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Spiritual Remedies

These remedies are transcendent vibrational waters designed to harmonize spiritual energy for personal transformation and refinement. They manifest strong alchemy for the soul; subtle ambrosia for the body. There is no herbal, no homeopathic, no flower essence, no other spiritual remedy of any kind on the planet at this time that has a deeper effect on the subtle bodies than the Spiritual Remedies.

Roy Anthony Shabla is a master formulator and spiritual alchemist. Each remedy is the result of extended communion and each formula is a sophisticated complex of ingredients, some requiring thousands of ingredients to achieve the desired dynamic effect in the metaphysical structures. They contain homeopathic essences, flower essences, gemstone essences, astrological essences, color essences, and mantra essences. Spiritual Remedies are universally beneficial. They infuse all other subtle energy work with grace and are not compromised by gross work. They do not negatively interact with pharmaceuticals ~ prescription or over-the-counter. They have no ill side-effects. There is no over-dose. Spiritual Remedies are a safe and conscious method for healing.

Spray each etheric water four to six times per day or as needed, in the mouth and around the head and body. They are also highly effective treatments for animals, plants, and buildings. Spiritual Remedies will transform your life and the lives of those around you.

Clean House Spritz

Romantic House Spritz

Prosperous House Spritz

All remedies are delicate, vibrational formulas. It is, therefore, highly suggested that they be stored away from television and computer terminals, microwave ovens, sunlight, and other magnetic and electro-magnetic sources. Every precaution has been taken to ensure the potency and longevity of these remedies and considerate handling and storage will maintain their utmost efficacy.

Spiritual Remedies Radiation Cleanse ~ $17

Radiation Cleanse is an effective antidote to all forms of life-negative emanations. It corrects the mis-polarity of all systems (atomic, cellular, electrical, chakric, auric, et cetera) and repairs the damage caused by negative radiation. It is indispensable in these modern times. Use when other subtle energy work is ineffective.
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Spiritual Remedies Bright Brain ~ $17

Bright Brain restores vitality and light to the essence of the brain which balances and enhances its functioning. It is important for serious meditators, students, drug-users, and anyone over forty years of age. It also strengthens the etheric body, slowing the degeneration of the physical body. continue remedy info

Spiritual Remedies First Aid ~ $17

First Aid relieves shock and trauma from physical, emotional, mental, psychic, and spiritual stress, both current and historical. Use to relieve childhood and distant trauma as well as everyday circumstances. First Aid calls the spirit back so healing can begin. continue remedy info

Spiritual Remedies Bright Immunity ~ $17

Bright Immunity is a tonic and should be used regularly to regain/maintain vibrancy, short-term and occasional use is effective. It is highly recommended for anyone over sixty years of age or anyone with a compromised immune system. continue remedy info

Spiritual Remedies Chakra Tonic ~ $17

Chakra Tonic repairs, balances, and strengthens the chakra and nadi (connections between the chakras) systems and their subsidiary systems (the endocrine system, the nervous system, the acupuncture points and meridians systems). It supports the balance of the hormones, brain chemicals, digestive enzymes.
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Spiritual Remedies Aura Spritz ~ $17

The aura is a complex, multi-dimensional vibration-bundle which contains all information about you. Aura Spritz cleanses and repairs the aura at all levels and cuts karmic cords to all antagonists. It is is your first line of defense from bad luck because everything exists in your aura before it exists in your life. It amplifies all other remedies. continue remedy info

Spiritual Remedies Karma Cleanse ~ $17

Karma Cleanse removes the blockages to prosperity; intimacy; vitality. It removes mental and emotional blockages. It removes the blockages to spirituality. Karma Cleanse removes childhood patterns that do not serve your highest good. continue remedy info

Spiritual Remedies E-motion Potion ~ $17

E-motion Potion stimulates the emotional body to release suppressed experiences liberating the psyche by completion of their expression. This is an important remedy for anyone undergoing psychological counseling, 12-step therapy, or any regression work. continue remedy info

Spiritual Remedies Silver Light ~ $17

Silver Light grounds you into the physical world and calms you in your physical life. It contracts your energy so you are not dispersed. This results in the ability to maintain focus. It is excellent for students, meditators, actors, councilors, and any detail-oriented work. continue remedy info

Spiritual Remedies Gold Light ~ $17

Gold Light stimulates you in the physical world and excites you in your physical life. It expands your energy field so you become dynamic. This results in great magnetism, charisma, attractiveness. It is excellent for performers and other people in the public eye. continue remedy info

Spiritual Remedies Green Light ~ $17

Green Light affects both the present and the future, thus it is a great preventer of dis-ease on any level and in any realm. It is a very important remedy for anyone wishing to transition to a more peaceful future. Green Light is excellent for healers, politicians/diplomats, contract negotiators, care-givers, and large families. continue remedy info

Spiritual Remedies Pink Light ~ $17

The ability to manifest a love-relationship depends almost solely on the presence of the color pink in the aura. Karma, astrology, feng shui must all be correct, but the color pink is essential. Pink Light will bring up the pink in your aura and stimulate inherent joy in your life. continue remedy info

Spiritual Remedies Love Light ~ $17

Every activity on any level is either "loving" or "loveless" — Love Light is the experience of love in a bottle. It infuses your self, your home, your life (both actions and inter-actions) with love. It infuses your community, your country, your planet with love.
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Spiritual Remedies Implant Cleanse ~ $17

Deep-seated encoding or hereditary karma can impede the ability of the DNA structure to replicate correctly, causing mutation and illness. Implant Cleanse removes the vibrational disturbance creating the underlying imbalance. This is highly recommended for chronic illness, both physical and emotional. continue remedy info

Spiritual Remedies White Light ~ $17

Prana is the basic animating force of the universe. It is the "chi", the life-force, the vitality of all things that exist. White Light enhances prana and removes all drains to prana, thus increasing vitality. It stimulates life-force in the body, the home, the business.
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Spiritual Remedies Grace and Peace and Joy ~ $17

This remedy opens your life to the greatest qualities of grace and peace and joy in the world. continue remedy info



 Spiritual Remedies