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Roy Anthony Shabla is a spiritual healer, psychic consultant, feng shui master, and teacher of metaphysics with a doctoral degree in Natural Healing. He maintains a private practice and regular meditation classes in the Los Angeles area.

The healing work of Roy Anthony Shabla is based on the philosophy that the correction and balancing of spiritual energy gently removes the blockages causing life-problems. Shabla manipulates the vibrational patterns of the personal energy field (auras and chakras) through a variety of psychic and spiritual methods made more effective by his own research. He also manipulates the vibrational patterns of architectural energy fields (feng shui) with amazing success. His treatments enhance all other healing work.

The Spiritual Remedies were designed by Roy Anthony Shabla to empower people to heal themselves and maintain wellness. They are a safe and effective method of self-healing, alone or in conjunction with his or other treatments. The Spiritual Remedies will have a deep and lasting effect on your life.

Shabla’s international workshops on subtle energy balancing are based on practical information that empowers students with the ability and desire to live in harmony with the consciousness of the universe. His research expanded the body of metaphysical knowledge on the mechanisms of psychic and spiritual healing and his lectures are praised for their clarity and practicality.

Likewise, his annual feng shui workshops throughout California are illuminating and practical. No other master is teaching transformational feng shui like this. His architectural work is both dynamic and peaceful and has affected the lives of thousands of people.

Roy Anthony Shabla is a writer and artist and his book of spiritual poetry garnered rave reviews. It is a great primer on meditation and the spiritual path. His book on practical feng shui unveils secrets most masters won’t reveal. His line of graffiti
t-shirts and other products promote peace activism in a world of war. He has always worked for peace and sustainable ecology in the world.

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