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eating god ~ poetry by Roy Anthony Shabla
  September 2010     Astrology of the East and West    

Astrology of the East and West

Six planets (including Mercury) are retrograde (going backward in the sky) at this time so the major focus of life should be internal ~ quiet, self-evaluation of emotions, of finances, of relationships, of health, of goals. Self-honesty is key when the planets are stirring the big, cosmic pot.

Balance and stability are also key at this time. Illusions of the overactive brain can defeat you and exhaust you.

To balance the astrology in your life, to ground and stabilize you, the best spiritual remedy is blessthebody.com Chakra Tonic. Combine with blessthebody.com First Aid and use frequently if you feel reality slipping away…Hope for Peace t-shirt

The Chinese Year of the Tiger is at full power at this time. The mercurial aspect of the Tiger may have you feeling the metaphorical ground beneath your feet is unstable, that anything could happen to unsettle your life. And your feelings may not be unfounded.

The disaster star is moving from the heart of your feng shui to the room of amplification: destruction of mind and body, destruction of love and friendship, destruction of home and finances ~ all are possible this month. It is not a month to play with fire.

To balance the feng shui of your life, it is recommended to spray your home and office with blessthebody.com Radiation Cleanse and Chakra Tonic at least twice a week. Do not take these recommendations lightly, the Chinese Astrology is even more challenging than the Western at this time. (For monthly feng shui treatments, click here.)

Pearls Before Swine

The regular and consistent practice of attending meditation class; the regular practice of traditional yoga, tai chi, or chi gong; the regular time each day, each week, set aside for the reading of poetry ~ these recommendations for metaphysical survival often fall on deaf ears. Yet I am voicing these recommendations again.

During this highly difficult and challenging time, during this time of necessary internal exploration and self-awareness, overcome the inertia of everyday life and begin patterns that sustain you.

If you live in the Los Angeles area, click here for meditation class.

If you live where there is reliable delivery service, click here for poetry.

If these are outside your realm of availability, google your needs. There are classes in meditation, yoga, etc. everywhere these days. There are books of poetry for every taste.

But do something to take care of yourself. That you haven’t fallen yet doesn’t mean you won’t.

Ghost Keys serigraphs by Roy Anthony Shabla

Ghost Keys

The new serigraph, ghost keys, depicts with stark and haunting beauty the poetry of mundane life. For more information or to order your copy now, click here.

May the stars light rather than block your way. May your heart light rather than block your way. May blesstheworld.com serve you on your way.

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