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  August 2017    


This diptych painting will be included in a group show at the Neutra Museum next month.  it is small, 26" x 38".  I was invited to participate because i have two shows there next year, one a solo show!

Intellectually, I like the painting hung horizontally / asymmetrically but have been enjoying it vertically with the dark section on top. I may hang it that way for myself if it is returned.

The above photo is taken with Bunny's cellphone and loses most of the details --the pattern in the gold disappears at certain angles.

My new chapbook, Open Table --a small collection of Zen Buddhist Koans, will be available soon.  It was primarily written during my travels to Florida, the California desert, and Oregon this year.  The artwork was made when I was 20-something!

Yes, I need to complete the book about my artist residency earlier this year.  As you can tell, I have been procrastinating!!!

I currently have a short film playing for the month at Los Angeles Center for Digital Art.  It has gotten a great response and I am grateful to be represented by the gallery.

I also have nine canvases on loan to a law firm in Century City.  Decisions will be made about purchases very soon.

I am working on both shows of my paintings for next year.  The first, Ordinary Time, with June Diamond, is a body of work incorporating disposable / recyclable objects, honoring our everyday lives.  The second show, Distress,  is a series of paintings that are red, white, and blue -- painted over with black.  That should be self-explanatory.

The Green Salon --my monthly gathering of poets, artists, musicians, and other creative people-- has seen a huge increase in participants due to the fact that the during Summer months --June, July, and August-- the salon is hosting a short film festival.  The Green Salon Short Film Festival has shown a variety of short films each night by local filmmakers, ranging from Hollywood narratives to art films -- and everything in-between.  There is one more night for this year.

The Green Salon is always the fourth Saturday of the month.  Join the green salon on facebook for more information.

13 july 2017 studio tour part one - YouTube

13 july 2017 studio tour part two - YouTube

These studio tours are not great but give an idea of a series that is more "goth" than I usually paint.  We will be changing the studio for the next film festival night.

Here is a previous studio tour...

summer solstice studio tour - YouTube

Thank you everyone for your love and support.

Roy Anthony Shabla


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