. November 2002  
Healing the Holidays/Strengthening the Aura  

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Welcome to a network of websites grounded in the philosophy that spiritual consciousness infuses and informs all physical substance.

The world and everything in it is created of light and grace and exists in every moment complete and perfect.

Align yourself with that perfection and reveal your own true grace and light.

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An Evening of



Roy Anthony Shabla

All Hallows

Friday, November 1, 2002 ~ 8 pm


The Blessings Center

1110 South Orange Grove

Los Angeles

(near Fairfax and San Vincente)

323 . 930 . 2803

Roy Anthony Shabla is an internationally known psychic and healer specializing in spiritual issues, karma, and past lives. Come prepared with a sitting pillow and notebook. No recording devices allowed.


The horse is fleet of foot and in the Chinese Year of the Horse time is accelerated. As we enter the holiday season, accelerated time can encourage hysteria. It is suggested to use blessthebody.com Silver Light and Green Light to keep yourself grounded and balanced.

It is also suggested to use blessthebody.com Love Light during the holidays to enhance the feeling of love and self-love in your life.

The holiday season is "cold and flu" season. (Use blessthebody.com Bright Immunity as a tonic at this time to keep yourself strong.) In general, germs such as these do not live in cold environments. It is more likely that holiday foods contribute to illness than the weather. Be especially respectful of yourself while eating during the holidays.

The holiday season is also the season of candles. The Jewish Festival of Lights (Hanukah) begins the day after Thanksgiving, but every spiritual group uses candles throughout the winter months. Conventional candles, paraffin candles, aromatherapy candles, however, are known to cause sinus and lung problems (allergies and asthma)...and worse.

Ritual Candles

Fire is one of the basic elements/ building blocks of the universe and the use of fire in real magic and ritual dates back to pre-history. Fire is symbolic of cleansing/preparation, completion/re-birth, and devotion. It is used as a continuous, daily, and occasional element in feng shui, magic, and rituals both conventional and esoteric the world over.

Be sure all candles say "100% beeswax, soy or vegetable wax" - otherwise they pollute the environment and contribute to serious health problems such as brain tumors, lung cancer, abortion. blessthehome.com Ritual Candles are 100% soybean wax - the cleanest burning wax known - with unbleached cotton wicks and intoxicating natural aroma. They are prepared in glass for your safety and peace-of-mind.

To enhance fire blessings, always hold a specific intention in your mind and heart while lighting the candle.

Thanksgiving is a celebration of abundance. To whom are you giving thanks for all you have been blessed? The butcher? The baker? The heart-attack maker? The holiday season is first "holy" - holy days, and Thanksgiving - the giving of thanks - is a gesture of gratitude to the divine. Return spirituality to the season. Make an offering to the gods. And, once again, have respect for yourself at the holiday table.

Eight Seeds of Fortune

Seeds are a traditional offering to benevolent deities and a symbol of life/re-birth/growth/fertility, wealth/abundance, gratitude, earth-grace. Place a bowl in your altar/sacred space, dining room, wealth corner, marriage corner, or 8 sector depending on your feng shui. You need a bowl on the back of your toilet to prevent money loss. The power of this offering is enhanced by the addition of natural crystals/semi-precious stones and the use of symbols and intentions. blessthehome.com Eight Seeds of Fortune are formulated on a special night of the moon phase. Real and potent blessings are received from offering blessthehome.com Eight Seeds of Fortune.

During the holidays, auric overlap can be especially debilitating. We suggest blessthebody.com Aura Spritz as a tonic during this season more than ever.

Aura Spritz

The aura is a complex, multi-dimensional vibration-bundle which contains all information about you. A small portion of the aura is known as the light around the body, the halo. The complete aura exists both within and without time/space and contains all your spiritual bodies and reaches to the edges of the universe. Ascended Masters have access to the complete aura while most people operate within a very limited energy space.

Damage to the aura affects the physical body, the chakric body, the emotional body; it affects the physical life-process, the spiritual life-process.

The aura is damaged by many antagonists: radiation (use with blessthebody.com Radiation Cleanse); family/inter-personal dysfunction (use with Chakra Tonic); anger, jealously (use with E-motion Potion)...

But most importantly, the aura is damaged by psychic attack, black magic, voodoo. Negative thoughts directed from a casual encounter are very tangible antagonists to the integrity of the aura. Ritual abuse/attack is much worse.

blessthebody.com Aura Spritz cleanses and repairs the aura at all levels and cuts karmic cords to all antagonists. It amplifies all other remedies (eg: see above; also: Silver Light for peace; Green Light for harmony/healing; Love Light for universal compassion, etcetera). For severe auric damage, use with blessthebody.com First Aid. For destructive empathy, use as a tonic with First Aid.

blessthebody.com Aura Spritz is your first line of defense from bad luck in any form because everything exists in your aura before it exists in your life.


The Chinese Year of the Horse may appear to be one of bad luck for many people. It is in reality a stimulus to change where change is needed. By keeping your energy in harmony with the universe, change does not have to be difficult. May the products and services from blesstheworld.com help you transition in harmony and flourish in grace.

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