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How To Make A Feng Shui Five-Elements Treatment

You will need a container large enough to hold an example of each of the Chinese five elements. A Tupperware-type container will suffice.

You may want to place each element in a separate, smaller container to place within the larger container but logistics may prevent this. If so, the water element alone must be placed in a separate, small container.

Wood: a small scoop of seeds (birdseed, rice, popcorn) and a sprig of evergreen;

Fire: a stick of incense, a match, a triangle of red paper;

Earth: one or eight stones (depending on the type of treatment), mostly smooth;

Metal: six coins (one of which should be a copper penny);

Water: a small container of water with one coin in it (tape the lid closed);

Place the example of each of the five elements into the large container.

Add a prayer or holy picture. Add a tai chi (a black and red yin-yang symbol). (These are optional enhancements.)

Seal the lid on the container with tape. Tie a red cord or tassel around the container, over the lid. Knot the cord three times.

Place a copper penny on the knot and tape it down.

If cared for, this five-elements treatment can be used indefinitely.

A five-elements treatment can also be dynamic. For this treatment, you will use a large plate or tray to hold the example of each of the five elements. For the wood element, use a real or silk plant. For the fire element, use a real or fake candle. The other elements remain as above. Add optional enhancements.

A five-elements treatment used to balance negative energies should contain one stone and either real or fake fire (a master is needed to determine this).

A five-elements treatment used to balance positive energies should contain eight stones and either real or fake fire (a master is needed to determine this).

A dynamic five-elements treatment is not necessarily better than a passive one but its effect will be quicker. If not maintained respectfully, it can create karma.

When not in use, a five-elements treatment is safe to store in any sector of the home.

For more information on the Chinese five elements, see Feng Shui Every Day.