. May 2003  
Connecting with the Inherent Joy of the Universe   

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Welcome to a network of websites grounded in the philosophy that spiritual consciousness infuses and informs all physical substance.

The world and everything in it is created of light and grace and exists in every moment complete and perfect.

Align yourself with that perfection and reveal your own true grace and light.

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Los Angeles

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"The best kept secret in L.A."


God offers you soup.
You say,
"I'm not hungry."
"I'm not cold."

God offers you a seat.
You say,
"I'm not weary."
"I'm not talkative."

Are you ashamed to be honored?

Are you ashamed to admit
your true hunger?
your true weariness?

The preparation of food is God's work.
And the service of food is God's work.
The eating of food is devotion.

The offering is God's work.
Acceptance is ours.



Due to software problems with America Online, many clients did not receive the blesstheworld.com April 2003 newsletter. Others received it twice. We apologize for any inconvenience. The April 2003 newsletter discussed karma and physical health — this is not a year to take these issues lightly.

All newsletters are archived for your easy reference on the information page of blesstheworld.com. Re-visiting back issues can enhance your understanding of the information and products. And stimulate you to transform your life.

Also, the blesstheworld.com network of websites are encoded with prayers and blessings on each page. The more you access the websites, the more blessings you receive.

As stated in the blesstheworld.com newsletter February 2003, the Chinese astrology for the Year of the Sheep suggests water-energy problems. The number of kidney problems to-date from blesstheworld.com clients already exceeds last year in-total. Make sure you are drinking enough clean water a day; make sure you are changing your water filters. Both blessthebody.com Bright Immunity and Chakra Tonic support the kidneys.

The astrology also suggests earth-energy problems. Geopathic stress (blesstheworld.com newsletter February 2003) and earthquakes are related circumstances. Check your home and foundation for any potentially dangerous situations. blessthebody.com Radiation Cleanse alleviates earth-energy problems. This is not the year to gloss over details.

But you can put on your rosy glasses and live life "in the pink".

Pink Light

There is no reasonable response to life but celebration. Every other response is superficial.

Inherent joy is the basis of the universe; it is the basis of health (balance) and the basis of love (harmony). Without inherent joy, the universe would be imbalanced, disharmonious.

blessthebody.com Pink Light is joy in a bottle. It is not a mood- elevator; it is optimism even in the darkest moments.

blessthebody.com Pink Light is romance in a bottle. It is not an aphrodisiac; it is magic in the moonlight.

The ability to manifest a love-relationship depends almost solely on the presence of the color pink in the aura. Karma, astrology, feng shui must all be correct, but the color pink is essential. Superficial circumstances are not the basis of being un-partnered.

blessthebody.com Pink Light will bring up the pink in your aura and stimulate inherent joy in your life.

Combine with Green Light for vital health.

Combine with Gold Light for romantic attraction.

Combine with Love Light for spiritual romance.

Add White Light to amplify any combination.

Love of Life

The physical heart is at the center of the physical body and the blood vessels carry the energy of the heart through every system of the body. Thus, if there is an imbalance in the heart, there will be an imbalance throughout the entire body.

blessthebody.com Love of Life is an herbal combination which stimulates the correct functioning of the heart and blood vessels. It increases the energy in the brain and genitals and warms the extremities.

This combination contains niacin so you may flush — do not be alarmed — it is beneficial. Take with food to avoid discomfort.

Begin using one capsule per day and gradually increase to five or more, or consult with your natural health practitioner for dosage.

Combine with blessthebody.com Resurrection for deep rejuvenation.

Bagua Mirror

The bagua mirror is an important feng shui cure and enhancement. The octagonal shape pertains to the eight directions and the reflecting is an amplifier — the effect is balancing and harmonizing through dispersement.

Use a bagua mirror to expand a diminished sector or stunted feature (ceiling beams, low ceiling, close wall) or enhance an intention (use with Ritual Candle, Seed offering, wish list) on you altar or in a specific feng shui sector. For astrological feng shui treatments, place the element or symbol on a bagua mirror to enhance the cure. The bagua mirror is a more effective remedy than flutes.

blessthehome.com carries plain, beveled mirrors, shelf sconces, and risers. Incorporating the bagua mirror into your feng shui will repay you many times over.

Prosperity Treatment

With the abundance of spring fruit, create abundance in your life.

Place a bowl of fresh, beautiful fruit on the dining room table, living room coffee table, entryway table, altar. Six oranges is a traditional prosperity treatment because the word "orange" sounds like the word "gold" in Chinese. Even placing a single apple or pear on a bagua mirror will fill a room with prosperity energy. The abundance of food is symbolic of the abundance of wealth. And will thus attract it.

May the information, products, services from the blesstheworld.com network fill the room of your life with grace and peace and inherent joy.

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