. July 2004  
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Welcome to a network of websites grounded in the philosophy that spiritual consciousness infuses and informs all physical substance.

The world and everything in it is created of light and grace and exists in every moment complete and perfect.

Align yourself with that perfection and reveal your own true grace and light.

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in the presence of the poet,
all is poetry;
in the presence of the lover,
all is love.

come to the banquet hungry
and ready to dance.

there is no sound
but music and singing;
there is no life
but celebration and gratitude.

has your invitation been misplaced?
have your ears been plugged?

you cannot remain dry
in the pool of devotion;
you cannot remain rigid
in the wind of the divine.

come to the celebration-feast hungry
and with dance in your heart.



The planet Venus has been retrograde (moving backward in the sky) since May 17 and has now gone direct (moving forward in the sky) again. This suggests that love and romance and beauty — which may have taken an unusual turn in the last month — can now return to homeostasis (balance).

During this retrograde, the planet Venus also transited (moved in front of) the Sun. This is a very rare astronomical occurrence which signifies a blossoming of art (love and beauty and truth) in the world.

Tips for Romance

  • Gold Light
  • Pink Light
  • Soulmate Ritual
  • Pairs in back right corner of home
  • Heart prisms
  • Color pink or peach

Gold Light

Inertia, lethargy, dullness are antithetical to being productive and manifesting a glorious present and future. Shyness/cautiousness prevents you from being your authentic self.

blessthebody.com Gold Light stimulates you in the physical world and excites you in your physical life. It expands your energy field so you become dynamic. This results in great magnetism, charisma, attractiveness. It is excellent for performers and other people in the public eye.

Combine with Pink Light for attracting romance.

Combine with Green Light for attracting health and money.

Pink Light

There is no reasonable response to life but celebration. Every other response is superficial.

Inherent joy is the basis of the universe; it is the basis of health (balance) and the basis of love (harmony). Without inherent joy, the universe would be imbalanced, disharmonious.

blessthebody.com Pink Light is joy in a bottle. It is not a mood-elevator; it is optimism even in the darkest moments.

blessthebody.com Pink Light is romance in a bottle. It is not an aphrodisiac; it is magic in the moonlight.

The ability to manifest a love-relationship depends almost solely on the presence of the color pink in the aura. Karma, astrology, feng shui must all be correct, but the color pink is essential. Superficial circumstances are not the basis of being un-partnered.

blessthebody.com Pink Light will bring up the pink in your aura and stimulate inherent joy in your life.

Combine with Green Light for vital health.

Combine with Gold Light for romantic attraction.

Combine with Love Light for spiritual romance.

Add White Light to amplify any combination.

Love Light

The basic activity of the universe is love.

Any disharmony in your self, your home, your life; any disharmony in your community, your country, your planet — is a situation where the basic, natural activity of the universe is blocked. (If you do not understand this statement, re-read it substituting the word "god" or your equivalent for the word "universe".)

Every activity on any level is either "loving" or "loveless" — from cellular (cancer) to planetary (pollution). Every inter-action on any level is either "loving" or "loveless" — from familial (abuse) to planetary (war).

blessthebody.com Love Light is the experience of love in a bottle. It infuses your self, your home, your life (both actions and inter-actions) with love. It infuses your community, your country, your planet (both actions and inter-actions) with love.

Unblock yourself to the basic, natural activity of the universe and do your part to bless the world.

Love heals all wounds.

Love dissolves all barriers.

And love shall set you free.

Feng Shui

If the bagua (octagonal feng shui template) is placed over the footprint of the home, the back right corner pertains to love and romance and marriage. Placing objects in pairs (such as the traditional mandarin ducks) promotes coupling.

Traditionally, the Southwest sector is assigned the number two. Placing pairs (such as the traditional double happiness character) in the Southwest promotes coupling.

The placement of two heart prisms and/or jade cups may be even more effective.

Painting the bedroom pink or peach (the traditional color of romantic love) will attract romance into the room. Removing computers and work-related items from bedroom is important. Removing family pictures from the bedroom is also important.

Feng Shui Ritual

Take prayer paper and write out the attributes you want in a lover. Women should draw a square around the text and place it in a ritual envelope in the Southwest sector of the home. Men should draw a circle around the text, place it in a ritual envelope and store in a sacred place in the Northwest sector. You can combine this with the Ritual to Attract a Soulmate.

May the products and information from the blesstheworld.com network fill you life with love.

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