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Feng Shui Shops

Most of the following websites are affiliate shops. Everytime you go to one of these websites from this website and place an order, will receive a small, referral commission ~ usually a dollar. It does not affect the price of your purchase and it helps support the work of These shops have been chosen carefully for the quality of their products and/or the reasonability of their prices. Feng Shui can beautiful and easy. And life can be wonderful.

For your other shopping needs, please visit the affiliate websites at the Humanity Shops and Personal Remedies.

Amber glass bottles for Feng Shui water treatments Bottle Shop:

Great selection of inexpensive bottles for feng shui and other uses: water treatments, five-elements treatments, essential oil mixtures. Make your own travel kits. Contributes to several important humanitarian charities.
Shop for bottles.
Q Candles Candle Shop:

Organic soy candles made with natural essential oils. No animal, petroleum, or synthetic ingredients. Long-lasting in glass containers, safe and beautiful. Multi-uses. Battery-operated candles also available. Use this for your feng shui fire treatments.
Shop for candles.
Mountain Rose Candles Candle Shop:

Beeswax and soy candles, completely natural ingredients including essential oils, colorings, wicks, and wax. organic where possible. Good variety, excellent prices. Contributes to several important humanitarian charities. Use this for your feng shui fire treatments.
Shop for candles.
Fountains Fountain Shop:

We hope to be working with a new source for feng shui fountains in the near future.
spiritual remedies from Spiritual Remedy Shop: Spiritual Remedies are highly effective treatments for architecture, both commercial and residential, and garden spaces. They enhance any feng shui work, house clearing, or ghost busting. Removes blockages to prosperity, romance, etcetera. Repairs radiation damage, balances chakras, strengthens auras. Safe for all.
Shop for spiritual remedies.
Shop for Antique Tiles today! Tile Shop: specializes in exquisite, affordable, vintage and antique tiles and flat ceramics, including architectural and fountain pieces. Round tiles are particularly good feng shui but all forms make an excellent earth-remedy. Artistic as well as functional, historic as well as beautiful. Let tile make your house a unique home.
Shop for tiles.
Shop for windchimes Windchime Shop: offers a good selection of windchimes in a variety of styles and prices. Many chimes are hand tuned. Use this for your feng shui metal treatments.
Shop for windchimes.

Privacy policy: This site collects no information other than the tracking data used by the shops above. We do not share your information with anyone. Thank you for shopping the Feng Shui Shops.  Every purchase you make from these websites (navigating to each website from the link on this page) helps support