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  July 2009    

Wonderful News!!

For the past two years, has been held hostage by unscrupulous internet technicians in India. This has been a very challenging time for Many of you experienced difficulty with the ordering process, often unable to place an order; many of you did not receive newsletters for several months. We were unable to correct or update the website during this time and both clients and myself were frustrated.

At the height of this situation, my webmistress and friend of nine years abandoned me. And the problem she created. The time, energy, and money I spent on the website were lost. And future income was blocked because the website didn’t function properly.

But I am blessed. At the darkest, I am even more blessed. And I appreciate my blessings everyday.

One of the great blessings in my life is my longtime dear friend and new webmistress, Karen Guido. She graciously stepped in and quickly fixed the newsletter problems. And she has been working diligently with me for most of a year to build a new site.

And on Tuesday, June 23, 2009, we staged a coup, a hostile takeover of my own domain. We have regained control and are live on the internet with the new website. Please view it for yourself. is now simpler and easier to navigate. It functions correctly and quickly and is packed with great information. You can order products and services without a problem, read newsletters from the archive (soon there will be an index of newsletters so you can easily read about romance or prosperity, or what remedies to use in the Summer, etc), and a glossary explaining many commonly used metaphysical words. Bookmark the site for easy reference.

Many, many thanks go out to Karen Guido and Tinicum Designs ~ not only for saving the day, the website, and my soul ~ but for the precise details of how she accomplished it. She is a brilliant wonder.


My party to celebrate the deliciousness of life, Sunday afternoon, July 12, is quickly approaching. There will be art, poetry, film… there will be live, original music and the aroma of chocolate… there will be veggie food and drink… and there will be delights galore. Go to to view the invitation. If you need directions, please do not wait until the day of the party ~ I will not be online. Make your plans to attend now.


I need photos for my websites. Anyone taking photos that I use online will be rewarded with a free Spiritual Remedy. I need photos of the party, people with the artwork; I need photos of people wearing an article of clothing from my graffiti designs, Peace Shirts. I need photos of my graffiti sited in the city; photos of people reading my books… please help with this aspect of my online presence and receive an important spiritual blessing. Thank you for your help.

The Beginning and the End

The first in the series of Spiritual Remedies is Radiation Cleanse. This remains one of the most important remedies at this time and always. The last in the series of Spiritual Remedies is Grace and Peace and Joy. It is one of the most overlooked yet powerful remedies anywhere. The combination of the two will change your life. If you want your life to be changed!!!

Radiation Cleanse

The degenerative effects of cell phones, microwaved food, television and computer monitors, electric blankets and clocks and appliances are deep to the cellular and atomic levels and lasting. Medical radiation, military and commercial electromagnetic fields, ley lines, and the fallout from nuclear reactions are even worse. Negative radiation is linked to the dehydration of the planet and the trend toward sterilization of the human race. Nothing escapes the dysbiosis caused by radiation.

Radiation Cleanse is an effective antidote to all forms of life-negative emanations. It corrects the mis-polarity of all systems (atomic, cellular, electrical, chakric, auric, etcetera) and repairs the damage caused by negative radiation. It is indispensable in these modern times. Use when other subtle energy work is ineffective.

Symptoms of radiation toxicity can include: dry mouth, dizziness, nausea, weakness, spaciness; but degenerative effects occur before physical symptoms. Combine with Bright Brain and Chakra Tonic for severe symptoms. Important to use with First Aid for sun poisoning and sunburn.

Grace and Peace and Joy

This remedy opens your life to the greatest qualities of grace and peace and joy in the world. It makes of your life a deep meditation that spreads itself to the edges of the universe. Use this remedy when you are finally serious about turning your life over to God.

Astrological Feng Shui

The astrology this month doubles the annual astrology. This means the good sectors will be even better and the bad sectors will be even worse. You do not need to increase your annual treatments, just make sure they are well placed and executed. Remove your monthly treatments. Clean and smudge the house. As a reminder, the best areas for the year are the Southeast sector and the center sector; the worst areas are the North sector and the East sector. Meditation will give you the best opportunity for success in all endeavors. (Please note: There will be no meditation class the Sunday of my fabulous party. But there will plenty of other meditation classes for the month.)

Have a wonderful Summer!

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