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Heal the planet

Natural and Holistic Healing is a site of natural and holistic healing, wellness therapy, and spiritual rejuvenation ~ everything needed to live a graceful life.

Founder, Roy Anthony Shabla, is a spiritual healer, feng shui master, meditation teacher, and psychic consultant and his work has changed the lives of thousands of people.

On this site, you will find powerful spiritual remedies and healing treatments ~ the most natural and holistic form of healing in existence ~ as well as psychic spiritual consultations to remove blockages and rejuvenate life.

The physical body is an expression of the spiritual bodies and the physical life is an expression of the spiritual life. All true healing in the physical world involves healing in the spiritual world and all true happiness in the physical life involves happiness in the spiritual life. is grounded in the philosophy that spiritual consciousness infuses and informs all physical substance. The world and everything in it is created of light and grace and exists in every moment complete and perfect. Align yourself with that perfection and reveal your own true grace and light.

The products and services offered are based on this philosophy of spiritual consciousness. Enjoy them with the knowledge that each is the safest, most natural, most holistic available.

Bless The Home

The energy field of the home is dynamic and of greater influence in this dimension than the personal energy field. That is why Architectural Ecology is so effective for changing the life.

Architectural Ecology is a spiritual science that incorporates the ancient arts of feng shui and geomancy with the contemporary theories of bau-biologie. It also encompasses the psycho-spiritual rituals of indigenous peoples, especially shamanism.

Architectural Ecology applies not only to the structure and furnishings of the building, but to the site and the landscape that the building occupies. Use of Architectural Ecology will change your life deeply, both physically and spiritually.

Our philosophy is dedicated more to the spiritual remedy aspects (feng shui, shamanism, prayer) of Architectural Ecology, than the physical (bau-biologie) because we believe the spiritual prepares and informs the physical: all true change occurs at the subtle energy levels. If you require other physical treatments, we can refer you.

Bless The Baby

Every baby is a hero. And every hero has a journey. The spiritual journey of the baby is the spiritual journey of the planet itself: as the babies are, so is our world. Spiritual Remedies are excellent and safe during pregnancy and the birthing process, for the mother and father as well as for the child. Also, many couples use the Spiritual Remedies to prepare for pregnancy.

Every baby is a hero. And every parent is a hero. And the journey itself is home.

Bless The Garden

The more joy you put into the garden, the more joy the garden puts into you. Even the smallest plot of earth tended with love rivals great art for refreshing the soul and nourishing the spirit. Of the gardener and the visitor. And the Earth. Time spent in the garden is a return to the timelessness of the garden of your inherent self.

The feng shui of the garden affects your life at a very deep level. The remedies and enhancements at can be used well in the garden. For treatment of individual plants, Spiritual Remedies are effective and safe. For both you and the plants. And the Earth. Such treatments will return blessings to you many times over.

Bless The Beast

Every tradition holds reverence for the animals as healers, protectors, and companions. In modern society, appreciation of animals may be the only link with the ancient art of shamanism many people have. Spiritual Remedies are safe and effective for animals of every species, age, and condition.