. September 2004  
Balancing Yourself and Your Environment  

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Welcome to a network of websites grounded in the philosophy that spiritual consciousness infuses and informs all physical substance.

The world and everything in it is created of light and grace and exists in every moment complete and perfect.

Align yourself with that perfection and reveal your own true grace and light.

  A Network of Blessings




5 pm

$10 per session

The Blessings Center

1310 Carmona
Los Angeles

Between Fairfax and La Brea,

Between San Vicente and Pico




God offers you soup.
you say,
"I'm not hungry."
"I'm not cold."

God offers you a seat.
you say,
"I'm not weary."
"I'm not talkative."

are you ashamed to be honored?
are you ashamed to admit
your true hunger?
your true weariness?

the preparation of food is God's work.
and the service of food is God's work.
the eating of food is devotion.

the offering is God's work.
acceptance is ours.



Sunday, September 19th
4 - 7 pm


The Blessings Center

1310 Carmona
Los Angeles

Between Fairfax and La Brea,

Between San Vicente and Pico



The equinoxes are the time of balance of day and night, light and dark, yang and yin. This workshop will align you with the spiritual energy of the equinox, balancing your brain hemispheres, your autonomic nervous system, your light and dark self. Bless the deep darkness of your life and befriend the great lightness of your being. You will leave this workshop altered/altared.

This workshop replaces the regular Sunday Evening Meditation Class.


the blanket around my thin shoulders
would gladly embrace you
if you come.

the warm cup in my white hands
would gladly sate you
if you come.

a light in the distance.
if you sleep, you do not know
how the sun comes and goes.

but I know.

come sit with me.
share my life.
and be warm.

* * *

the blanket of dreams around me
would gladly envelop you.

the small cup of God in my hands
would gladly fill you to overflowing.

a light within.
if you sleep, you do not know
how truly bright you are.

but I know.

share my world.
and be.

Happy Autumnal Equinox!

The Equinoxes are a brief moment of balance where the daylight time and nightlight time are equal. Take a moment yourself to reflect how you/your life are in or out of balance and what you can do to maintain balance. The Equinoxes and the Solstices are the four most powerful days of the year for spiritual work and meditation. Plan now to attend the Autumnal Equinox workshop on Sunday, September 19th (see advertisement) and to practice the Ritual Meditation for the Equinox on Wednesday, September 22nd (see website for details).


The Autumnal Equinox workshop, Sunday, September 19th will replace the regular Sunday Evening Meditation Class (see advertisement).

The blessthebody.com Herbal Remedies are now available. Initial reports are overwhelmingly positive.

blesstheworld.com is having an End of Summer 40% Sale on selected items. See website for details.

The planet Mercury goes direct tomorrow. It is once again time to engage in new contracts, go forward with new plans. It is time to put into action the self-revelations of the past few weeks. Use blessthebody.com Karma Cleanse to change patterns that no longer serve you. Use blessthebody.com Chakra Tonic to align you to the positive astrological change.

The blessthebody.com Spiritual Remedies which promote balance in your life are: Bright Brain, Chakra Tonic, Green Light, Love Light, Grace and Peace and Joy.

The blessthebody.com Herbal Remedies which promote balance in your life are: Tai Chi, 1000 Lotus Petals, Release, Garden of Peace.

Grace and Peace and Joy

This remedy opens your life to the greatest qualities of grace and peace and joy in the world. It makes of your life a deep meditation that spreads itself to the edges of the universe. Use this remedy when you are finally serious about turning your life over to God.

Tai Chi

Homeostasis (balance) is your birthright; it is health. The underlying basis of dis-ease is imbalance in one form or another.

blessthebody.com Herbal Remedy Tai Chi promotes balance and alkalinity in the body, removing the environment for dis-ease. This formula contains Chinese mushrooms used traditionally for their magical properties in healing body abnormalities.

It is helpful in all immune disorders.

Take five capsules one to three times per day as needed. Always consult a qualified alternative medicine practitioner before starting or adjusting a health regime.

Combine with blessthebody.com Herbal Remedies: Resurrection, Sunshine, Release, Garden of Peace — as needed.

Combine with blessthebody.com Spiritual Remedies: Radiation Cleanse, First Aid, Bright Immunity, Charka Tonic, Aura Spritz, Karma Cleanse, Green Light, Love Light, Implant cleanse, White Light, Grace and Peace and Joy — as needed.

Note: Anti-disease remedies: Tai Chi, Sunshine, Release, Bright Immunity, Green Light.


Chinese quartz is known as a panacea — "the healer of all diseases" — because of its rich and varied inclusions, including rutile. It has been used by shamans since time immemorial for healing and spiritual balancing and remains today a desirable stone among sensitives. These malas (temple bracelets) are a rare and sophisticated beauty and of exquisite quality.

Choose from three kinds:

Clear Quartzes
Spiritual panacea; removes emotional blockages, raises vibration.

Mixed Quartzes
Great panacea; very physical healing; good luck.

All-Rutilated Quartz
Very electrical; charismatic aura; may be too much energy for some.

Feng Shui

To create balance in an environment, there should be a combination of yang and yin features. Too many straight lines or squares need to be relieved by a curvy line or circle. Too many pale colors need to be relieved by a bright one. The tai chi (the yang--yin symbol) is a merging of fire (red, yang) and water (black, yin). Each half contains a seed of the other.

If the rooms of your home are too severe, soften them with luxurious draperies, upholstered furniture, or decorative throw blankets or pillows. If your rooms are too lackadaisical, organize clutter into boxes, have a sale, give it to goodwill. There should be a balance between hominess and openness, comfort and peace.

To promote balance in an environment, stand a large blessthehome.com Feng Shui Candle in a large, clear-glass bowl of water. Place the bowl over a bagua mirror. Light the candle for an hour a day.


Fire is one of the basic elements/building blocks of the universe and the use of fire in real magic and ritual dates back to pre-history. Fire is symbolic of cleansing/preparation, completion/re-birth, and devotion. It is used as a continuous, daily, and occasional element in feng shui, magic, and rituals both conventional and esoteric the world over.

Be sure all candles say "100% beeswax, soy or vegetable wax" — otherwise they pollute the environment and contribute to serious health problems such as brain tumors, lung cancer, miscarriage/abortion. Never burn regular candles in the home of a child with asthma/allergies.

blessthehome.com Ritual Candles are 100% white soybean wax and unscented for the very sensitive.

blessthehome.com Feng Shui Candles are 100% red crystalline vegie-soy wax with intoxicating aroma.

All candles are completely natural (wax, color, aroma) with cotton wicks and are prepared in recyclable glass for your safety and peace-of-mind.

To enhance fire blessings, always hold a specific intention in your mind and heart while lighting the candle.

May the products and information from the blesstheworld.com network help you bring balance to your life.

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