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Meditation and Generosity  

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Welcome to a network of websites grounded in the philosophy that spiritual consciousness infuses and informs all physical substance.

The world and everything in it is created of light and grace and exists in every moment complete and perfect.

Align yourself with that perfection and reveal your own true grace and light.

  A Network of Blessings




5 pm

$15 per session

The Blessings Center

1310 Carmona
Los Angeles

Between Fairfax and La Brea,

Between San Vicente and Pico




I am merely a flute,
a hollow reed with holes~

it is your breath
making the music,
your hand holding the notes.

it is your mouth
soulful on my mouth
making the vibration,
your fingers
confident in my holy place
making the melody.

you are the master holding me,
I am the instrument of love
bursting with song.

* * *

do not come to me in the night
asking to hear the music,

do not come with charming ways
dancing in the night~

offerings of chocolate and flowers
will not open your ears,

begging and pleading
will not liberate your soul!
it is from emptiness
that the drum sounds,
that the flute wails~

it is from silence
that the symphony of God
is heard.

go into the night alone,
go into the starlight
and the scent of jasmine,
hear the glory
of the universe
with unsophisticated ears~

then come dancing
to my room.

* * *


This has been a time of tragedy and death. Channeled information for the past few years has repeatedly stressed the importance of meditation, real yoga, tai chi, and reading poetry as a way of surviving the difficulty of the time leading up to the Age of Aquarius. Tragedy may take a greater or smaller form in your life but it is always present.

Meditation has saved my (physical) life on more than one occasion. And regularly saves my emotional/ mental life. A spiritual practice has more positive effect on your personal world than anything else you can do. If you still have not gotten yourself into a class or community for meditation, STOP MAKING EXCUSES! Inertia will be your un-doing. How much closer does tragedy have to come before you will take care of yourself?

That being said, if you plan to come to my Sunday Evening Meditation Class at the Blessings Center Los Angeles, please email or telephone the center to verify if I am traveling or not ~the next couple months are very busy. I have planned trips to the California Bay Area and New York City before December.

But there are all kinds of meditation classes in every city in the world. If you are unable to attend "the chattiest meditation class in la," find another.


blesstheworld.com sent a box of blessthebody.com First Aid and various other spiritual remedies with a stack of my book, eating God, to the Amish families who had tragedy in Pennsylvania last month. A similar box went to New Orleans after the tragedy there and three went to New York City (this was before eating God) after the tragedy of September 11th. Care and prayer are what we can do in times of tragedy. Meditation and poetry are what we can do in between.

First Aid

Shock and trauma overwhelm a portion of the psyche, stunting the growth process on all levels. An insect bite or paper cut; a car accident or death in the family - from surgery to a stubbed toe, this is your "first-aid-kit-in-a-bottle". More effective than Rescue Remedy or arnica, use for all minor or major emergencies. It is indispensable if you have children or when travelling; keep an extra bottle in your car and toiletries bag.

First Aid relieves shock and trauma from physical, emotional, mental, psychic, and spiritual stress, both current and historical. Use to relieve childhood and distant trauma as well as everyday circumstances. First Aid calls the spirit back so healing can begin.

Child Harold at the Zoo

My new book, Child Harold at the Zoo, is the quirky coming-of-age story of a boy trying to find a relationship with his family and the world. Any autobiographical inferences are purely intentional. This book is only available from the website ($6.99) whereas eating God is also available from Amazon.com, Borders.com, or can be ordered by any bookstore.

Child Harold at the Zoo is a short, delightful read that will renew your faith that the craziness of the world does have a purpose. Advance copies received rave reviews! Go to blesstheworld.com and follow the "Books" link to order your copy now.

Peace Shirts

A reader suggested online publishing for the production of my Peace Shirts. And when the stars finally got up off their lazy butts, so did I! Of course, since I had been talking about a line of clothing for a long time, understandably, people were listening... the names "Peace Shirts" and "Bless the World" were already taken at caf=E9 press. But those venders do not have my original designs - in fact, they don't have ANY original designs.

So if you want the original Peace Shirts ~ Clothing With A Cause, there is a link on blesstheworld.com or go to: cafepress.com/blessthebody to view and order.

If you are going to have writing on you, have writing that means something.

There are also T-shirts with the designs from Child Harold at the Zoo at cafepress.com/childharold. They make wonderful, quirky gifts.


As we begin the Holiday Season, the rapidly decreasing amount of sunlight on our bodies affects the endocrine system resulting in depression, moodiness, insomnia ~ and general craziness! To stimulate your hormones for youth, beauty, grace, and general non-craziness, use blessthebody.com Bright Brain, Chakra Tonic, and Gold Light.

Bright Brain

The brain is the master computer of the physical body and the main interface with the subtle worlds. Poor diet/nutrition, toxic environment/blood, imbalanced hormones and chemicals, and electro- magnetic and other radiational fields contribute to a decrease of these functions, as do inter-dimensional interferences. Headaches, dizziness, buzzing, inability to focus/inability to remember, poor coordination, mood-swings, insomnia, and general degeneration are all symptoms of a decrease of these functions.

Bright Brain restores vitality and light to the essence of the brain which balances and enhances its functioning. It also strengthens the etheric body, slowing the degeneration of the physical body. Rudolph Steiner said that cancer was a degeneration of the etheric body. Use of Bright Brain as a tonic maintains a strong etheric body.

It is important for serious meditators, students, drug-users, and anyone over forty years of age.

Combine with Radiation Cleanse, Chakra Tonic, White Light for severe symptoms. Combine with Silver Light for chronic anxiety. Add Resurrection and Love of Life herbal remedies for rejuvenation.

Chakra Tonic

The chakras are portals of spiritual energy which connect to specific points on the physical body. They pertain to psycho-emotional issues which manifest in the physical body and the physical life.

blessthebody.com Chakra Tonic repairs, balances, and strengthens the chakra and nadi (connections between the chakras) systems and their subsidiary systems (the endocrine system, the nervous system, the acupuncture points and meridians systems). It supports the balance of the hormones, brain chemicals, digestive enzymes. It supports the balance of psycho-emotional life-issues. blessthebody.com Chakra Tonic is like "kundalini-yoga- in-a-bottle."

As a tonic, it is best used regularly over a period of time. This is an excellent basic remedy. Chakra Tonic combines well with the other blessthebody.com spiritual remedies - choose to combine remedies to focus the energy to a desired action (eg: Chakra Tonic with Bright Brain for hormone balancing; Chakra Tonic with E-motion Potion for psychological processing; Chakra Tonic with Bright Immunity for strength and vitality).

This is an important remedy during pregnancy (especially for the healthy development of the fetus), menopause, home re-modeling (combine with First Aid), mid-life crisis, or any life-transition. blessthebody.com Chakra Tonic helps you maintain healthy balance.

Gold Light

Inertia, lethargy, dullness are antithetical to being productive and manifesting a glorious present and future. Shyness/cautiousness prevents you from being your authentic self.

blessthebody.com Gold Light stimulates you in the physical world and excites you in your physical life. It expands your energy field so you become dynamic. This results in great magnetism, charisma, attractiveness. It is excellent for performers and other people in the public eye. Combine with Pink Light for attracting romance. Combine with Green Light for attracting health and money.


The beginning of the Holiday Season pertains to the concept of respect. Halloween, All Saints Day, Day of the Dead, and then a little later, Thanksgiving. Respect and appreciation for the unseen!

Take time to acknowledge the unseen in your life and in yourself. The Pagan Holiday traditions emphasize respect and appreciation for all. Open your heart to the unseen elements that animate your world, your life, your self. The respect will be returned.

Feng Shui

The beginning of the Holiday Season is also about abundance. This is a time to be generous and blessings will be returned to you.

The chi brought to the house by children asking for candy will animate prosperity in your life for some time. The chi generated by making an ancestor altar and offering fruit and candy will generate even more. Open your heart to abundance by becoming generous with yourself and your time as well as your money. This will encourage the universe to be generous with you.

Tragedy Revisited

This has been a difficult time for myself personally. I believe if you want to change things in your life, you need to change the patterns you use in your life. I cut off my hair and donated it to the group who make wigs for children with cancer. Now it is much easier to bathe and dress in the morning. I drive down different streets when I go to my regular places ~ friends, markets, teaching... and I see new things and am interested and delighted. How much better would it be if I walked where I could? When circumstances are difficult, I always believe you should abstain from television. While I am not an avid viewer, even the little extra time has resulted in my finishing a book, creating t-shirts, and updating all the websites involved. You can certainly change the world with a little extra time!

Change the pattern of your life and you will change your life. It is that simple. Inertia will be your un-doing.

May the blessings of the Universe flow through your life in a palpable way.

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