. July 2007  
Heal the Planet  

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Welcome to a network of websites grounded in the philosophy that spiritual consciousness infuses and informs all physical substance.

The world and everything in it is created of light and grace and exists in every moment complete and perfect.

Align yourself with that perfection and reveal your own true grace and light.

  A Network of Blessings




5 pm

$15 per session

The Blessings Center

1310 Carmona
Los Angeles

Between Fairfax and La Brea,

Between San Vicente and Pico




The value of a container
is the emptiness it offers.

you may think
the cup of my heart
is half-full of tears
or half-empty of tears
but it is full
and overflowing with God.

there are tears
in the cup of my heart,
there are petals
fresh as the moment they fell
but the fullness,
the flowering of my heart
is God.

tears and songs
and summer gardens
are merely the empty container
of my life~
the real treasure
is embraced in the emptiness.


The benefits of the Information Age have become second nature and now the Summer of Awareness is upon us. Ignorance of a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle is purely arrogance. Excuses for not attending a meditation class, eating organic, or “greening” your life are inexcusable.

The peak of the year brings the peak of the healing process in our lives. Take time now to make a commitment to change the patterns that hurt you, your family and friends, your neighborhood, the world. Heal yourself, heal the planet; change yourself, change the world!

Intense use of the combination of blessthebody.com Implant Cleanse and Karma Cleanse yields great relief from the pattern of misery in your life. The only thing standing between you and happiness is inertia.

Implant Cleanse

Deep-seated encoding and implants from fourth-dimensional interference or hereditary karma can impede the ability of the DNA structure to replicate correctly, causing mutation and illness. Often this is a vibrational disturbance that is subtle and the problem manifests over a period of time. Other cases are more overt and acute.

blessthebody.com Implant Cleanse removes the vibrational disturbance creating the underlying imbalance. Combine with blessthebody.com Love Light for best results. Add Aura Spritz and White Light for particularly difficult situations. Add blessthebody.com herbal remedy Sunshine to speed physical change. This is highly recommended for chronic illness, both physical and emotional.

Chakra Tonic

blessthebody.com Chakra Tonic repairs, balances, and strengthens the chakra and nadi (connections between the chakras) systems and their subsidiary systems (the endocrine system, the nervous system, the acupuncture points and meridians systems). It supports the balance of the hormones, brain chemicals, digestive enzymes. It supports the balance of psycho-emotional life-issues. blessthebody.com Chakra Tonic is like "kundalini-yoga-in-a-bottle."

As a tonic, it is best used regularly over a period of time. This is an excellent basic remedy. Chakra Tonic combines well with the other blessthebody.com spiritual remedies — choose to combine remedies to focus the energy to a desired action (eg: Chakra Tonic with Bright Brain for hormone balancing; Chakra Tonic with E-motion Potion for psychological processing; Chakra Tonic with Bright Immunity for strength and vitality).

This is an important remedy during pregnancy (especially for the healthy development of the fetus), menopause, home re-modeling (combine with First Aid), mid-life crisis, or any life-transition. blessthebody.com Chakra Tonic helps you maintain healthy balance.

Karma Cleanse

Karma is the result of choices made during life experiences. Replication of poor choices creates karmic patterns which inhibit the fruition of joy in life. blessthebody.com Karma Cleanse removes patterns which block the easy flow of universal energy through you. It can be considered "White-Tantric-Yoga-in-a-bottle".

blessthebody.com Karma Cleanse removes the blockages to prosperity; intimacy; vitality. It removes mental and emotional blockages. It removes the blockages to spirituality. Karma Cleanse removes childhood patterns that do not serve your highest good; past-life patterns that do not serve your highest good. It removes spiritual patterns that do not serve your highest good.

blessthebody.com Karma Cleanse is definitely the "change-your-life remedy". Combine with E-motion Potion for a dynamic one-two punch.

blessthebody.com Summer Travel Tips

To alleviate jet-lag, use Radiation Cleanse, Bright Brain, and Chakra Tonic 4-6 times per day and blessthebody.com Gold Light 2-3 times during the daylight hours and blessthebody.com Silver Light 2-3 times after dark. Insomnia is only a secondary symptom of jet-lag; it is best to begin this protocol two weeks before traveling and continue until two weeks after return.

Always carry a bottle of blessthebody.com First Aid with you for unforseen circumstances.

First Aid is important for insect bites, cuts and scrapes, and overworked muscles. Use four to six times per day or more as needed.

blessthebody.com Radiation Cleanse is important for relieving sunburn. Combine with First Aid. Use every ten to fifteen minutes or as needed.

Meditation Class

Sunday Evening Meditation Class at the Blessings Center Los Angeles, 5 pm, $16.

See information on left.

Notes: Please arrive five to ten minutes early and take a place in the teaching room. If you are a new student, other students will help you find a mat and settle in place.

There will be no treatments or socializing before class. Please respect the work we are doing and the space we are doing it in.

Everyone is entitled to a ten-minute meridian polarity treatment during the social time after class. There had been confusion with some students paying for treatments and others not. Now, if you are interested in participating, a ten-minute meridian polarity treatment is included in the class fee. If you require more treatment, the fee is $49 for half an hour. Treatments before class are by special arrangement only. Meridian Polarity Treatments relieve the hereditary karma currently affecting your life.

Sunday Evening Meditation Class is not a passive hour of inertia. Divine Meditation for the Release of Karma is an active and highly effective class for changing and balancing your life. Attend and be prepared for change!

There will be no class Sunday, July 15th. I will be traveling. For details, go to my blog from royanthonyshabla.com

Feng Shui for Change

Traditional Chinese lore insists that changing things in your home will change things in your life. Modern feng shui always preaches about removing clutter to enhance the flow of chi but removal of clutter and organization is not the complete idea. It takes more than recycling junk mail and old magazines to really affect your life.

Sometimes we just have too many things.

Organized or not, most homes in Western society are overcrowded.

The Mini Mc Mansionizing of America, in some ways, is the spiritual result of compulsive consumerism. Single families ~in many cases, merely a married couple~ are buying or building larger and larger homes. They seem empty at first but over time become more and more full.

And our lives become more and more crowded, stuck, hopeless.

Traditional Feng Shui has the following solution: remove one piece of furniture from the home. If it is a large home, remove one piece from each floor or wing.

Then move twenty-eight things. Art, furniture, THINGS… move them to different places in the home. While doing this, re-evaluate what is important and necessary, what is beautiful and sustaining, and what can be trashed!

And your life will change.

To make the transition easier, spray the home with blessthebody.com First Aid, Chakra Tonic, Aura Spritz, and Karma Cleanse.

Heal The Planet

The Live Earth Worldwide Concert was 7-7-07. Over 2 billion people around the world watched/participated in the event to bring healing the planet into the consciousness of the population. I watched for almost eleven hours.

If you have not been reading my blog, the peace posters have been re-installed on my home. Anyone in the Los Angeles area (or anywhere in the world) is welcome to come document themselves with the posters. Email me for directions.

To read my blog, go to royanthonyshabla.com and click on blogs ~what has reality ever done for me?

To see past installations of the posters, click on photographs ~what have you done today to save the world.

To print posters for yourself, click on posters ~ peace on earth day.

To order t-shirts, click on t-shirts ~ peace shirts.

If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. In this day and (information) age, ignorance is merely arrogance. And inertia is no longer acceptable.

Heal yourself, heal the planet; change yourself, change the world!

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