. June 2003  
Transcending the Illusion  

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Welcome to a network of websites grounded in the philosophy that spiritual consciousness infuses and informs all physical substance.

The world and everything in it is created of light and grace and exists in every moment complete and perfect.

Align yourself with that perfection and reveal your own true grace and light.

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Los Angeles

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San Vincente


"The best kept secret in L.A."


God offers you soup.
You say,
"I'm not hungry."
"I'm not cold."

God offers you a seat.
You say,
"I'm not weary."
"I'm not talkative."

Are you ashamed to be honored?

Are you ashamed to admit
your true hunger?
your true weariness?

The preparation of food is God's work.
And the service of food is God's work.
The eating of food is devotion.

The offering is God's work.
Acceptance is ours.



The Hindu/Buddhist concept of illusion (Maya) is the basis of and well-described in "The Matrix" movies. This concept is based on the idea that that which is commonly considered "reality" is really an illusion which distracts and enslaves the world. True reality is transcendent and liberating and unbound by time and space.

The blessthebody.com spiritual remedies are so unique and effective because they transcend the illusion and work directly on the subtle structures in reality. There are no remedies like this available. Long-term use of the blessthebody.com spiritual remedies raises your personal vibration to transcendence.

blessthehome.com Blessing Tags — in conjunction with the blessthebody.com spiritual remedies — help raise the vibration of your home or office to transcendence. It is also helpful to place one in your wallet or purse, car, suitcase, children's backpack or lunch box, dog house or pet bed, as well as your own. Some people hang them from every doorknob.

Blessing Tags

Practitioners of Symbolic Feng Shui and Intuitive Feng Shui find the blessthehome.com Blessing Tags amazing and indispensable for balancing architectural energy. They are an excellent all-purpose cure and effective enhancement. Place them at the front door for general blessing and at the site of any imbalance or energy leak, such as water pipes, ceiling beams, missing sectors, etcetera, or to enhance any treatment, especially with bagua mirrors or ritual offerings. Hang blessthehome.com Blessing Tags from a string, attach to a door or window, or place in a drawer to increase their power with movement. They can replace red tassels, flutes, and some fire elements.


blesstheworld.com is always receiving wonderful testimonials for the blessthebody.com spiritual remedies but not many clients appreciate the healing power of the blessthebody.com Anointing Oil.

An amazing testimonial from New York City changes that. Please go to the blesstheworld.com Information Page and click on testimonials to see this story about chiropractic healing with the Anointing Oil.

Anointing Oil

The ritual of anointing the body and other sacred objects with holy oil is ancient and powerful. Oil symbolizes purity/cleansing, wealth/abundance, protection/blessing.

The use of soap and perfume are derived from anointing with oil, but the spiritual aspect of the use is lost. blessthebody.com Anointing Oil returns the sacred to the mundane. Anoint yourself after bathing and before or after rituals or spiritual/healing work...Anoint ritual tools, candles, stones. This is a very powerful enhancement to any life.

blessthebody.com Anointing Oil is an excellent ingredient for the blesstheworld.com romance and prosperity ritual-meditations. Go to the blesstheworld.com Information Page for details.

blessthebody.com Anointing Oil works by strengthening the physical vibration. Any personal shift (for example, from meditation or chiropractic, etcetera) will hold better by using the Anointing Oilbecause it strengthens the new pattern in the physical realm. Use it daily for best results.

Complimentary Medicine / Co-Operative Healing

Clients often ask which spiritual remedies to use for surgery. It is a valuable question.

The basic blessthebody.com spiritual remedies to use to prepare for surgery are:

Begin using these 2-3 times per day one month before major surgery (or as soon as possible).

Use as often as possible on day of surgery (both before and after).

Following major surgery,

It may sound excessive, but the effects and side- effects (both physical and spiritual) of surgery are tremendous. Other remedies may be needed for specific circumstances.

Feng Shui Healing / Chi Stimulator

Often, the feng shui of a particular sector (wealth and prosperity for example) is not architecturally or elementally problematic, but the chi is stagnant. One of the best feng shui cures to stimulate chi is the prism.

If you want to stimulate wealth chi, hang a ball prism (preferably in a window) in the back left corner of your home. If you want to stimulate romance chi, hang a heart prism in the back right corner of your home. If you want to stimulate health chi, hang a Great Cure Prism half-way up the left side of your home.

blessthehome.com prisms are fine Austrian crystal and pre-strung for convenient placement.

May the information, products, services from the blesstheworld.com network stimulate your chi, raise your vibration, and infuse you with the love of the universe.

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