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  February 2015    


The Chinese Lunar Year of the Green Wood Sheep begins on February 19th. The solar year, as always, begins on February 4th. This suggests that certain energies for the new feng shui will be slow to develop.

What will not be slow is conflict. We have already begun to see the energy of conflict in the world and in our lives… and war, terrorism, lawsuits, divorce, betrayal, and quarrels will be overwhelming this year. The timid sheep manifests as the aggressive ram.

On the other hand, this will be an amazing year for empowering women. While it is not suggested to start a new business or make dramatic investments for the first half of the year, women can see great progress in their careers and finances. They will do especially well in areas like politics and entertainment.

Men will make gains in the arts with success and spotlight coming to male writers and painters and fashion designers.

To ensure you diminish the negative energy and augment the positive energy for the year, reserve your seat for an Annual Astrological Feng Shui Workshop now. At the workshop, a customized feng shui will be designed for your own home.

For now, remove all annual and monthly feng shui treatments. Either place them on the ground to clear and energize for a day or more or spray them with the Clean House Spritz.

Usually, we begin the feng shui placements by disarming the sector for death and disaster. This year, however, the sector for conflict overwhelms all other sectors and must be remedied before all others. The first annual treatment is to burn three candles in the center of your home three hours a day. Burn them longer at the first sign of conflict. ~ Spiritual Remedies

As the year transitions from one to the next, use the Clean House Spritz to assist in a smooth transition. It will make a huge difference especially if you are not meditating every day.

The Prosperous House Spritz will be quite a friend this year. Money will be available to those who have their feng shui and karma in order.

To assist in removing the lingering symptoms of this difficult cold and flu season, Silver Light and Gold Light will be helpful.


If you find the frenzy of life has dragged you away from your meditation practice… if your new year’s resolutions have already disappeared… if your diet remains stuck in holiday mode: read RADIANCE IN ALL REALMS everyday. This book will change (and save) your physical and spiritual life. Gift it to anyone you love who is struggling in any arena.

Peace Shirts

Conflict is the dominating energy this year. Put out into the world that which you want returned, that which you want to manifest. Wear a Peace Shirt and save the world and yourself.

Everyone at,, and this network of websites wishes you a happy, healthy, and prosperous year filled with love and joy. Thank you for your love and support.


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