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Feng Shui Every Day
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  February 2013    

Greetings! Happy Valentines Day!

you embrace me
chocolates like a guitar~
your arms hold me,
your fingers make me sing.
others think it is my song
I sing
but it is yours,
it is you.

the words dissolve into music,
the music dissolves into trance:
love, love, love…

the trance dissolves into ecstasy:
love, love, love…

I dissolve into you:
love, love, love…

~Excerpt from eating God by Roy Anthony Shabla Remedies and Formula for Valentines Day:

Gold Light: attractiveness and charisma.
Pink Light: romance and dating.
Love Light: all aspects of love.
Be In Love: monogamy and relationship renewal.

Romantic House Spritz: romantic connection.

Greetings! Happy Chinese New Year!

by the door
a bowl of tangerines.

in the yard
firecrackers sparkling.

paper banners wave with optimism.

happy new year, house!
happy new year, nation!

~Excerpt from Feng Shui Every Day by Roy Anthony Shabla Remedies and Formulas for the New Year:

Radiation Cleanse: balance all vibrations.
Chakra Tonic: balance all spiritual centers.
Aura Sprtiz: clear negativity.
Karma Cleanse: remove negative patterns.

Clean House Spritz: better than smudging.
Prosperous House Spritz: invite abundance.

Greetings! Happy Groundhog Day!

it is not a song
but birds are chirping again.

it is not a poem
but i am writing notes and lists
and sometimes
that is how love begins.

now the road is dry enough to pass
and i will make the trip to market~
how i have missed
apples and almonds, chocolate and wine...

maybe the post office is holding a letter...

rain and wind have come and gone
but in my heart
the weather of my soul remains.

~Excerpt from libretti lumi by Roy Anthony Shabla Remedies and Formulas for Groundhog Day:

First Aid: removes trauma.
Chakra Tonic: eases transitions.
Karma Cleanse: removes inertia.
Gold Light: sunlight in a bottle.

Clean House Spritz: Spring cleaning in a bottle.

Greetings! Feng Shui Workshops!

The Annual Astrological Feng Shui Workshops have begun.

Reserve your seat now for the workshop that will make or break your year. Customize for your home the remedies and enhancements to strengthen good luck and minimize bad luck. Attract love and fortune, repel disaster. Simple but effective work that will change, and possibly save, your life.

Greetings! Monthly Feng Shui!

Remove your annual feng shui treatments from last year. Place everything on the ground to clear and revitalize. If you are unable to place your feng shui remedies and enhancements on the Earth, spray everything with the Clean House Spritz. Until you have completed the Annual Astrological Feng Shui Workshop, place a good-sized metal windchime in the center of your home. This is to combat death and disaster.

Thank you for your love and support. Happy Happy New Year!


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