of this problem."

Woodland, Washington

~   ~   ~

Psychic and Spiritual Consultations

"Thank you for your honest responses! Your answers have truly helped me. I feel foolish for carrying these feelings for so long."

"Your words really hit home and I feel a weight off of my shoulders. You are right about relationships and in my case, it is the one I have with myself that needs to be reviewed! I have carried too many hurts that need to be let go. I am glad my guides pushed me to contact you as I had been stuck in a 28 year fantasy! Sheesh how stupid is that!"

"I wish you all the best too. This has truly been the best consultation I have ever received!"


Long Beach, CA

~   ~   ~

"It has been my privilege to know and work with Dr. Roy Shabla for over twenty years. His deep knowledge of karma and the human condition make his advice useful, practical, and effective."

Portland, Oregon

~   ~   ~

Feng Shui Consultations

"My feng shui master is Roy Anthony Shabla. I looked into feng shui for a few years, inquired with friends and business associates, and when I got three references for the same person, I decided to try him. I absolutely give Roy my highest recommendation. I find his insights and knowledge to be spot on. I have followed all his advice and life has worked out well for me."

"I just checked and he is in town this week (which is lucky because he travels to client locations around the world). Whenever I meet with him, I listen and take a lot of notes. He feng shuied my property about 7 years ago and then again when I remodeled. In between, I just email him questions and attend his annual seminars. He always remembers everything about me and my house ~so he really cares. I know he has helped other clients from a retail/business/revenue perspective and that is why I thought of him for you."

"Roy is a really nice person with a good heart. BTW, so you are not surprised, he is not Asian. He is blonde and looks like a surfer dude. But trust me, he’s very very good at feng shui."

Debra H
Brentwood (Los Angeles)

~   ~   ~

"Hey brosky Guru Guy. Just wanted to send gratitude your way for introducing the old ways of feng shui into my dwellings. They are honorably precious endlessly. Thank you."

"I'm doing all my treatments… It already feels much better in here. Thanks alot Roy!"

Ricardo P

~   ~   ~

"I just called my Dad for his birthday. I asked him how business at the aquarium was and he said it's significantly UP. In fact, he said they did $5,000 last Saturday, something that hasn't happened for 2-3 years. We implemented your treatments about 6 weeks ago and they seem to be working!
"Thanks so much, Roy,"

Mark P

~   ~   ~

"Yaaaaay!!! I'm SO excited!!! Tell Roy his workshops have absolutely changed my life and I will be a life-long student."


Oakland, CA

~   ~   ~

"You are on the ball!!! And I am grateful for it. Blessings to you, teacher."


~   ~   ~

"I wanted to let you know how powerful your recommendations are. You already know about me meeting a new guy . . . which is progressing along (we’ve had 3 dates) . . . but this is about my new job!"

"You sent an email awhile back, about 5 element treatments in the south and east, and something else that made me do the following:"

"I put my dish of Chinese coins in the most southeast corner of my garage, and the next day I had the opportunity to meet with a CEO about a job. It was pretty unusual, i.e. it was his limo driver who texted me that morning and set the whole thing up to suddenly meet at the Beverly Hills hotel (as he was attending a 1 day seminar). I didn’t get a chance to speak with him there, but rode in his car with he and his wife on his way back to the airport. Not a common experience for me and makes for a great story ;) "

"Then, I decided to actually DO the 5 element treatment in both locations (on a Sunday) and that following week I was invited to interview at 2 healthcare companies, and both offered me jobs by the end of the week. I just signed the paperwork yesterday, and I’m working at my full bill rate starting 12/29 for at least a year."

"So I just wanted you to know that your gifts are powerful, and I’m glad to be in your circle. Thank you so much!"

Los Angeles

~   ~   ~

Miscellaneous (Art/Poetry)

A performance of casa la reina received this review:

Roy Anthony Shabla followed John Brantingham and read from his new chapbook casa la reina. Shabla doles out spectral imagery in minimalist lines. His poetry is high impact and he uses short lines to evoke a landscape where the supernatural and divine drift between what initially seems to be the ephemera of daily life.

Passages like "even a few lines/ can keep the/ wolf from the whore" are followed by "maybe a shadow/ passes but/ not the moon/ not the stars…" to craft a dreamlike mood that was perfect as the center of the reading. Shabla has an excellent reading voice and his poetry completely mesmerized an audience that was otherwise large and joyously rowdy.

More information on casa la reina.

Roy Anthony Shabla and John Brantingham co-curate a monthly poetry series, Wine and Words, a collaboration between the Downey Arts Coalition and the San Gabriel Valley Literature Festival, sponsored by Maris Wine Bar.

~   ~   ~

"absolutely naked, absolutely genius."

Corletta C.

~   ~   ~

"with poetry like this, you should be rich (financially speaking)."

Irma N.

~   ~   ~

"...If poets could be superstars, at least in this time and country, Roy Anthony Shabla would be the man to watch."

Spirit of the Valley

~   ~   ~

"Thank you for your book of poetry, eating God. I love your writing and will order more of your books."

"I hope your new year is peaceful and fruitful."

Best wishes,

Ellen Burstyn

~   ~   ~

"Hi Roy,"

"I received your wonderful package yesterday, and was amazed at the beauty and wisdom contained within. Not to mention the love..."

"Opening your box was like being a kid at Christmas, and discovering he received more than he'd wished for. You are such a beautiful soul; there's no other way to say it, other than to beat around the bush and write akwardly."

"I love your poetry and writing, and find it resonates within me greatly."

"With all I read, to "prep" for an interview, nothing else has moved in the heart chakra region so vividly. It's as if I didn't know what I didn't have in my life before, but was pleasantly surprised to find it there."

"Does that make any sense at all?"

"Anyway, I just had to tell you how awesome you are. I look forward to hearing from you."


Radio Interview October 8th, 2011

~   ~   ~

"Guruguy, I took a look at your roytube video set of "body of water" and I have to say that it has an excellent, excellent soundtrack. I wish the words were easier to read but I can see them being fine as they are in the context of the flow, reminding me to more gracefully receive what is offered and to allow the information to gently settle in, repeating the experience if necessary for more depth. Your words have captured a deep sadness of our human experience but somehow without a sense of despair, bringing me completely into the experience. I thank you for the videos and I appreciate the work you are doing in the world."


~   ~   ~

"I love my t-shirts. I am going to order some more. Cafepress is so professional. It was packaged so nicely and they have a printed receipt inside of a holder. You are definitely on the right track. Your book printing company and your t-shirt company are very easy to work with and they are both fast. I received both orders before the date that was originally scheduled."

San Jose

~   ~   ~

"These are very sad times. The hurricane and all the unspeakable suffering is hard to see. I am struck with the insanity of that situation and our "government". Your messages, my work, and the people I teach, or who teach me, render some sense of peace. Keep up your work. It matters."