. September 2002  
The Autumnal Equinox, Amethyst, and Psychic Development  

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Welcome to a network of websites grounded in the philosophy that spiritual consciousness infuses and informs all physical substance.

The world and everything in it is created of light and grace and exists in every moment complete and perfect.

Align yourself with that perfection and reveal your own true grace and light.

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The Autumnal Equinox (September 22) marks the nine-month anniversary of blesstheworld.com. We are pleased to have helped so many people in this time and look forward to our future service of the planet and the universe.

blesstheworld.com was represented at the United States Psychotronics Association Annual Conference in Columbus, Ohio. Dowsers and other sensitives offered whole-hearted acceptance/appreciation of the blessthebody.com Spiritual Remedies. One woman who used a combination of blessthebody.com Implant Cleanse and Green Light (we usually recommend Implant Cleanse be used with Love Light for inter-dimensional interference, but occasionally Green Light is required) received her first relief in a year from "subtle energy static".

September 11
Our hearts and minds, our thoughts and actions, our prayers and intentions are with those immediately affected by the events of September 11, 2001, the country as a whole, and the planet itself. Our work at blesstheworld.com is aimed at helping the planet avoid dramatic events and helping the planet recover from dramatic events one soul at a time (see the blesstheworld.com August 2002 newsletter for more information regarding September 11). We are dedicated to empowering people with the healing wisdom of the universe.


In the Chinese language, the word "purple" is a homophone for the word "prosperity". The use of homophones (words that sound alike) is basic to classical feng shui (Carl Jung documented the validity of homophones as a powerful subtle language). Thus, the color purple is equated with prosperity and amethyst, as a purple stone, is a prosperity treatment.

In feng shui astrology, the nine-purple star relates to good news and celebrations. "Nine" is a "fire" number; the result of fire is earth (ashes). Thus, amethyst (purple earth) is symbolic of that which is good news and the reason for celebrations. In the Year of the Horse 2002, we place amethyst in the west sector to encourage the arrival of good news and celebrations.

The ancient Taoists used the image of a mountain to symbolize marriage (a mountain is where two tectonic plates merge). For convenience, the image of the mountain is reduced to a rock. The Taoists also believed the color purple to be lucky. Thus, amethyst is used as a treatment for marriage-luck.

So, in the East, amethyst relates to prosperity, celebrations, marriage.

In the West, the color purple is associated with royalty and mystical power (and also homosexuality -- its association with homosexuality and mystical power is due to its being the result of blending the primary colors/elements: red/fire and blue/water. The blending of red and blue, female and male (homosexuality); and the blending of fire and water, steam (power). In the East, the blending of fire and water is also considered powerful: the tai chi is the symbol of this -- though in the East, "water" is considered "black" instead of "blue" and the tai chi, the yin/yang symbol, is red and black. Also, one of the best luck ideograms from the I Ching is symbolized by water over fire.). And amethyst is ascribed these attributes.

The New Age Movement has synthesized the ideology of the color purple and amethyst from various cultures, mostly the East Indian philosophy of the chakra system where they relate to the crown chakra and spiritual power. Thus, in the West, amethyst relates to royalty, mystical and spiritual power, crown chakra activation, and androgyny or masculine/feminine balance.

Amethyst: prosperity, celebration, marriage, royalty, mystical/spiritual power, crown chakra, androgyny. Modern channeled material expands on this information.

Psychic Development

As stated in the blesstheworld.com newsletter July 2002, the process of tapping into the subtler vibrations of the planet is facilitated by removing the denser vibrations from your life. Begin by cleaning your diet: eat more vegetables, drink more water; eat less meat, fried foods, processed foods, sugar, alcohol. The process of raising your vibration will affect you on all levels.

Removing the denser vibrations from your life includes anger, lust, pettiness. Make the conscious choice now to let go of emotionalism. Just making that choice will effect a change in your energy field and your spiritual process will be swifter.

blessthebody.com Bright Brain and Chakra Tonic will activate the psychic center of the brain. (Both remedies contain the essence of amethyst as an ingredient.) Consistent, regular use of these spiritual remedies in conjunction with spiritual discipline will bring psychic work under your control. More on that later.

Wear a blessthehome.comChinese Quartz Mala to raise your vibration. It is a very special and magical bracelet that has manifested lightning and inter-dimensional viewing. In times of chaos, spiritual elevation is the only sanctuary.

In the blesstheworld.com newsletter August 2002, the necessity of blessthebody.com First Aid in the aftermath of the events of September 11th to alleviate physical and emotional trauma is elaborated. blessthebody.com Bright Immunity is recommended to maintain vital strength both physically and spiritually in the wake of such stress (and toxins from the explosions). Use it with Green Light to activate healing in the "future" (or the "past", depending on your perspective) and your next "present" can be free of the energetic of serious disease.

Featured Product:
Bright Immunity

This remedy brings vibrant light into the immune system and spiritually antidotes the causative agents of illness. Use it to remove the spiritual basis of colds, flu, serious dis-ease, miasms; use it to remove the spiritual basis of side-effects from antibiotics, immunizations, other pharmaceuticals; use it to remove the spiritual basis of fatigue, achiness, mal-digestion.

blessthebody.com Bright Immunity does not negatively interact with pharmaceuticals -- prescription or over-the-counter. It has no ill side-effects. There is no over-dose.

While blessthebody.com Bright Immunity is a tonic and should be used regularly to regain/maintain vibrancy, short-term and occasional use is effective. It is highly recommended for anyone over sixty years of age or anyone with a compromised immune system.

Note: blesstheworld.com does not recommend any blessthebody.com spiritual remedy to replace conventional, mundane medicine. (No conventional, mundane medicine could replace blessthebody.com spiritual remedies.) Any such use would be at your own delight. Always consult a qualified practitioner of holistic healing when adjusting any prescribed protocol.

Note: Exercise your free choice of health care. Take responsibility for your healing -- physically, emotionally, mentally, psychically, spiritually. The blesstheworld.com philosophy:

The universe does not set up a problem without a solution,
a disease without a cure.
Nature is the great teacher in this matter.
If you are to heal yourself,
you must first accept it is possible to heal.
Then you must accept the healing.
Since health is a change from disease,
you must not consider healing yourself without changing yourself;
you must not consider healing yourself without being changed by the healing.
When you are willing to follow nature,
you can yourself cure any disease you have
and in so doing, accept your part in setting the perfect universe right.

What Have You Done Today
to Save the World?

At the time of the Autumnal Equinox, the period of equal daylight and nightlight, give yourself over to the idea of balance; embrace the notion of harmony; walk the walk of grace and peace and joy. And let your aura of harmony embrace the world.

At the time of the Autumnal Equinox, as a mitzvah to heal the planet, with love and devotion, perform the following:

In the center of your home, at the heart of your residence (and the residence of your heart), set up a table, an altar, a sacred space. Place there a bowl of clean water (a jade bowl is suggested). Place there a bowl of Eight Seeds of Fortune (or popcorn or brown rice). Place there a Ritual Candle. Place there a stone from your garden. Place there six coins.

Take a bath with:

And meditate on the idea of harmony. After your bath, save one cup of bathwater to pour in your garden. Dress in clean bedclothes.

Light the Ritual Candle. Write on Prayer Paper thirty-three times: "May grace and peace and joy reign on earth." Fold the paper in four and place on the altar.

Pour the cup of bathwater onto the earth saying. "May grace and peace and joy begin with me."

Hold the idea of harmony in your heart. Leave the altar in place until the moon goes dark in its cycle (October 6), then dismantle and disperse the items (burn the paper; change the water -- it should always be kept fresh; scatter the seeds on the earth; burn the candle to the end -- keep a candle burning for the whole period; return the rock to the garden; spend the coins).

The Year of the Horse 2002 can be very difficult and unsettling. Take time to participate in this ritual meditation at the Equinox as a gift to the world. Each of us has the opportunity to be a hero every day. And save the world in many small ways.

May the products and services from the blesstheworld.com network give you the strength to ride this year with grace and peace and joy.

NEXT MONTH: There Is No Good Reason For War.

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