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  May 2017    



A client in Florida requested a psychic reading when I was there for a feng shui consultation in March.

Regular clients rarely ask for this, slipping in free questions as part of their spiritual treatment or feng shui consult but never dedicating an hour to a reading. Psychic work is usually requested by referred, short-term or intermittent clients –often they fly into Los Angeles or wherever I am hosted (Northern California, for example) for readings.

In the course of the psychic consultation, it was revealed we knew each other in a past life –a life I was familiar with since I was young.

Instead of promoting my products in this newsletter (you never buy them anyway), I have decided to describe three past lives shared with three clients. This is appropriate for the Month of Mothers since we are born and born and born again.

Paris: My gender was opposite from this life, I was a female. The gender of the client was the same, she was a female. I was married to a blacksmith, the floor of our house was dirt, chickens running around inside. I was a fortune-teller / potion-maker (as I am in this life). My husband would beat me for doing the work of the devil and would take the pennies I made if I did not hide them. The client was our next door neighbor, her husband was not dead but gone. She would shelter me and nurse me when my husband did too much damage. She would feed me thin soup –she was not a good cook (as in this life) but saved me many times before I ran away. I always gave her potions for free (as in this life). When I left, my husband beat her.

Our relationship, our separate romantic relationships, and my professional successes remain similar in this lifetime.

China: My gender was the same as this life. The gender of the client was the same as this life. I was a Buddhist priest, she was a Buddhist nun (she is a Buddhist in this lifetime). We met very late in life –one was seventy-something years old, the other ninety. We were romantic (I am not sure there was sexual contact) and devoted to each other, walking over a small mountain to meet each other whenever possible. Between meetings, I would send a poem / painting with some traveling monk (I am a poet and painter in this lifetime also), sometimes with a piece of fruit. She was fond of pears.

In this life, there remains a great deal of geography between us. But our meetings are always sweet. Romantically, I have hope that such devotion is possible for me (later?) in life.

American Civil War: My gender was the same as this life. The gender of the client was the opposite –she was a male. I lived in the North with a black “wife” when I went to fight in the war. The client and (his) brother (her current husband) fought with me. We did not know each other before going to battle. When I was wounded, the client dragged me out of danger. My leg was amputated. When I returned home, I was bitter regarding politics, war, and civil rights (as I am in this life) and my attitude was hard on my wife. But she remained kind toward me. There is a photograph (daguerreotype) of the client in uniform in the Smithsonian Museum (not yet been found by us).

In this life, the client and myself have our destinies intertwined but not in a regular and personal way. Romantically, I have not experienced the consideration and loyalty of that wife. I do not see it in other past lives either.

Happy Month of Mothers!

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