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if you have not seen the earth

from the sky
you should go.

if you have not been a slow-moving cloud

you should try.

if you have not been a gentle breeze
give yourself the gift
of flight

and know
the caress of leaves.

land is where you end

but sky
is where the heart is light
and the soul is free.
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it is not a song
but birds are chirping again.

it is not a poem
but i am writing notes and lists
and sometimes
that is how love begins.

the road is dry enough to pass
and i will make the trip to market~
how i have missed
apples and almonds, chocolate and wine...

maybe the post office is holding a letter...

rain and wind have come and gone
but in my heart
the weather of my soul remains.
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  December 2009    

Happy Holidays!

In the spirit of giving, this newsletter will focus on the Humanity Shops ~ gifts that give back. When you purchase items from any of the Humanity Shops, receives a small referral fee. But more than that, these companies give back to the world through green (ecology) programs and humanitarian charities. is honored to be associated with them.

Chocolate Shop:

Vosges Haut-Chocolat creates a luxury chocolate experience, transporting you on an exotic, sensual journey. Unique combinations of spices, herbs, roots, flowers, fruits, and nuts with chocolate. Gourmet truffles and bars, gift boxes and party favors. Certified organic manufacturing powered by 100% renewable energy. Supports global movement to stop violence against women and other partnerships. Shop for chocolates.

Several clients proclaim this as their all-time favorite chocolate company. I have enjoyed this chocolate immensely.

Coffee Shop:

Mystic Monk Coffee is small-batch coffee roasted by Carmelite monks. Cloistered in prayer, perfectionists in manufacturing. Fair-trade organic coffee varieties, gift and sample boxes, unique flavors for the discriminating palate. Supports the contemplative life of the monks. Shop for coffee.

This is coffee for those who are not satisfied by the chain, mass-market beverages. Something special for everyday.

Flower Shop:

Organic Bouquet offers sustainably grown, fresh flowers at affordable prices. Certified organic and fair-trade, beautiful packaging of recycled materials. Supports a carbon-offset program for flower delivery and other environmental charities.
Shop for flowers.

I have ordered these flowers several times and always been pleased. They arrive fresh, last long, and look just like the pictures on the website. And there are always good deals on different bouquets.

Perfume Shop:

The Fragrance Shop offers pure essential oil perfumes without alcohol or synthetic fillers. Non-allergenic for most people, long-lasting, and sophisticated ~ the finest of aromatherapy. Gift and sample packages, organic and wild-crafted varieties.
Shop for perfumes.

This is the perfume I wear. And I am constantly complimented on it. There are patent combinations for ease or design your own fragrance as I did. This is couture for the aura.

Tea Shop:

Art of Tea is an award-wining boutique of organic and specialty kosher teas. Its intention is to make artisan tea fun and sensual. Fair-trade and organic, sustainable and green practices and packaging. A delight to the senses. Gift packages and tea accessories available. Shop for tea.

These are unique and exotic teas for the tea aficionado. Definitely a work of art.

Tea Shop:

Numi Organic Tea uses only real fruits, flowers, herbs and spices without added oils or flavorings. Certified organic, fair-trade, kosher. Green and sustainable practices. Makes each cup of tea a poetic experience. Shop for tea.

The difference between real, fresh, natural teas and the common, mass-market variety with flavorings is astounding. Once again, this is something special for everyday.

Wine Shop: is the number one online wine store specializing in fine, collectible, and rare wines. Large organic selection. Quality affordable gift baskets. Expert staff. Website contains excellent information on wines and wine culture. Shop for wines.

Find the perfect wine for any celebration, the perfect gift for any connoisseur. De-mystifies the complexity of wine choice and educates you on the subtleties of flavor. Very affordable selections.

All Humanity Shops will ship gifts directly to recipient, making holiday gift-giving even simpler.

Spiritual Remedies

During the holiday season, it is advised to use extra doses of Radiation Cleanse, First Aid, Chakra Tonic, and Aura Spritz. This assists you in maintaining balance during the hysteria of the holidays. Dosing your home is also advised. Spiritual Remedies make great stocking stuffers, gifts for your yoga instructor or meditation teacher, or "secret pal" at work. They are universally beneficial and safe. And deeply healing. What a wonderful gift!

Feng Shui

Yet again, this is a month for death and disaster. This is the fifth in a row. Take extra care in placing your feng shui cures as the holiday season always unbalances the energy fields of both yourself and your home.

It is a good month for romance although if you do not place your monthly remedies, there will be conflict.

Remove all treatments from last month and ensure your annual treatments are in place.

In the SE, stop water and add fire.

In the S, add moving water.

In the E, stop water and add coins.

In the NE, stop fire and add coins.

In the N, add moving metal.

In the NE, add moving metal.

As always, do not place water in a bedroom or bathroom.

May the holiday season fill your life with joy. Happy Holidays from and
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