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  April 2012    


Spring has sprung and the scents of flowers are in the air. According to feng shui, Spring is the time for the blossoming of both romance and literature. For those of you who attended an Annual Astrological Feng Shui Workshop, you know that both romance and literature are reckoned in the same sector of the home. And you know that this year is particularly strong for both. has had an abundance of literary activity recently: a new chapbook just published, a couple of poetry readings ~one as the featured poet, the other opening for a punk band~ and several collaborative literary projects in progress… The book feng shui is really working!

Many of you are familiar with my non-fiction book, Feng Shui Every Day, but you may not have read my other works.

I currently have two books of poetry in print, the most recent of which is libretti lumi, a post-modernist love story, which just received this review:

There is an overall sense of sureness and calmness in the poems presented… The subjects and symbolism are sharp yet they exude a relaxed state. I'm glad I opened the cover and dived on in --this is a poetry book I would read again and again. (read complete review)

A film of the recent poetry reading where I recite excerpts from libretti lumi is now posted to Enjoy.

eating God bookMy earlier book of poetry, eating God, has been hailed as the spiritual heir to the work of Rumi. This is poetry for poets, for seekers, for lovers, for people who normally hate poetry but seek meaning and depth and romance and beauty in every facet and moment of their lives… If poets could be superstars, at least in this time and country, Roy Anthony Shabla would be the man to watch! ~Spirit of the Valley (read complete review) The amazing front cover art for eating God is by Patrick Gracewood.

Limited editions of hand-painted, letter-press prints of several poems are available from Frame your favorite poem for regular inspiration.

keys - i will leave a key for you - print by Roy Anthony ShablaI have also published several poetry chapbooks, most notably, casa la reina, a poetic depiction of life in Downey which has been described as:

A collection of sparingly gestural word sketches that create a keenly drafted interior of one man's home and psyche on a particular day. Absolutely naked, absolutely genius!

Just published, my newest chapbook, i write therefore i am, is a small collection of language poetry. [A recent blog about language poetry compares me favorably to Gertrude Stein (read blog).] This book is the lovechild of Dr. Seuss and Philip Glass and will release in you a deep understanding of why literature is important. The delightful cover art for this new chapbook is by Gennie Prochazka.

My other book of non-fiction, (PEACE) WORDS, is a memoir of my early years as a street artist and performance poet. It is particularly relevant during this time of lingering and impending war. T-shirts and other articles of clothing (including hoodies) and notecards (I try to send a postcard to the President of the United States almost every day)and housewares with (PEACE) WORDS designs are available from


If you find yourself without a book to read in the Spring garden, order a selection of these now. Full descriptions of each book appear on the website.

If you live in the Los Angeles area, I co-curate a monthly poetry series with John Brantingham in Downey California. Follow Hair Club for Poets / Reading with Scissors on facebook.

If you are more interested in romance than poetry, use Gold Light and Pink Light to attract a mate and spray your home with the Romantic House Spritz to maintain the love. Sooner or later, everyone needs assistance with interpersonal relationships.

For the feng shui treatments for the month of April, click here.

Thank you for your love and support.


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