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  June 2020    


The Corona Virus, specifically Stay-at-Home Orders, are uppermost in everyone’s mind. There is much hysteria and mis-information being circulated, it is important to be logical and reasonable. While the statistics from both sides of the argument for/against quarantine are greatly manipulated, there are simple truths to embrace. If someone has the flu, you know better than to kiss him. But you also know you will not die if you bring him a bowl of soup. The death rate, while too high, is similar to the flu, about 2% (once again, the statistics have been greatly manipulated and we are not sure, and the computer models projecting the pandemic are highly inaccurate). The elderly and immune-compromised are, obviously, at high risk of being in that two percent if they contract the virus, the same as they would be with the flu.

We have not been under Martial Law. There has been no curfew. I go to the market, the post office, the print shop. I have walked in the neighborhood. I have gotten food from restaurants to take home. A friend (one at a time) has visited occasionally.

None of these involve crowds or close contact. The cashier at the market, the drive-thru teller at the bank, the restaurant worker – each hands me a receipt, my purchases, cash… but they are careful and have been trained to be careful. The market disinfects the shopping carts and closes checkout lines to disinfect the area. The walk-in bank does something similar. It should always be like this.

The problem is not with these service people. The problem is with us. After a few months, washing the hands has not been as vigilant. Plastic gloves become a greater problem than asset. And the filthy designer mask you wear when you leave the house is helping whom?

Then there are the “us” who protest the Stay-at-Home order, quite literally, “The Great Unwashed”! Those who gather to give their guns a parade, without considerate protection or distancing, without proper grammar on their protest signs; those who insist that “opening the economy” is the American way because they want service for themselves, not the betterment of society. Arrogance and ignorance are the loudest twins.

Use some common sense. If you do not have any of your own, borrow from someone who does. If you are healthy, be with people you trust to be healthy. You cannot trust a crowd. If you are weakened, avoid people. But take some time to enjoy this opportunity of slowness and quietness instead of being angered and frustrated by it. Set for yourself a fun goal such as reading all my books before the epidemic is over! Have you read the descriptions for all the Spiritual Remedies? Do not allow your goal to be gaining ten pounds and expertise on daytime television. This is a gift that has been given you.

Thank you for your love and support.


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