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Radiation Cleanse

The degenerative effects of cell phones, microwaved food, television and computer monitors, electric blankets and clocks and appliances are deep to the cellular and atomic levels and lasting. Medical radiation, military and commercial electromagnetic fields, ley lines, and the fallout from nuclear reactions are even worse. Negative radiation is linked to the dehydration of the planet and the trend toward sterilization of the human race. Nothing escapes the dysbiosis caused by radiation.

Radiation Cleanse is an effective antidote to all forms of life-negative emanations. It corrects the mis-polarity of all systems (atomic, cellular, electrical, chakric, auric, etcetera) and repairs the damage caused by negative radiation. It is indispensable in these modern times. Use when other subtle energy work is ineffective.

Symptoms of radiation toxicity can include: dry mouth, dizziness, nausea, weakness, spaciness; but degenerative effects occur before physical symptoms. Combine with Bright Brain and Chakra Tonic for severe symptoms. Add Sunshine herbal remedy for deep cleansing.

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~ ~ ~

in one house
i remove my shoes

in another
i remove my hat

but in the house
of my heart

i remove
the clothing of life

and wrap my self

in the fabric of your love


  May 2008 Happy Earth Day!  

Happy May Day!   Happy Mother Earth Day!

In this year of adjustments and transitions, it seems the Earth itself is finding its comfort zone fluctuating between seasons and climates.  Recently, local weather has been both summer and winter within the same week, spring and fall within the same garden.

We ourselves may also have been going through physical and emotional swings… the charkas, the glands, the hormones being tied directly to astrological shifts and cycles.  In the past few weeks, clients have been presenting with heart palpitations and mood swings ~ sure symptoms of transition trauma.

In the next few weeks, I am predicting stomach problems ~ actually, the entire tube from tongue to tush can be affected, so be aware.  Regular use of First Aid and Chakra Tonics are suggested.  The shifts in the Earth and the shifts in ourselves shouldn’t be ignored.

First Aid

Shock and trauma overwhelm a portion of the psyche, stunting the growth process on all levels. An insect bite or paper cut; a car accident or death in the family; from surgery to a stubbed toe, this is your "first-aid-kit-in-a-bottle". More effective than Rescue Remedy or arnica, use for all minor or major emergencies. It is indispensable if you have children or when travelling; keep an extra bottle in your car and toiletries bag.

First Aid relieves shock and trauma from physical, emotional, mental, psychic, and spiritual stress, both current and historical. Use to relieve childhood and distant trauma as well as everyday circumstances. First Aid calls the spirit back so healing can begin.

Chakra Tonic

The chakras are portals of spiritual energy which connect to specific points on the physical body. They pertain to psycho-emotional issues which manifest in the physical body and the physical life. Chakra Tonic repairs, balances, and strengthens the chakra and nadi (connections between the chakras) systems and their subsidiary systems (the endocrine system, the nervous system, the acupuncture points and meridians systems). It supports the balance of the hormones, brain chemicals, digestive enzymes. It supports the balance of psycho-emotional life-issues. Chakra Tonic is like "kundalini-yoga-in-a-bottle."

As a tonic, it is best used regularly over a period of time. This is an excellent basic remedy. Chakra Tonic combines well with the other spiritual remedies; choose to combine remedies to focus the energy to a desired action (eg: Chakra Tonic with Bright Brain for hormone balancing; Chakra Tonic with E-motion Potion for psychological processing; Chakra Tonic with Bright Immunity for strength and vitality).

This is an important remedy during pregnancy (especially for the healthy development of the fetus), menopause, home re-modeling (combine with First Aid), mid-life crisis, or any life-transition. Chakra Tonic helps you maintain healthy balance.

Mean Green

Suddenly it seems, every third television commercial pertains to the green movement. Six months ago this wasn’t the case. Something has finally kicked in to semi-jumpstart the ecological consciousness of the American people. Now, if only we could add some intelligence into the mix.

In the 1970s, I convinced my conventional, middle class, suburban family to put solar panels on the roof of our house. The economic benefits were obvious but the perception of strangeness gave my parents pause. Finally they were convinced and we were the first (and for many, many years, the only) family in the area to have made such a commitment to the planet. I drove past the family home last week (sold long ago) and those solar panels are gone. I wonder what the people who had them removed were thinking.

I have been teaching since the 1990s that the greatest problem on the planet is radiation. Microwave ovens, cell phones, x-rays, computer terminals, et cetera are turning the Earth into a desert. Read the description for Radiation Cleanse and then figure out what you are doing to save the world.

Walmart wants everyone to buy a florescent light bulb to save the world. When did florescent lights become good? Aside from the medicine they practice, the most unhealthy thing about hospitals is the florescent lighting. Aside from the business they practice, the most inhumane thing about office buildings is the florescent lighting. And now we are all supposed to bring that electric torture into our homes?!!

Reading the newspaper online, paying bills online, shopping online ~ all allegedly save resources but are radiating you and the planet into extinction. Plus, shopping online uses more resources (packing and shipping) than going to a local store. The only thing to buy online is large quantities of Spiritual Remedies that are not available in other places! And Radiation Cleanse will counteract the damage the computer is doing in the process.

Allegedly, the components to build a hybrid car circle the globe several times before a car is actually built making it necessary to use the car ten years before the Earth receives benefits. Is this true? While you save on gasoline, the ecological debits and credits are not necessarily in our favor.

If you want to save the planet, turn off your computer and read a book. If you want to save the planet, turn off your cell phone and ride a bike to visit a friend. If you want to save the planet, throw out your microwave and actually cook something. It’s a wonderful experience. And you will save yourself in the process.


Beginning in May, a Wednesday Evening Meditation class will be held at Busters in Culver City, 6:30 pm, $16.

The regular Sunday Evening Meditation Class will continue at Casa La Reina in Downey, 5pm, $16.

If you are new to either class,
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Feng Shui

This month of May 2008 will be a good month for creative endeavors, especially writing, but also painting and drawing. It will also be a good month for research studies and all scholastic endeavors. This is the time to throw yourself into writing a book.

The month of May 2008 is also a time that romance may blossom, especially for men.

To enhance this energy for the month of May, place four plants in the Southeast sector of your home and a water fountain in the Northeast sector of your home. Do not place these treatments in a bedroom.

The energy for disaster is also particularly strong this month. To avoid serious problems, place a five-elements treatment in both the South and Center sectors of your home. A five-elements treatment is a combination of one example of each of the five elements, wood, fire, earth, metal, water ~ a small plant, a battery candle, a stone, six coins, a bottle of water, for example… make a little effort to save yourself a lot of trouble.

Enjoy the wonders that life has to offer to you. May grace and peace and joy reign on Earth!
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