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Transformational Feng Shui Consultation ~ Detailed Information

Feng Shui is the ancient Oriental science of architectural ecology which theorizes that the structures we live and work in, the property and landscape they sit on, and the furnishings that fill them have a great spiritual influence on our lives. Fortune, love, and vitality are basic spiritual aspects addressed by feng shui, as are family and business dynamics ~ and, in the hands of a master, the science becomes art.

The early Taoist monks who first practiced feng shui were spiritual sensitives and their architectural remedies were nothing less than magical. Sensitivity, however, is difficult to teach so as a way of passing on the practice, simple feng shui rules were developed. But feng shui by the rules is not as effective as magic.

The collaborative work of Shabla and Cooper surpasses standard feng shui practice by combining spiritual clarity and architectural sophistication with the early Taoist philosophy that is the basis of feng shui. These personal attributes of Shabla and Cooper unite with the ancient discipline to create feng shui work that is transcendent of the obstacles which prevent true dreams from manifesting.

Peace and harmony reside at the spiritual heart of the home and the aspects of fortune, love, vitality, family dynamics, etcetera, are petals on the flower of this heart. The transformational magic of Shabla and Cooper's feng shui work centers on healing the spiritual heart so all other areas of life can blossom into harmony and your true self can come into peace.

Available for consultation at any stage of the architectural relationship ~ from blueprint to settled to selling ~ Shabla and Cooper are known for environments infused with grace which stimulate wealth and good fortune, deep love, emotional healing, and spiritual transformation. This feng shui will change your life.

The practice of feng shui on existing architecture causes a vibrational shift in the spiritual ecology of the architecture and thus also its occupants.

The experience of Transformational Feng Shui is dynamic and may result in the detoxification of spiritual and emotional issues through anger/conflict; depression/isolation; anxiety/compulsion. Do not be overly concerned. This is a natural and necessary process to bring positive spiritual change into your physical realm. Many people experience only exhilaration but whatever your response, know it is merely a transitional phase to your better life.

The practice of feng shui is an on-going, ebb-and-flow, spiritual process. When you accommodate the vibrational shift set in motion by Transformational Feng Shui, Next Gate analysis and treatment is appropriate to continue the stimulation of your spiritual progress. Next Gate Feng Shui deals with creating a sacred space at the heart chakra of the architecture and clearing karma from the aura and DNA of the property.

Also, Feng Shui Astrology advances with the Chinese New Year (the attributes of "good" and "bad" luck shift to different sectors of the architecture) and to maintain spiritual balance, astrological treatments must be placed. Feng Shui Astrology deals with practical aspects of life and the placement of astrological treatments inhibits mundane problems from intruding on a spiritual lifestyle. This is the basic idea of good luck.

When the time comes to release property, Seller's Feng Shui is an important spiritual adjustment to remove your personal energy from the property and attract the best buyer. Seller's Feng Shui cuts your karmic cords to the architecture and stimulates the aura of the property to enhance its magnetism. It is indispensable for a smooth transition.

Shabla and Cooper are unique in the world of feng shui. They are your partners for creating vibrational shifts that return the essence of your life to grace and peace and joy.