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Casa La Reina
5pm, $16
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Culver City
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there is no home
but your heart.

even the ocean
which draws the poison from my soul
like a poultice

cannot house
the furniture of my life
nor shelter
the delicate china
of my work.

i am indigent
without your love.

the source
of my poems
is not the sea,
not the sky ~

though the breadth
of these is a glimpse
of the face of god…

no, the source
of poetry
is not
an expanse of blue
nor an
unfathomable depth

but instead
the soft fresh green
of the garden
in the chamber
of your heart

where i live.
  August 2009    


galleRoy @ Casa La Reina was a huge success. The art, the film, the food, the drink ~ all were wonderful. People are still talking about it. The garden of poetry was a romantic setting and the band was amazing. Guests came from all over California. If you missed this party, you missed something. See my blog for details. and are both pleased to announce the completion of their site renovations. Enjoy the new, simpler formats and sleek, over-all design. It is safer and easier to order remedies and services online than ever before.

One expanded feature of is the glossary. It is a list of commonly referenced metaphysical words with clear, simple definitions. Give yourself a crash-course in metaphysics by perusing the glossary. It is an interesting and enlightening read. Other features will be added soon.


Clients have been confirming my predictions more than ever. Forecasts based on astrology, numerology, feng shui, and psychic energy have been manifesting regularly this year. Many predictions and tales of confirmation are related during the weekly Divine Meditation classes but other predictions have been made during workshops, special events, private consultations, and this newsletter.

Information pertaining to the physical body (eg: poisoning) and the emotional body (eg: conflict) as well as career and financial information have born out. Those who have heeded the predictions are understandably grateful.

I also predicted the onset of fighting in the (un)Holy Land despite peace talks and the death by stabbing on the first day of the 2008 Summer Olympics.

During my dharma talk on New Years’s Eve, I gave forecasts for the year. A few were repeated in this newsletter. One thing I spoke about was the death of a famous and beloved person. This prediction was not about a general person in the public eye ~ famous people die regularly ~ but someone the world would mourn. I compared this to the death of Princess Diana. The passing of Michael Jackson was on that par.

I still believe the stock market will bottom in September. The housing market is already showing some signs of recovery. While I believe the recession will not be easily reversed, the signs of hope are clear. The wonderful event of galleRoy @ Casa La Reina was a gift of hope to everyone in my life. I hope you drank deeply of the cup.

The year has reached its zenith and my concern for radiation toxicity is acute. As a preventive, the use of Radiation Cleanse is suggested. (Those who followed last month’s suggestion to use Radiation Cleanse and Grace and Peace and Joy reported outstanding results. What have you done today to save yourself?!)

To increase your own intuition, the use of Bright Brain is suggested.

Bright Brain

The brain is the master computer of the physical body and the main interface with the subtle worlds. Poor diet/nutrition, toxic environment/blood, imbalanced hormones and chemicals, and electro-magnetic and other radiational fields contribute to a decrease of these functions, as do inter-dimensional interferences. Headaches, dizziness, buzzing, inability to focus/inability to remember, poor coordination, mood-swings, insomnia, and general degeneration are all symptoms of a decrease of these functions.

Bright Brain restores vitality and light to the essence of the brain which balances and enhances its functioning. It also strengthens the etheric body, slowing the degeneration of the physical body. Rudolph Steiner said that cancer was a degeneration of the etheric body. Use of Bright Brain as a tonic maintains a strong etheric body.

It is important for serious meditators, students, drug-users, and anyone over forty years of age.

Combine with Radiation Cleanse, Chakra Tonic, White Light for severe symptoms. Combine with Silver Light for chronic anxiety.

Implant Cleanse

Recent astrology, especially the new moon eclipse, emphasizes the release of karma. If you are having trouble releasing negative patters in your life, combine Karma Cleanse with Implant Cleanse. And be prepared to change!

Deep-seated encoding and implants from fourth-dimensional interference or hereditary karma can impede the ability of the DNA structure to replicate correctly, causing mutation and illness. Often this is a vibrational disturbance that is subtle and the problem manifests over a period of time. Other cases are more overt and acute. Implant Cleanse removes the vibrational disturbance creating the underlying imbalance. Combine with Love Light for best results. Add Aura Spritz and White Light for particularly difficult situations. This is highly recommended for chronic illness, both physical and emotional.

Feng Shui Astrology

This month has a severe problem with conflict in relationships. Romantic relationships may suffer to the point of dissolution. Stay in control of your temper and temper your hyper-sensitivity. Regrets last longer than quarrels.

This month also holds extreme good luck in the center of the home. Make use of this area as much as possible to create dreams-come-true!

In the Northwest sector: if you have water, add fire (1 hour a day). Good luck.

In the Northeast sector: burn fire only 5 minutes a day. Add six bags each with six coins. Bad luck.

In the South sector: remove water.

In the Southeast sector: if you don’t have it and are able to add it, add yang water.

Do not place water features in the bedroom.

For more information on feng shui treatments, see Feng Shui Every Day.

Continue spraying the home this month with Radiation Cleanse and Grace and Peace and Joy.

Visit the new and websites. There are surprises there for everyone!


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