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  April 1 2011    

Happy April Fools!

This is the time for letting go of convention, getting out of your routine, and running through the streets with your hair on fire! In this period of war and disaster, take some time to keep your sanity by going a little crazy! May we all be fools for a day
(but just one!).

Mark Your Calendar

April is the fullest month… please mark your calendar for these wonderful events:

April 9th: RoyAnthonyShabla.com and galleRoy.com are proud to announce the inclusion of three large canvasses (two paintings) in Sacre du Printemps (The Rite of Spring) at Affinity Gallery, Long Beach Art Walk, 216 The Promenade (at Broadway), Saturday, 6 pm.

April 16th: RoyAnthonyShabla.com and Two Friends Press are pleased to hold a reading of Tequila Tales, an anthology of creative fiction centered around the iconic Mexican beverage, tequila. Downtown Los Angeles, Metropolis Books, Saturday, 5 pm.

April 30th: RoyAnthonyShabla.com and Two Friends Press will represent books by Roy Anthony Shabla as well as Tequila Tales at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books at USC, Saturday, 4-6 pm, Greater Los Angeles Writers Society booth.

For more information on these and other upcoming events, see RoyAnthonyShabla.com and galleRoy.com.

War and Disaster

Radioactive material from the disaster in Japan was detected in rainwater in Massachusetts. The radiation from those nuclear plants has gone from coast to coast in America and beyond. If conventional medical doctors state that a sunburn on a teenager can create skin cancer when he is sixty, how can these alleged "low levels" of radiation be safe?

blessthebody.com Radiation Cleanse and Chakra Tonic are recommended for everyone at this time. Even if this disaster had not occurred, you would still need these remedies. The overwhelming amount of societal radiation is upsetting the balance of the planet, contributing to the desertification of the land as well as physical ailments such as ADHD and critical diseases like Hodgkins, cancer, and numerous rare blood diseases. Things that seem non-critical such as insomnia can be traced to radioactivity.

For more information on blessthebody.com Radiation Cleanse or Chakra Tonic, see blessthebody.com. This is not an issue to be foolish about.

And we are, once again, at war. We Americans have so many war fronts, how do we know we aren’t fighting ourselves? We could turn our economy right-side up again if we put the billions of war dollars (we borrow from other countries) into fixing life within our borders. But money is not the issue (at least for peace-mongers… it is an issue for war-mongers…). The spiritual issue is karma. War leaves a scar on your soul your children’s children will not be able to erase. Make a stand for peace. Make everything you do an act of peace.

Wear peace on your sleeve. Peace Shirts will get the message across ~ even if you yourself don’t know what to say. You can show your support for Calvin Klein, you can show your support for Hurley, or you can show the world that peace is important to you. Don’t be a fool ~ wear clothing with a cause.

Feng Shui

The Annual Astrological Feng Shui Workshops were a resounding success. Not only did they attract more students than ever but the feedback from students after completing the work on their homes was amazing. Good things are happening all over!

The next few feng shui months will have difficulties. Odd combinations of energies will challenge the best luck but great things can still happen. Please re-read the forecast for the year, it will help you sidestep problems.

For the monthly feng shui treatments, click here.

May you laugh and joke and sing and dance this month. May every blessing be the purest rain on your head.


spiritual questions: blessthejourney@aol.com