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Condolences for Virginia Tech and Earth Day  

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Welcome to a network of websites grounded in the philosophy that spiritual consciousness infuses and informs all physical substance.

The world and everything in it is created of light and grace and exists in every moment complete and perfect.

Align yourself with that perfection and reveal your own true grace and light.

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The value of a container
is the emptiness it offers.

you may think
the cup of my heart
is half-full of tears
or half-empty of tears
but it is full
and overflowing with God.

there are tears
in the cup of my heart,
there are petals
fresh as the moment they fell
but the fullness,
the flowering of my heart
is God.

tears and songs
and summer gardens
are merely the empty container
of my life~
the real treasure
is embraced in the emptiness.

Greetings and condolences.

Our special heart-felt blessings go out to Virginia Tech University during this time of grief. A box of blessthebody.com Spiritual Remedies and copies of my first book, eating God, is being sent to the crisis counselors on campus to distribute. Anyone needing blessthebody.com First Aid as a result of the tragedy at Virginia Tech may email me. Since the tragedy of September 11th, it has been a tradition of blesstheworld.com to provide First Aid to disaster and crisis centers in times of need.

Peace on Earth Day

As of this writing, the Peace Radio project is a grand failure. Attempts to enlist every radio station on the planet to commit to 100% peace programming for Earth Day got zero response. Letters and emails to radio stations as well as Oprah, the Dalai Lama, and even Kurt Vonnegut (may he finally rest in peace) and organizations such as the Bioneers went unanswered. Friends with connections to the music and radio industry never found the time to put in a good word. The world will not end in fire or ice ~ it will end in inertia. And the gift of peace will not be given to our children ~ especially my daughter for her sixth birthday on Sunday, April 22nd ~ this year.

But just like Noah building a boat in the middle of a desert in a time of drought, I will continue working despite the indifference of others. If you are going to fail, you might as well fail at something grand. And maybe... just maybe... one day, you will elude failure. And the blessings of the universe will rain upon you.

Peace Shirts

If you feel guilty about not lifting a finger to save the world you soil, order t-shirts to appease your conscience. Peace Shirts say what you seem unable to.

First Aid

Shock and trauma overwhelm a portion of the psyche, stunting the growth process on all levels. An insect bite or paper cut; a car accident or death in the family - from surgery to a stubbed toe, this is your "first-aid-kit-in-a-bottle". More effective than Rescue Remedy or arnica, use for all minor or major emergencies. It is indispensable if you have children or when travelling; keep an extra bottle in your car and toiletries bag. First Aid relieves shock and trauma from physical, emotional, mental, psychic, and spiritual stress, both current and historical. Use to relieve childhood and distant trauma as well as everyday circumstances. First Aid calls the spirit back so healing can begin.

Feng Shui Astrology

The star for bloodshed flew into the East this month where the annual star amplifies it. The remedy is moving water (not to be placed in a bedroom) but water is not enough. Prayers and holy pictures must accompany it.

The tragedy at Virginia Tech ~ in the East Sector of the country ~ occurred at a time when the energy for bloodshed was peaking. Prayers and holiness will now be the only remedy.

To enhance good luck, stimulate the entire south side of the house this month. Lights, music, dancing are great chi stimulators. Mobiles, birds, cats, fish, fountains are great chi stimulators. Correctly placed prisms can do the trick! Counteract the negative by enhancing the positive.

Love Light

The basic activity of the universe is love.

Any disharmony in your self, your home, your life; any disharmony in your community, your country, your planet ~ is a situation where the basic, natural activity of the universe is blocked. (If you do not understand this statement, re-read it substituting the word "god" or your equivalent for the word "universe".)

Every activity on any level is either "loving" or "loveless" ~ from cellular (cancer) to planetary (pollution). Every inter-action on any level is either "loving" or "loveless" ~ from familial (abuse) to planetary (war).

blessthebody.com Love Light is the experience of love in a bottle. It infuses your self, your home, your life (both actions and inter-actions) with love. It infuses your community, your country, your planet (both actions and inter-actions) with love.

Unblock yourself to the basic, natural activity of the universe and do your part to bless the world.

Love heals all wounds.

Love dissolves all barriers.

And love shall set you free.


My new website, royanthonyshabla.com, is up and running and is a very easy portal to navigate. Soon you will be able to click for treatments, check appearance schedules, or view photos of myself and my work. Already available are products: spiritual remedies, books, t-shirts. Enjoy!

If you have not read my book, Child Harold at the Zoo, treat yourself to this delightful romp through the craziness of family life.

If you are having relationship problems, read Soundtracks for Film aloud with your partner.

The world will not end in fire or ice. The world will end in inertia. Get moving now.

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