. November 2003  
Co-creating Positive Energy  

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Welcome to a network of websites grounded in the philosophy that spiritual consciousness infuses and informs all physical substance.

The world and everything in it is created of light and grace and exists in every moment complete and perfect.

Align yourself with that perfection and reveal your own true grace and light.

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Spiritual Remedies to Transform the Physical World

This workshop will give you the information to heal yourself with the most advanced spiritual remedies available.

If other subtle energy work has been ineffective, this will change your mind about spiritual healing.

If you have used homeopathics, flower essences, gemstones, etcetera, this will take you to the next level.

You will leave the workshop empowered with the spiritual remedy best suited to your transformation.

November 9, 2003
2~4 pm

$35 pre-registered
$45 at door
(includes remedy)

The Blessings Center

1110 South Orange Grove
Los Angeles

(near Fairfax, Olympic, Pico)




Happy All Saints Day!

This day is held special to honor divine influence in your life. Make a devotional gesture of appreciation to all saints, angels, ascended masters by burning a blessthehome.com Ritual Candle in the Northwest sector of your home.

In Southern California, wildfires are currently changing the landscape and affecting the population as a whole. In the past, this newsletter has discussed the co-creation of the environment and weather by its local community and these events in California are no exception.

Fire, in its negative form, is co-created by anger and hatred. In California, the recent election was decided not by qualifications and merit but by negative emotions. The mis-resolution of those long-standing and deep-seated emotions co-created these fires.

blessthebody.com E-motion Potion, while a difficult remedy to use, is nevertheless a much easier process than what these fires are putting California through.

In this Chinese Year of the Goat 2003, the Southwest is the area for conflict (traditionally, arguments, lawsuits, FIRES) and the remedy for this conflict is FIRE (the devotional use of fire neutralizes the destructive energy)...

The purification karma of these wildfires is saving the entire country from some major conflict, but the local destruction is the co-created result of mis-resolved negative emotions that played a great part in the recent election.

For your own well-being and to stand in spiritual support of the populace of Southern California, it is suggested to burn a blessthehome.com Feng Shui Candle in the Southwest sector of your home and use blessthebody.com E-motion Potion 4-6 times a day. The next negative co-creation could well be yours.

The air in all of Southern California is affected by these fires. Sinus and lung problems abound and the cold and flu season has not yet fully arrived. To strengthen your immune system at this critical time, use blessthebody.com Bright Immunity 6 times a day.

Bright Immunity

This remedy brings vibrant light into the immune system and spiritually antidotes the causative agents of illness. Use it to remove the spiritual basis of colds, flu, serious dis-ease, miasms; use it to remove the spiritual basis of side-effects from antibiotics, immunizations, other pharmaceuticals; use it to remove the spiritual basis of fatigue, achiness, mal- digestion.

blessthebody.com Bright Immunity does not negatively interact with pharmaceuticals — prescription or over-the-counter. It has no ill side-effects. There is no over-dose.

While blessthebody.com Bright Immunity is a tonic and should be used regularly to regain/maintain vibrancy, short- term and occasional use is effective. It is highly recommended for anyone over sixty years of age or anyone with a compromised immune system.


Speculation regarding the ramifications of the astronomical configuration that forms on November 8th has been high. Grounded information has been low.

Astrology is based on alignments and geometric forms created by the movements of celestial bodies — and assigning meaning to those formations. Its is a rather complicated science.

Geometric forms (eg: a pyramid) and alignments (eg: Stonehedge) do have a vibrational power — hard science has proven this. A certain portion of feng shui work is based on this concept of forms and alignments. Tibetan mandalas are based on this concept. And so, an alignment of stars and planets does have a vibrational power.

It is astrology that assigns meaning to that power. Any qualified astrologer can interpret the integral parts of this November 8 alignment, but it seems human nature to exaggerate the results.

The concept of "free will" is more complicated than it seems at first glance, but the basis of free will is RESPONSIBILITY. You are responsible for your actions. You are responsible for your life. You are responsible for the results of your life. KARMA!

Astrology is merely an influence, not a control. Some days that influence is stronger than others. Some days it is more in-line with your own flow. The astrological alignment of November 8 (and the couple weeks leading up to it) is merely an influence to burn karma and make spiritual progress. You can make use of this influence — go with the flow; or you can fight it. It is easier to "go with the flow".

Take time to meditate, practice yoga. Take time to enjoy working in the garden. Get rid of clutter in your home (and life!). Drink lots and lots of water. Eat better.

blessthebody.com Chakra Tonic will help align you to astrological formations — use it 8-10 times a day at this time. Karma Cleanse will help you remove karma and "go with the flow" — use it 6- 8 times a day at this time.

Out of respect for fire and water, Heaven and Earth, all blessthehome.com candles will be on sale; and blessthebody.com Bright Immunity, Chakra Tonic, Karma Cleanse, E-motion Potion will be on sale.

Inflame yourself with prayer. May the products and information from the blesstheworld.com network ignite a spark of the divine within you that you may shine as a star in the heavens.

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