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  August 2012    


August is a time of transition for many people ~a return to school, to work, to home after a lovely Summer vacation. The Summer months have been difficult for many people, however, and hopefully your transition will be to something less difficult, less stressful.

The feng shui for the last couple months has instigated a lot of hospital visits, a lot of deaths, a lot of trauma. It is recommended to use First Aid and Chakra Tonic to leave that difficulty behind. This month will be better if you are able to release old patterns.

If you have visited a hospital for any reason, be sure to use Radiation Cleanse. The levels of radiation in a hospital are uninhabitable and contrary to healing.

If you are interested in releasing old patterns and unblocking stagnancy in your life, use Karma Cleanse. You will see the opportunity to let go of your issues presented to you very quickly.


My Summer party is Sunday, August 5th from to 2pm to 8 and beyond. You are welcome to attend. Live music, film, poetry, interactive art, new paintings by myself, gift bags, and vegan food and drink. Come spend the afternoon in the garden. See announcement.

I am curating an art event (i am awake in the garden of dreams) on Saturday, August 18th for the Old Town La Puente Artwalk. Three artists (myself included), live music from sixteen bands, poetry, film, gift bags, raffles ~this promises to be a delightful event. Come dressed as your favorite god or goddess. See announcement. donated Spiritual Remedies to the gift bags of both events as well as a cd of spoken word poetry, a book or chapbook, and a zine donated by, plus candy, and samples of many products donated by others. Come early to each event to ensure you receive this wonderful gift. is preparing a box of First Aid sprays to send to the victims of the Batman shootings in Colorado. Recently, I have been slow about the production of remedies because of personal /home issues but the work will be completed before this newsletter is released. We always welcome any support for altruist works in the world. Look here for information and to print free peace posters.

Many of you know that last August I began writing a postcard to the President of the United States every day. While I have missed a few days, it has been a full year of regular notes to him about peace and equal rights in the world. Several issues I repeatedly wrote about have been resolved ~most notably the exit of our troops from Iraq. If you would like to do something today to save the world, order or copy the September 11th NO MORE WAR design postcard and let the president know where your heart stands on these issues. Inertia will not create a better world.

Favorable reviews of both my new book and new chapbook appeared in The New Book Review in the last couple weeks. Look here for the review of libretti lumi. Look here for the review of i write therefore I am. I am very grateful for the overwhelming support of my writing and art.

Feng Shui

This month will manifest a return to prosperity and abundance. Count your blessings and maintain your feng shui. For the full monthly feng shui treatments, click here.

Thank you to everyone for your love and support of my work, both creative and spiritual. May grace and peace and joy infuse every aspect of your life.


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