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Psychic and Feng Shui Predictions for the Year 2010

Spend the beginning of this new year finishing career and life projects ~ it is better not to carry unfinished business into the Spring. This is a year for completion and closure and it is suggested you put your energy and focus there. Do not, however, shy away from new projects as long as you are truly complete with work both physical and emotional. It will be easier to gain closure than you may think. And it is a good year to move on.

It is now Spring. If you have not finished career and life projects, let them follow the natural flow of things. Now is not the time to push the river.

It is now Summer. Do not be lulled into inertia. Continue making progress on your career and life projects. While you do not need to be aggressive, you do need to be vigilent.

It is now Autumn. Things are more unstable than you realize. Yes, it is time to be assertive for new projects but do not lose touch with reality, do not get carried away. Failing to see the bigger picture will cost you success.

This will be a year of music, a year of science, a year of comedy. Incorporating any of these into new projects will benefit greatly. When thinking music, think the most sophisticated; when thinking science, think the most benevolent; when thinking comedy, think the lowest common denominator. Stop thinking about your own problems.

Arrogance will not serve this year ~ in fact, it will backfire exponentially. As you will see with the Astrological Feng Shui predictions for the new Chinese year, arrogance will amplify conflict into lawsuits. As will the protection of secrets. The protection of secrets will amplify into great conflict this year. An important part of "closure" is "resolution". The energy of conflict remains strong the entire year.

If you have completed karma by the Spring, you may find money appearing out of nowhere, from unusual sources. This does not necessarily pertain to karma specifically around money but the completion of karma in general. Blockages can sometimes be convoluted. With the Summer, this energy of money appearing out of the blue continues.

If you have not had a windfall of money this year, the Autumn will drop some cash in your lap. Put this money to good use.

This year, if you start a business that has always been in your heart, it will show profit in the future. Close old projects first, then follow your dreams.

Astrological Feng Shui Predictions for the Year of the Tiger

Dynamic and mercurial, the Chinese Year of the Tiger promises great shifts in fortune: successes and failures will be operatic this year, especially in the business of finance. It will be a time of strong independence and egotism so personal relationships may suffer; arrogance can result in lawsuits and the escalation of war.

(Although the Chinese year does not commence until February, the news is already busy documenting the misfortunes of a certain "Tiger"...)

There is the possibility of feeling heaven has abandoned you, especially for the man of the house. The woman of the house has the possibility of disaster. Married couples can suffer greatly by this combination and, during certain months, be susceptible to suicide. Do not let fear, arrogance, or your personal secrets control your destiny. The incidences of suicide are already increasing.

Children also have challenges this year, primarily body/health problems. It is suggested all children take things slowly and learn restraint… but no one should be so overly cautious that good opportunities are missed. Remember, the watchwords for the year are "dynamic and mercurial". Wonderful things can manifest but opportunity is fleeting.

Do not be in denial about your physical and emotional health. Work aggressively to improve your diet, eating more organic vegetables and natural foods. Use the Spiritual Remedies regularly to maintain physical, emotional, and spiritual balance. This is not a year to let down your guard regarding your health.

Health for children and adults continues to be tenuous. Take care of your diet. Repeat: Take care of your diet. If you are not using the Spiritual and Personal Remedies to help you through this difficult time, why?

Romance-luck and marriage-luck are strong this year. If you are not married, this might be the year to couple. If you are already in a relationship, this might be the year it breaks. The Year of the Tiger can change everything. Conflict in relationships will remain strong for the entire year so hold dearly to what you cherish.

This will be a great year to write a book or go back to school. Starting a business in fashion or photography can profit. Real estate will be more important than ever this year but karma will play a great role in success. While technology is not necessarily strong, new technology will be documented in professional journals and will make money in the future. It is a good time to expand any heart-centered business ~ healing arts, meditation, yoga/tai chi, charity ~ this will pay off in the future. Despite huge changes, optimism remains at the heart of most people.

The year may seem to begin slowly but do not be lulled into inertia: the Year of the Tiger will take you by surprise. To remain prepared during this Chinese year, practice meditation, yoga/tai chi, read poetry, and be cautious in word and deed… but be ready for action. And maintain strong, effective feng shui.

Updated Predictions for 2010

Young women should take care when alone in unsafe areas ~ it is thought that mugging and sexual assault will be on the rise.

They should also be careful with elective surgery ~ anything with a knife should be done with consideration.

In America, great concern exists for Hawaii. Emergency relief should be prepared. (This prediction about Hawaii was posted two days before the disaster in Haiti. Besides the similarity in the words, both Hawaii and Haiti are tropical islands. Is this prediction a near miss or is disaster still in the future for Hawaii?) We have already seen the continuation of earthquakes and disaster around the Pacific Rim, including Hawaii, California, and Alaska, in the United States. The devastation, however, manifested primarily in other countries. Do not let your guard down.

Do not think this energy for Hawaii and California has passed. Send healing thoughts to these areas.

Financial solvency should return to Northern California and Virginia. Kansas will be the new "destination" spot, Kansas City, Missouri the next cultural center (yes, even I am questioning this!).

There is concern for an increase in crime in Florida and border conflicts in Texas. (At the feng shui workshop in Texas, I was informed that while these conflicts are not in the national news, they are ongoing and escalating.) As with Hawaii, I may have predicted the correct problem but slightly missed the locale. In Arizona, new immigration law has daily protests in the news. These conflicts will continue to escalate. In the Pacific Northwest, beware of forest fires.

There is an increased concern for war. Conflict in the Middle East will escalate, the peace talks are breaking down. Iraq and Iran are not healing. The war in Afghanistan is worse than ever. Bloodshed in Arizona and Texas can result in something fortuitous but it's a hard way to gain what is right. What have you done today to save the world?

New love and romance can flourish in places near water, and passion around dynamic water features. This is the year to meet someone with a good career, a good partner with appeal on several levels.

In the news, divorce among the rich and famous will receive more airplay than any of us can stand. But it won't be that interesting.

We may be so accustomed to drama that we do not recognize conflict in our own lives or in the world around us. We may be numb to it from sensational television shows and movies. But there is conflict already present and brewing in our lives. And it should be diffused before it becomes damaging. The news is littered with stories of conflict and unrest ~ much of it based on irrational thinking and clouded, self-serving motives.

Old conflicts will be brought to light and history re-written. We as Americans have been at war for seven years now... but are blessed with the fact that war is not a part of our daily lives. Maybe that blessing should be re-visited. Awareness of a problem is necessary before it can be remedied. We will not stop these wars unless we recognize that they exist. We must invigorate our collective-consciousness, shake-off our numbness and inertia, and stand up and communicate the importance of peace in our lives, in our country, and on our planet. The effect of conflict in your personal life will mark your soul. Do not participate in it.

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