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there is no home
but your heart.

even the ocean
which draws the poison from my soul
like a poultice

cannot house
the furniture of my life
nor shelter
the delicate china
of my work.

i am indigent
without your love.

the source
of my poems
is not the sea,
not the sky ~

though the breadth
of these is a glimpse
of the face of god…

no, the source
of poetry
is not
an expanse of blue
nor an
unfathomable depth

but instead
the soft fresh green
of the garden
in the chamber
of your heart

where i live.

  October 2009    


The Autumnal Equinox is behind us and the charm of Autumn is before us. In this and all transitional times, Chakra Tonic is suggested. Changes in weather, sunlight, activity, et cetera, affect both the vitality and the emotions and Chakra Tonic assists in a smooth transition. Combine with Bright Brain and Gold Light for Seasonal Adjustment Disease

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In Traditional Chinese Medicine, tea is a cooling herb whereas coffee is a warming herb. As the year transitions into Autumn and cooler weather, it is the time for transitioning from tea to the medicinal qualities of coffee.

Mystic Monk Coffee produces small-batch, fine, gourmet coffees for discriminating tastes. Patronage supports the contemplative life of the monks and the charitable works of For those who partake of the coffee ritual, consider switching to Mystic Monk Coffee. Decaffeinated and organic varieties are available. And their products make unique gifts.

Feng Shui

The Annual Astrological Feng Shui Workshops for next February and March are currently in the planning stage. There will be workshops in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Jose, and Oakland, California and St. Augustine, Florida. Anyone interested in hosting a workshop in Dallas, Texas, please notify Roy.

To prepare your home for next year's astrological workshop, it is helpful to strengthen your basic feng shui by applying the suggestions outlined in Feng Shui Every Day. This book is a simple discourse on the basics of feng shui work and its use will augment all other feng shui treatments. And change your life. If you have already put the information in Feng Shui Every Day into practice, go through the lists again. You will find yourself open to a deeper layer of feng shui work. If you have not utilized the information in Feng Shui Every Day, order your copy now. Astrological treatments are more powerful when basic feng shui is in place.

To assist with finding five-elements feng shui treatments, is pleased to announce the Feng Shui Shops. Like the Humanity Shops, the Feng Shui Shops is a list of affiliate links to websites with fountains, windchimes, et cetera. When you go to one of these websites from the link on and make a purchase, will receive a small referral fee. It does not affect the price of your purchase ~ all discounts and sales are still valid ~ and the referral fee helps support the work of The websites selected for the Feng Shui Shops were chosen for the quality of their merchandise and/or the economy of their price. There are wonderful items for every budget and style.

Astrological Feng Shui Treatment for the month of October

The Humanity Shops and the Feng Shui Shops are each a series of website links that garner for a small referral fee. This money helps defray the costs of the humanitarian works of and Of course, direct donations are also appreciated. sends the Spiritual Remedy First Aid to victims of disaster such as the massacre at Virginia Tech University and Hurricane Katrina (see last month's newsletter regarding the disaster of September 11th). At the same time, also sends copies of the volume of spiritual poetry, eating God. This combination has been a great comfort to many people during difficult times. and also support literacy programs both in the United States and around the world. Donations last month included schools and orphanages in Afghanistan, India, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Greece, the Ukraine, and several other countries. The school in Afghanistan is targeted by the Taliban for educating women. (See my blog from September 3rd.)

The promotion of peace and human rights through the (PEACE) WORDS project is also costly. Purchasing t-shirts, stickers, and other Peace Shirts products directly supports the (PEACE) WORDS project and places you as an ambassador of goodwill in the world. The Peace Shirts products make great gifts that keep on giving. You can also support the movement by printing and posting the free posters from the website. Change the consciousness of the planet one word at a time. For information on the (PEACE) WORDS project, see my book, (PEACE) WORDS.

While is not technically a "non-profit", its resources do not sustain its charitable activities. Patronizing the Humanity Shops, the Feng Shui Shops, the Peace Shirts Shops ~ and all the products on both and ~ help support our humanitarian activities. Thank you thank you thank you for your participation in these endeavors.

P.S. On Monday, I received letters from both the Obamas and Jimmy Carter. President Obama said, "...As we work to address the great challenges of our time, we hope you will continue to stay active and involved..." And President Carter sent a short, handwritten note of thanks. It was quite thrilling.

Great Minds Dream Alike!

Art and Poetry

Blue Period: there is no home is just released. Blue Period is a series of letterpress prints with hand-painted watercolor details, each illuminating a different poem. there is no home is a sensitive and poignant poem that resonates deeper with each reading (see sidebar). It is the third in the Blue Period series, a limited edition of fifty ~ 100% cotton and acid free paper ~ each print one-of-a-kind, $28. Purchase print. It makes a wonderful gift.

In traditional feng shui, written poetry is regularly used to uplift the spirit and generate grace. Because of the blue color of the prints in the Blue Period series, not only is this a great basic feng shui treatment but also a great augmentation to any water-element treatment. Art and poetry can improve your life in a wonderful way. and wish you every charm of the Autumn season. Thank you for your love and support in our work.
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