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Clean House Spritz

This formula attracts into the home the good luck of prosperity and abundance and removes the obstacles to happy romance and vital health. It is the best limpia available. Use it to clear unwanted and unhealthy energy from the home and ensure the best luck in your life.

Put half a bottle of Aura Spritz and half a bottle of Karma Cleanse and eight drops of lavender essential oil into a large spray bottle and fill with water. Spray the entire house from top to bottom three days in a row.

For challenging and deeply stuck energy, add to the above mixture: half a bottle of Radiation Cleanse, half a bottle of Implant Cleanse, and half a bottle of White Light. Add eleven drops of pennyroyal essential oil and eleven drops of tea tree essential oil. (Avoid pennyroyal if someone in the house is pregnant.) Spray the house eleven days in a row. This will remove the most serious energetic problem.

Use the Clean House Spritz at the Solstices and Equinoxes, for Spring cleaning, and after house guests. This is more than aroma therapy; this can save your life.

For more information on Feng Shui, see Feng Shui Every Day.


Romantic House Spritz

This formula attracts into the home the good luck energy for romance and marriage, ensuring attraction and monogamy. Spray the entire house, including the bedroom, eight days in a row or before a date. To remove difficult, unwanted blockages to romance, see Clean House Spritz.

Into a large spray bottle, put half a bottle of Be In Love, Gold Light, Pink Light, Love Light, and White Light with four drops of the essential oils of vanilla, orange, cardamom, sandalwood, and ylang ylang. Fill with water.

Use Romantic House Spritz at New Years Eve, Valentines Day, Full Moons, and whenever the kids/parents are gone!


Prosperous House Spritz

This formula removes the obstacles to prosperity and attracts the good luck energy for money and abundance into the home. It also makes you happy. Use it liberally!

For severe money issues, first use the Clean House Spritz to start the abundace-process with a clean environment.

Into a large spray bottle, put half a bottle of Karma Cleanse and half a bottle of Grace and Peace and Joy. Add eight drops of essential oil of basil and fill with water.

To augment this spritz, add to the above formula half a bottle of Gold Light and White Light and eight drops each of essential oils of allspice and bergamot.

Use the Prosperous House Spritz from the New to the Full Moon, before business meetings, and whenever money is lagging. The effects are amazing!

This is more than aromatherapy, this is spiritual healing.

For more information on Feng Shui for romance and prosperity, see Feng Shui Every Day.