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  Mid-January 2012    

Happy Chinese New Year!

The Year of the Water Dragon begins on January 23. May health, prosperity, and genuine success in all arenas of life be yours.

Remove all annual astrological treatments from the past year and lay them on the earth to neutralize and revitalize. Spray them and your home with either Aura Spritz or the Clean House Spritz.

The first treatment to place on January 23 is to remedy the disaster area. Death and disaster will be a constant battle this year. In the Southeast sector of the home, place a large metal windchime.

It is suggested you begin a liver detox at this time.

If you have not booked your seat in one of the Annual Astrological Feng Shui Workshops, do it now. Seating is limited. If there is not a workshop in your area, plan to host one now.

Transformational Feng Shui Workshops

Annual Astrological Feng Shui Workshops 2012

The annual Astrological Feng Shui Workshop will customize for your individual home the remedies to enhance good luck and diminish bad luck for this Chinese year. Learn how to amplify money-luck and neutralize disaster-luck. Enhance romance-luck and improve health-luck. You have this control over your destiny.

Come prepared to the workshop with a footprint of your home and accurate compass directions. The work is easy and fun.

Reserve your space early, seating is limited. Fee must be received by host prior to workshop.

3 hours, $65.

Los Angeles (Brentwood) ~ Sunday, January 15, 2pm
Brentwood info & reservations
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Santa Monica ~ Saturday, January 21, 2pm
Santa Monica info & reservations
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Los Angeles (Culver City) ~ Saturday, February 4, 3pm
Culver info & reservations
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San Diego ~ Sunday, February 12, 2pm
San Diego info & reservations
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Oakland ~ Saturday, February 25, Noon
Oakland info & reservations
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San Jose ~ Sunday, February 26, 2pm
San Jose info & reservations
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Clean House Spritz

This formula attracts into the home the good luck of prosperity and abundance and removes the obstacles to happy romance and vital health. It is the best limpia available. Use it to clear unwanted and unhealthy energy from the home and ensure the best luck in your life.

Put half a bottle of Aura Spritz and half a bottle of Karma Cleanse and eight drops of lavender essential oil into a large spray bottle and fill with water. Spray the entire house from top to bottom three days in a row.

For challenging and deeply stuck energy, add to the above mixture: half a bottle of Radiation Cleanse, half a bottle of Implant Cleanse, and half a bottle of White Light. Add eleven drops of pennyroyal essential oil and eleven drops of tea tree essential oil. (Avoid pennyroyal if someone in the house is pregnant.) Spray the house eleven days in a row. This will remove the most serious energetic problem.

Use the Clean House Spritz at the Solstices and Equinoxes, for Spring cleaning, and after house guests. This is more than aroma therapy; this can save your life.

Feng Shui Every Day

Newly revised and updated. This is a practical feng shui book anyone can use. Simple, clear ideas about architecture that will change your life. Includes secret information most masters will not reveal. Do not buy or remodel a house without it. This book is your most important purchase during difficult economic times. Highly praised by feng shui experts. Feng shui is the ancient science of architectural ecology which manipulates subtle energies to influence Earth-luck. Simple feng shui remedies can divert disaster and attract prosperity, romance, and vitality into your home. Written to be understood by the lay person, contains simple checklists for each room of the house. This book will change your life and the lives of those you love.

Purchase book from publisher.

The Annual Astrological Feng Shui treatments for the Water Dragon 2012 will include candles, metal windchimes, water fountains, and various other items. Shop the Feng Shui Shops for all your feng shui needs.

May this year bring your every dream to fruition.


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