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  November 1st 2009    

Recipe For Success

Happy Day of All Gurus, All Healers, All Saints, All Spirit Guides, All Archangels, All Buddhas. Every blessing is available on this their day.

Make an altar to the intelligence of the universe: place an offering on a dinner plate, light incense and visualize your request, then let it go with the smoke out into the world to manifest.

For prosperity, offer six tangerines. For romance, offer a fig and a banana (to attract a man) or a glass of white wine and a pear (to attract a woman). Chocolate is the best all-purpose offering for romance and it amplifies the others. For health, offer an onion and a ginger root. For beauty, offer a pear and a handful of almonds. For community (friends) offer grapes.

For a release from future lives, offer your guru a gold coin, a flower, a foot rub. A small gesture in the physical world will reap great rewards in the spiritual world.

Food offered to ancestors or Earth-bound entities should be left for twenty-four hours then removed and trashed. Food offered to Buddhas or Gurus can be eaten after one hour.

A great blessing to receive at this time of year when food plays a predominant role in life would be to understand that each meal, each bite of food, is an offering to the divine within yourself. Eat wisely and respect your food.

To develop a deeper understanding of the relationship between food and the divine, read (or re-read) my book of ecstatic poetry, eating God. A better relationship with food will change your life.

Food Patterns

Obesity, over-eating, and food compulsions have various sources, depending on perspective. A psychologist sees an emotional source; a nutritionist sees a nutritional source.

People who over-eat do not over-eat celery or lettuce or broccoli. The abuse of food pertains primarily to carbohydrates, especially processed carbohydrates and sugars. Processed fats run a close second. This problem does not pertain to food, this pertains to respect.

From a spiritual viewpoint, compulsive eating relates to being ungrounded (your consciousness is not in your body, you are not present) and it relates to the creation of emergency patterns in the attempt to maintain life-force.

In a "hurry-up" society, most people don’t pay attention to their food, most don’t pay attention to the act of eating. This is a symptom of not being present in your life ~ you are either re-living the past or rehearsing the future. Be here now. If you give attention and respect to your food and the act of eating, your food and the act of eating will nourish your body, mind, and spirit.

Disrespect your food and it will poison you. (The list of food-related illnesses is longer than any other type of illness.)

In a "hurry-up" society, eating quickly without attention to the food (or the act of eating the food) places a demand on the food that it "scream" to be heard (or tasted): flavors need to become sweeter, saltier, richer to penetrate the consciousness of the distracted diner.

Because much of this food has little or no real nutritional value (not to mention spiritual value), the body requires more and more food to maintain basic functioning. Thus, the body creates the desire for food even after the sensation of satiation occurs because it needs more nutrition to function.

If you eat real, healthy food with real nutrients, vitality, and life-force, your body would not crave food after the sensation of satiation because the purpose of hunger (replenishment of nutrients) would have been met.

The problem remains, however, of breaking the pattern, the habit of wanting to eat even when you aren’t hungry. Karma Cleanse will help you break the patterns of poor eating habits; Bright Brain will help you create new neural pathways of better eating habits. Neither is a diet pill, appetite suppressant, or anything physical; neither is a psychiatric mood elevator or anything mental. Both are spiritual remedies that will support changing your physical life for the better. Eat better and reap untold rewards.

For more information about Karma Cleanse, go to

For more information about Bright Brain, go to

Remedies For Balance

As we enter the season of food, return food to the divinity it deserves. Create balance in your life to maintain healthy food habits through the spiritual remedies and the remedies of Transformational Feng Shui. For this month’s free Transformational Feng Shui remedies, go to and ensure a healthy, spiritual home and life.

Chocolate stimulates chemicals in the brain that make you feel like you are in love. Besides offering chocolate to the Gods, offering chocolate to the object of your desire can stimulate a loving response.

The chocolate shop affiliated with the Humanity Shops specializes in the finest and most exotic organic chocolates in the world. It is also a company run with great social and ecological consciousness. Finally, something wonderful for which you can truly give thanks! Give the gift of fine chocolate to those you love this holiday season.

May every blessing be yours on this special day.

Except From eating God

I look into the bowl of salad

and see God~
what a delight eating alone is!
the illusion surrenders
to the present mind.

I am a bowl open to the divine~
the greenness of God
fills my emptiness
with bliss.

you tell me
you have no time to meditate,
you have no time for devotion.
how much time do you ned?
just eat!
every honored bite is a revelation,
every hone bite is pure salvation.

if you don't find God
in your salad,
you must be looking
for something else.
try the toast.
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