July 2002


The Wall Street Journal, Thursday, June 20, 2002 reports on a research study in Finland which found that cell phone use affects the biochemistry of human cells. (See: Radiation Cleanse, newsletter, June 2002.)

Feng Shui Astrology

We are approaching the peak of the Chinese Year of the Horse 2002 and the astrological interaction of the five basic elements suggests water and fire problems such as drought and wildfire. This year has already been plagued with these and the energy continues. It is very important to be conscious and respectful of our use of water and fire at this time. Beware of dehydration. Regular use of Love Light helps keep negative water and fire energy out of your aura. A Ritual Candle burning in the north sector of your home (as mentioned in the newsletter, June 2002) will help prevent fire disasters.

The Chinese astrological interaction of the five basic elements also suggests problems of the heart and blood. We recommend Love of Life herbal remedy to stabilize the heart and circulation energy. It is a very powerful formula which is known to stop heart attacks and increase blood flow to the brain. If you have heart problems, use under the advice of a qualified practitioner of holistic medicine. To prevent flushing, take with food.


While this Year of the Horse is difficult, it does have many wonderful opportunities — especially in area of the "flower of romance" and social activities. Regular use of Pink Light stimulates romance and joy in your life. Gold Light stimulates attractiveness and charisma. The Ritual Meditation to Attract a Soulmate (to be performed Friday, July 12 or the first Friday after any new moon) is highly effective for partnering. Go to any site and click on the "information " button for details.

Psychic Development

Clients often request information on how to increase their psychic abilities. While everyone has innate intuition, most people have disconnected themselves from the subtler vibrations of the planet. It is, however, possible to increase your sensitivity to subtler vibrations. Begin by clearing the denser vibrations from your aura. Maintain a clean diet and drink plenty of water. Use the Bright Brain spiritual remedy to activate the psychic center of your brain. Begin with these disciplines and other suggestions will follow.

Bright Brain

The brain is the master computer of the physical body and the main interface with the subtle worlds. Poor diet/nutrition, toxic environment/blood, imbalanced hormones and chemicals, and electro-magnetic and other radiational fields contribute to a decrease of these functions, as do inter-dimensional interferences. Headaches, dizziness, buzzing, inability to focus/inability to remember, poor coordination, mood-swings, insomnia, and general degeneration are all symptoms of a decrease of these functions.

Bright Brain restores vitality and light to the essence of the brain which balances and enhances its functioning. Important for serious meditators, students, drug-users, and anyone over forty years of age.

The abundance of sunlight in the summer months is stimulating to the endocrine system creating the perfect time to begin a psychic development discipline. The endocrine system is the aspect of the glandular system that pertains to the chakras. The chakras and the subtle brain are your interface with the psychic-spiritual realms. Chakra Tonic is excellent for augmenting Bright Brain in a psychic development discipline.

NOTE: To alleviate jet-lag, use Radiation Cleanse, Bright Brain, and Chakra Tonic 4-6 times per day and Gold Light 2-3 times during the daylight hours and Silver Light 2-3 times after dark. Insomnia is only a secondary symptom of jet-lag; it is best to begin this protocol two weeks before traveling and continue until two weeks after return.

We hope the products and services offered by the network empower you and yours to heal and grow and transcend and share.