. April 2006
We Are the April Fools!  

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Welcome to a network of websites grounded in the philosophy that spiritual consciousness infuses and informs all physical substance.

The world and everything in it is created of light and grace and exists in every moment complete and perfect.

Align yourself with that perfection and reveal your own true grace and light.

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I am merely a flute,
a hollow reed with holes~

it is your breath
making the music,
your hand holding the notes.

it is your mouth
soulful on my mouth
making the vibration,
your fingers
confident in my holy place
making the melody.

you are the master holding me,
I am the instrument of love
bursting with song.

* * *

do not come to me in the night
asking to hear the music,

do not come with charming ways
dancing in the night~

offerings of chocolate and flowers
will not open your ears,

begging and pleading
will not liberate your soul!
it is from emptiness
that the drum sounds,
that the flute wails~

it is from silence
that the symphony of God
is heard.

go into the night alone,
go into the starlight
and the scent of jasmine,
hear the glory
of the universe
with unsophisticated ears~

then come dancing
to my room.

* * *


We are the April Fools!

Global warming is no longer debatable, no longer a theory. And the effects are neither passive nor subtle. The natural disasters that break our hearts are the result of planetary karma that has built up since the Industrial Revolution. Progress is killing the planet and the planet is killing us. Science is now very clear about this and the fact that the effects of global warming have accelerated far above estimates.

The War in Iraq ~ now at its three-year anniversary ~ is not a "casualty-free" military endeavor; it is dirty and sorrowful and embarrassing. It has been proven that the arguments used to initiate the war were lies ~ blatant scare tactics to validate a business ~ NOT PATRIOTIC ~ agenda. And the karma resulting from this war will burden the American people for generations to come.

The environmentalists, the conspiracy theorists ~ THE HIPPIES ~ were right! And we are the April Fools.


We are fast approaching Earth Day and my daughter's fifth birthday (4-22-2006) in this Chinese Year of the Dog (focus on family, loyalty, ecology) and my gift of world peace to her may not arrive in time. But I have faith and hope and love ~ the basic flaws, it seems, that ensure failure.

I have vandalized construction sites, shopping malls, airports, and even churches with Peace On Earth Day posters (an idea which blends both awareness of the war and global warming). I have mailed and emailed posters all over the country. I have shared and posted peace posters everywhere I have traveled and friends have helped in other cities. Some documentation of the posters is on the website.

And yet, an informal survey of newsletter recipients (which number in the thousands), clients, students, and friends reveals little or no support for Peace On Earth Day. Even the artist whose work I am promoting on the posters has not posted a single one. Maybe I am the April Fool!

And to solidify my status as Lord God Fool, I am starting a line of Peace Shirts.


The inability to cope with the frustration of life has resulted in severe depression for many people. But with all the available information on natural remedies for depression, it seems incongruous that it remains epidemic and pharmaceuticals the solution.

The problem, however, that is often overlooked is that with depression comes inertia. A body at rest remains at rest. Depressed people will not do something good for themselves because they just don't ever do anything, or at least they don't do anything more than the minimum necessary. It is the form of suicide for those frozen with fear.

Inertia (shock), depression (sadness), frustration (anger), fear ~ the emotional life of human beings is not simple but the solution is not complex: break the pattern, change the karma.

The blesstheworld.com newsletters regularly elaborate on emotional karma and finding peace; my meditation class regularly performs exercises to process emotions and karma; my private consultations regularly elaborate the effects of karma and its release...

So why are some people still emotionally imbalanced? INERTIA! They never really manage to overcome the pattern of remaining at rest and actually do something to help themselves. People may seem busy but they are busy avoiding healing.


A client from the mid-west United States sent word that my book, eating God, was the only thing that kept him from suicide for the last six months. He has been unable to do a single good thing for himself but read my book. And that he did faithfully.

While the press covers political protests, it seems that if the full impact/full appreciation of the War in Iraq and global warming were absorbed by the American consciousness WITHOUT DENIAL of the gravity of the situations, every man, woman, and child would pick up a rock and hurl it at the White House. The sound would be deafening. And there would be no-one to hold the camera or report the news.

It appears we are a country of depressed, immobilized people too busy with nonsense to heal.

Despite the appearances of this particular issue of the newsletter, I am not concerned with politics. I am concerned with the spiritual progress, the karma, the liberation of people. What happens in the illusion of this world is not important. What is important is how we deal with it.

Find something to break your inertia. Read my book every day. Come to meditation class. Commit to regular, spiritual exercise such as Kundalini Yoga or Tai Chi. Take your children to put up Peace On Earth Day posters.

Small-scale recycling is not enough any more. Get off your ass to save your ass!


The feng shui astrology for the month of April is doubled. This means that the sectors with good luck will have the good luck amplified and the sectors with bad luck will have the bad luck amplified.

Be sure to increase you treatments of moving metal in the West and the South East sectors and increase the fire in your Center sector. Sometimes good luck is merely avoiding the bad or worse.


Karma is the result of choices made during life experiences. Replication of poor choices creates karmic patterns which inhibit the fruition of joy in life. blessthebody.com Karma Cleanse removes patterns which block the easy flow of universal energy through you. It can be considered "White-Tantric-Yoga-in-a-bottle".

blessthebody.com Karma Cleanse removes the blockages to prosperity; intimacy; vitality. It removes mental and emotional blockages. It removes the blockages to spirituality. Karma Cleanse removes childhood patterns that do not serve your highest good; past-life patterns that do not serve your highest good. It removes spiritual patterns that do not serve your highest good.

blessthebody.com Karma Cleanse is definitely the "change-your-life remedy". Combine with E-motion Potion for a dynamic one-two punch.


Incomplete expression of any emotion results in physical-life and spiritual-life inertia. The three basic negative emotions (fear/anxiety, anger/resentment, grief/disappointment) initiate this inertia.

blessthebody.com E-motion Potion stimulates the emotional body to release suppressed experiences liberating the psyche by completion of their expression. Depending upon your karma, not all experiences must be worked out overtly.

This is an important remedy for anyone undergoing psychological counseling, 12-step therapy, or any regression work. It is also important for people evolving from child abuse, both physical and emotional. But do not think this is a remedy for extreme cases — it can act with subtlety when subtlety is required.

It is common that people experience an "un- winding" — an emotional process which begins with depression, then moves into hostility, then nervousness — as a way of rooting out the origin of the problem. Do not be alarmed; it is a natural process to your clearer self. Combine with blessthebody.com First Aid if the emotional process becomes too overwhelming.


Dis-harmony is the basis of dis-ease. Imbalance is the basis of trauma. Health on the physical, emotional/mental, spiritual levels is based on harmony and balance.

blessthebody.com Green Light is the great harmonizer. It works internally/ externally; personally/inter-personally. It balances any condition/situation. blessthebody.com Green Light affects both the present and the future, thus it is a great preventer of dis-ease on any level and in any realm. It is a very important remedy for anyone wishing to transition to a more peaceful future.

Green Light is excellent for healers, politicians/ diplomats, contract negotiators, care-givers, large families, anyone over-worked or who abuses his health. It is important during legal battles.

Green Light is a prayer that our mis-spent past may not be the basis of our future. Green Light is a prayer for universal peace. Liberal use of blessthebody.com Green Light will reward you many times over.

Visit blesstheworld.com to see documentation of a few of the Peace On Earth Day installations. If you are going to be the April Fool, don't let it be from inertia!

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