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Happy Valentine's Day!


Sunday, February 5th (Superbowl Sunday): Contraptions ~ Recycled, Found, and Funky Junk Art Show (See for details.)

The Weekend, February 17th to 20th: Palm Springs Modernism ~ Three Large Paintings by Roy Anthony Shabla (see for details.)

Spiritual Remedies for the Valentine's Feeling Love Light helps you tap into the love of the universe, experience the inherent love of life. Use it to infuse yourself and those around you with the blissful feelings of love. Be In Love helps your special relationship maintain freshness. Use it to encourage intimacy, bonding, and monogamy with your significant other. Pink Light attracts romance and joy into your life. Use it to generate / stimulate a new relationship or overcome a minor problem in an already existing relationship. Combine with one or both of the other "love" remedies for a dynamic love life. (See Romantic House Spritz for complete immersion in love.)

Valentine's Day is for Everyone

Whether it's with chocolate and flowers, wine, or a special coffee or tea, Valentine's Day is the time of year to tell those around you how much you appreciate them. The Humanity Shops offer unique and socially conscious gifts for this occasion.

Gourmet, organic chocolate that is a handmade bite of art is a lovely twist on the Valentine's classic. Tell someone he or she is as special as this box of exquisite delights.

These days, even men enjoy receiving flowers. An organic bouquet like this one of orange bliss roses makes a definite statement of appreciation.

But the gift of a Miniature Tuscan Olive Tree says you hope your relationship endures time and produces spicy fruit. Give this romantic plant to your special gardener or chef.

If you would like to give something a little different, chocolate covered espresso beans ~ or a basket of gourmet coffee products may be the answer.

Also, from the Humanity Shops: poetry, wine, and natural perfume. Share the love in so many ways.

Feng Shui

Everything is bigger in the Year of the Dragon. The characteristics of the year have already begun to manifest and this is not the time to ignore your feng shui. If you have not booked a seat in an Astrological Feng Shui Workshop, do so now.

You have removed the annual feng shui treatments from last year and placed them on the earth to clear and re-energize. You have placed a large metal windchime in the Southeast Sector of your home to prevent death and disaster. Business / financial disaster is of great concern this year.

In the Northwest Sector of your home, place a fountain. This is both a treatment for the month of February and for the year. Do not place a water treatment in a bedroom or bathroom. Consult with a feng shui master if placing a fountain in the kitchen.

For more information, read Feng Shui Every Day.

For the monthly feng shui treatments, click here.

May love and joy fill your heart and life. Best wishes for the Valentine's season from


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