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there is no home
but your heart.

even the ocean
which draws the poison from my soul
like a poultice

cannot house
the furniture of my life
nor shelter
the delicate china
of my work.

i am indigent
without your love.

the source
of my poems
is not the sea,
not the sky ~

though the breadth
of these is a glimpse
of the face of god…

no, the source
of poetry
is not
an expanse of blue
nor an
unfathomable depth

but instead
the soft fresh green
of the garden
in the chamber
of your heart

where i live.
  September 2009    

Happy Autumnal Equinox!

It is the end of Summer and the beginning of the Season of Blessings. Harvest festivals ~ culminating in the United States with Thanksgiving in November ~ are our opportunities to be grateful for what we have, what we enjoy. May this season bring you an autumn of the heart where you find a bountiful harvest festival within yourself.

The August newsletter received a great response!  People commented on the “Predictions” section, reminding me of earthquakes I had foretold (I was like an earthquake meter when I was younger) as well as events personal to their lives.  Usually, these incidents are downplayed or forgotten ~ I try not to be a “story”, a vaudeville, a parlor trick.  But people do want to be entertained…

This month is very unsettled.  I do not want to verbalize the possibilities; I prefer to work for peace.  While the meditation class schedule is very disrupted (my travel schedule is posted to both websites), find time and place for meditation and rebalancing.  Helping yourself will help the planet at this time.  Schedule a spa day for your soul.

And go to the free posters page on and print out fliers. If you aren’t working for peace, you are allowing war. If you don’t believe in the possibility of peace, you are supporting the probability of war. Make peace graffiti ~ get the idea of peace into the consciousness of the planet. Any wall can change the world ~ write wisely.

This will be the 8th anniversary of the September 11th tragedy. If you will not post graffiti for peace, then wear a peace t-shirt to the supermarket, put a peace sticker on your car, hang a peace clock in your cubicle at work. Do not succumb to inertia and apathy. What have you done today to save the world?

The original recommendation for people directly affected by the September 11th tragedy was the use of First Aid for five years. Boxes of First Aid were sent to various sites in New York City and elsewhere to assist with the immediate trauma. But there have been no reports of First Aid usage even to one year. Hopefully, victims found another tool to assist them. Healing is a difficult road; not healing is worse.

On September 11th, light a candle as a prayer for peace for the world. Go outside your home, your safety zone, and light a candle for the world. Print out a free poster or wear your peace shirt and stand on the street with a candle. Stand up for peace in the world. Stand up for peace for yourself and those you love. And give thanks for the blessings in your life.

Humanity Shops is pleased to announce the Humanity Shops. These are affiliate websites of quality which offer products to enrich your life and the world. While the Humanity Shops is still in progress, there are now available websites of fine chocolate, gourmet coffee, and connoisseur wine. Others will be added as things progress. Much of the Humanity Shops’ products are fair trade organic and sustainable and the companies return money to humanitarian and ecological charities. If you place an order having gone to one of their websites from, will receive a small referral commission. This helps to support the work of and, the cost of peace graffiti, the cost of donated remedies, and many, many other things.

One of the Humanity Shops to note is the flower shop. Fresh, organic flowers delivered in beautiful, recycled materials. There is a special offer at this time: buy one dozen roses, receive another free. Send flowers to your neighbor, your friend, your mother-in-law for September 11th; order flowers for your Autumnal Equinox dinner party. Make peace with the world through flowers!

Go to the Humanity Shops page and read about the exciting companies with which we are partnering. Spiritual Remedies

The cause of the “unsettled” crazy energy (people driving dangerously, reacting inappropriately, etc.) is a degeneration of the aura. The recommended Radiation Cleanse for the last two months and the warnings of radiation poisoning since the beginning of the year were a protection against this degeneration. Extreme weather patterns are also a result of disbiotic radiation, as is nervousness, weakness, and unstable empathy. Now, the frequent use of Aura Spritz is recommended to repair the damage from ambient radiation, especially if you have not heeded the previous warnings.

Aura Spritz

The aura is a complex, multi-dimensional vibration-bundle which contains all information about you. A small portion of the aura is known as the light around the body, the halo. The complete aura exists both within and without time/space and contains all your spiritual bodies and reaches to the edges of the universe. Ascended Masters have access to the complete aura while most people operate within a very limited energy space.

Damage to the aura affects the physical body, the chakric body, the emotional body; it affects the physical life-process, the spiritual life-process.

The aura is damaged by many antagonists: radiation (use with Radiation Cleanse); family/inter-personal dysfunction (use with Chakra Tonic); anger, jealously (use with E-motion Potion)...

But most importantly, the aura is damaged by psychic attack, black magic, voodoo. Negative thoughts directed from a casual encounter are very tangible antagonists to the integrity of the aura. Ritual abuse/attack is much worse. Aura Spritz cleanses and repairs the aura at all levels and cuts karmic cords to all antagonists. It amplifies all other remedies (eg: see above; also: Silver Light for peace; Green Light for harmony/healing; Love Light for universal compassion, et cetera). For severe auric damage, use with First Aid. For destructive empathy, use as a tonic with First Aid. Aura Spritz is your first line of defense from bad luck in any form because everything exists in your aura before it exists in your life.

To balance the “unsettled energy” within your body at this time, it is recommended to use Chakra Tonic regularly.

Chakra Tonic

The chakras are portals of spiritual energy which connect to specific points on the physical body. They pertain to psycho-emotional issues which manifest in the physical body and the physical life. Chakra Tonic repairs, balances, and strengthens the chakra and nadi (connections between the chakras) systems and their subsidiary systems (the endocrine system, the nervous system, the acupuncture points and meridians systems). It supports the balance of the hormones, brain chemicals, digestive enzymes. It supports the balance of psycho-emotional life-issues. Chakra Tonic is like "Kundalini-yoga-in-a-bottle".

As a tonic, it is best used regularly over a period of time. This is an excellent basic remedy. Chakra Tonic combines well with the other Spiritual Remedies — choose to combine remedies to focus the energy to a desired action (eg: Chakra Tonic with Bright Brain for hormone balancing; Chakra Tonic with E-motion Potion for psychological processing; Chakra Tonic with Bright Immunity for strength and vitality).

This is an important remedy during pregnancy (especially for the healthy development of the fetus), menopause, home re-modeling (combine with First Aid), mid-life crisis, or any life-transition. Chakra Tonic helps you maintain healthy balance.

In honor of the tragedy of September 11th, First Aid will be reduced to $13 for the month. Now is always the time to accept healing into your life. Also, the trauma of a damaged aura (from the current radiation problem) is more significant than the trauma of a damaged body and First Aid will be your friend, relieving the pattern of trauma from both your body and your aura.

First Aid

Shock and trauma overwhelm a portion of the psyche, stunting the growth process on all levels. An insect bite or paper cut; a car accident or death in the family — from surgery to a stubbed toe, this is your "first-aid-kit-in-a-bottle". More effective than Rescue Remedy or arnica, use for all minor or major emergencies. It is indispensable if you have children or when travelling; keep an extra bottle in your car and toiletries bag.

First Aid relieves shock and trauma from physical, emotional, mental, psychic, and spiritual stress, both current and historical. Use to relieve childhood and distant trauma as well as everyday circumstances. First Aid calls the spirit back so healing can begin.

Astrological Feng Shui

While there is the possibility of financial abundance this month, there is also conflict with that money, especially as robbery. There is also great illness and death. Take time to place these treatments with respect after removing last month’s treatments.

In the Southeast, place eight stones and six coins. Excellent luck.
In the South, place three coins. Marriage luck.
In the Southwest, good luck.
In the West, place images of health.
In the Northwest, excellent luck.
In the North, stimulate the moving metal. Disaster.
In the Northeast, leave coins, return fire.
In the East, place six-times-six coins. Disaster.
In the Center, place six-times-six coins in water. Violence and loss.

Use Radiation Cleanse and Aura Spritz on your home. If it seems the energy isn’t flowing smoothly or is out of synch, add Implant Cleanse. and wish you a kind September.
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