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Transformational Feng Shui Consultation

Roy Anthony Shabla is a feng shui master and architectural intuitive. His transformational feng shui predicts the future and heals the past. He specializes in the release of karma that inhibits a graceful life. His local and international consultations, his annual workshops, and his spiritual newsletter of pertinent feng shui cures and enhancements have changed the lives of thousands of people. His book, Feng Shui Every Day, is a simple, clear dissertation on basic feng shui principles that makes his work accessible to all.

A private feng shui consultation with Roy Anthony Shabla requires your participation and includes customized analysis and treatment information for your home or office, regardless of size. Copious notes will be taken and a follow-up appointment will be scheduled to insure correct remedying. Shabla tends to use western-style treatments which better blend with western-style design. Feng shui does not need to disrupt the beauty of your home.

His clientele include apartment renters and apartment building owners as well as owners of restaurants, factories, and shopping malls. He manages the spiritual energy of homes of all sizes.   more information on feng shui

Initial in-person consultations yield permanent, form-school-style remedies and receive a follow-up visit within six weeks. Afterward, astrological feng shui treatments are placed and changed yearly.   

Feng Shui Consultation $925 ~ $1750+

Basic analysis and remedy placement (remedies extra); remote spiritual treatment;
and follow-up consultation regarding basic analysis (expires in two months).
Travel expenses outside the Los Angeles area extra.

Architecture to 2000 square feet     $925
Architecture to 4000 square feet   $1200
Architecture to 6000 square feet   $1475
Architecture to 8000 square feet   $1750
Continuing Consultation $175 ~ $350 per hour
Annual Astrological Feng Shui Treatment ~ $450+
Remote Consultation with Roy Anthony Shabla   $108

Book a consultation with Roy Anthony Shabla     Email to set up an appointment


  Astrological Feng Shui Monthly Treatment

  Clean House Spritz

  Prosperous House Spritz