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  January 2013    

Greetings and Happy New Year!

Welcome 2013 with an open heart and a delighted spirit.

I apologize that these newsletter have been tardy and scant ~ my personal and very human life has recently had quite a journey. Sometimes, it seems, the universe makes plans without consulting me!

My dear friend, Karen Guido, whom you know from these newsletters and read about last month, has left her devoted husband in charge of my websites and newsletter. We are grateful for his help during this difficult time and patient with his human-ness as I hope you are patient with mine.

The link to Karen's website,, remains on the Feng Shui Shops page. Orders help offset current expenses.

The Annual Astrological Feng Shui Workshops for San Diego and Northern California are scheduled. The workshop in San Diego is this month, well before the Chinese New Year, so do not procrastinate in booking your space if this is your site of choice. No classes have been arranged yet for Los Angeles or elsewhere.

If you are interested in hosting a feng shui workshop, contact me immediately.

If you have never attended an Annual Astrological Feng Shui Workshop, this is the year to begin. The Chinese Year of the Snake 2013 will be the most challenging of the last ten.

In preparation for the new feng shui treatments, mark you calendar now to remove your current annual feng shui remedies within a few days of February first. If possible, place your feng shui remedies on the earth to cleanse and invigorate them.


We were not blessed with the end of the world. Every morning we awake, we have survived the Apocalypse, survived the Armageddon, survived death. The end of any calendar is a signal for renewal, not fear nor anxiety, not sorrow. This is the reason for New Year's resolutions.

This year, these resolutions are even more important ~ not in the sense of needing to lose weight or exercise more ~ but in the sense of re-evaluating yourself, re-inventing yourself... which may include a change in diet or exercise but only secondarily. More dramatically, it may include a change of career or region of the country in which you live. This is a year of deep change, a year of rebirth.

It is also a year of deep controversy. There will be conflict, big and small, everywhere around you. Divorce, lawsuits (especially around health issues), and quarreling with neighbors and family will dominate the year. Keep your rational mind and irrational mouth in check ~ especially when it comes to your career.

This is the kind of year where winning the lottery may not make you happy nor ease your woes. Emotional and spiritual discipline are what will pay double or triple benefits.

Do not think this is only a year of misery. It can be the time your truest identity is revealed, the time your truest heart is released from its cage. Set your sight on joy and joy will set its sight on you.

Spring Cleaning

I begin my Spring cleaning in January. This month, schedule permitting, I will spend an entire day working in each room of the house editing, organizing, and cleaning. This is the best preparation for the new feng shui at the Chinese New Year.

The English celebrate Boxing Day. No, this is not commemorating the Boxer Rebellion (as I had thought) but a feudal tradition of giving to the poor.

If you received a new fur coat for Christmas, you gave your old coat to a servant. You would do the same with other clothes and household goods, boxing them up to give to the less fortunate. In England, while the weather at Christmas time may not be suitable for opening the house and sweeping it out, this, nevertheless, would be the beginning of your Spring cleaning.

If you aren't using it, pass it on to someone who will.

And, as you move from room to room, clearing the unnecessary things, spray each room with the Clean House Spritz.


The most important Spiritual Remedy (at any time, any year) is Radiation Cleanse. Since the meltdown of the nuclear reactors at Fukushima, Japan, Radiation Cleanse should be your best friend. There is nowhere on the planet not affected by this and many other negative radiations and nothing that will heal under its influence.

Besides Radiation Cleanse, Personal Remedy
Be Happy will be of paramount use. This will help your brain remain outside of drama.

And the third most important remedy for the year, Aura Sprtiz, will keep you strong throughout the challenges the year may bring.

Use each of these liberally and daily.

The entire line of remedies will have their importance this year, I am merely trying to single out a few for regular and extended use.

Feng Shui

Once again, there will be wildly unstable feng shui energies for the month. For the monthly feng shui, click here.

We wish you a happy and joyful New Year for yourself and those around you.


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