. April 2005  
Inviting Spring into Your Life  

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Welcome to a network of websites grounded in the philosophy that spiritual consciousness infuses and informs all physical substance.

The world and everything in it is created of light and grace and exists in every moment complete and perfect.

Align yourself with that perfection and reveal your own true grace and light.

  A Network of Blessings




5 pm

$10 per session

The Blessings Center

1310 Carmona
Los Angeles

Between Fairfax and La Brea,

Between San Vicente and Pico




I draw a card
from the heart of the deck
and hold it to my heart.
the two of cups,
the card of communion:
one cup in heaven
eternally pours the wine,
the other on earth
pours it back again.

we are always giving and receiving
you and I~
we are each other's fulfillment.

I know this rain
that fills the garden
is your cup blessing mine.

I see it today
but it is always there.


Now that Spring is in your garden and in your heart, it is time to get a little spring back in your life. The Natural Products Expo ~ the showcase for manufacturers of healthy living products ~ debuted many Human Growth Hormone (hgh) nutritional supplements for rejuvenation.. These are primarily costly products that greatly imbalance the systems of the body (like fad diet pills) to show quick results but ultimately cause larger problems. There are, however, safe and more natural alternatives to those. blessthebody.com Spiritual Remedy Bright Brain and Herbal Remedy Resurrection are gentle and effective Human Growth Hormone stimulators and whole body rejuvenators. And they are less expensive than the other products on the market.

Bright Brain

The brain is the master computer of the physical body and the main interface with the subtle worlds. Poor diet/nutrition, toxic environment/blood, imbalanced hormones and chemicals, and electro- magnetic and other radiational fields contribute to a decrease of these functions, as do inter-dimensional interferences. Headaches, dizziness, buzzing, inability to focus/inability to remember, poor coordination, mood-swings, insomnia, and general degeneration are all symptoms of a decrease of these functions.

Bright Brain restores vitality and light to the essence of the brain which balances and enhances its functioning. It also strengthens the etheric body, slowing the degeneration of the physical body. Rudolph Steiner said that cancer was a degeneration of the etheric body. Use of Bright Brain as a tonic maintains a strong etheric body.

It is important for serious meditators, students, drug- users, and anyone over forty years of age. Combine with Radiation Cleanse, Chakra Tonic, White Light for severe symptoms. Combine with Silver Light for chronic anxiety. Add Resurrection and Love of Life herbal remedies for rejuvenation.


The process of aging need not be degenerative. Healthy chemistry in the body results in healthy functioning, both physically and mentally.

blessthebody.com Herbal Remedy Resurrection promotes the healthy balance of body chemistry, including the production of Human Growth Hormone. It rejuvenates and revitalizes the physical body safely/ naturally so the effects of time are not demonstrated.

Traditionally, some of these herbs have been used for vitality, muscle tone, coordination, memory loss, insomnia (combine with blessthebody.com Herbal Remedy 1000 Lotus Petals).

Take five capsules or more per day. Always consult a qualified alternative medicine practitioner when starting or adjusting a health regime.

Combine with blessthebody.com Herbal Remedies: Tai Chi, 1000 Lotus Petals, Fountain of Youth, Love of Life, Release — as needed.

Combine with blessthebody.com Spiritual Remedies: Bright Brain, Chakra Tonic, White Light, Grace and Peace and Joy — as needed.

Feng Shui Astrology

In this Chinese Year of the Rooster 2005, the energy for great luck and good fortune resides in the South sector of the home. To stimulate luck energy, hang a ball prism in the South sector. To enhance luck energy, burn a blessthehome.com Feng Shui candle in the South sector.


The use of shiny objects has a long history in feng shui. Often, the feng shui of a particular sector is not architecturally or elementally problematic, but the chi is stagnant, One of the best feng shui cures to stimulate chi is the prism.

If you want to stimulate wealth chi, hang a ball prism in the back left corner of the home.

If you want to stimulate romance chi, hang a heart prism in the back right corner of the home.

If you want to stimulate health chi, hang a Great Cure Prism half-way up the left side of your home.

Prisms are also excellent for re-directing leaking chi and dispersing harsh chi. They are more effective than red tassels in doorways and windows and can be refined by using with blessthehome.com Blessing Tags.

blessthehome.com prisms are fine Austrian crystal and pre-strung for convenient placement.

Clear Ball Prism
General treatment. Makes rainbows. Great in Fame and Wealth sectors as well as all others.

Red Heart Prism
Stimulates romance; physical love.

Green Heart Prism
Stimulates spiritual, etheric love — a deeper connection.

It is best to hang heart prisms in pairs, one color at a time.

Great Cure Prism
For most difficult situations — can be used in any sector. Unblocks karma and balances energy.

Be careful hanging any prisms in bedrooms situated in the west, southwest, south — it may be too stimulating to allow sleep.

Feng Shui Candles

Fire is one of the basic elements/building blocks of the universe and the use of fire in real magic and ritual dates back to pre-history. Fire is symbolic of cleansing/preparation, completion/re-birth, and devotion. It is used as a continuous, daily, and occasional element in feng shui, magic, and rituals both conventional and esoteric the world over.

Be sure all candles say "100% beeswax, soy or vegetable wax" — otherwise they pollute the environment and contribute to serious health problems such as brain tumors, lung cancer, miscarriage/abortion. Never burn regular candles in the home of a child with asthma/allergies.

blessthehome.com Ritual Candles are 100% white soybean wax and unscented for the very sensitive.

blessthehome.com Feng Shui Candles are 100% red crystalline vegie-soy wax with intoxicating aroma.

All candles are completely natural (wax, color, aroma) with cotton wicks and are prepared in recyclable glass for your safety and peace-of-mind.

To enhance fire blessings, always hold a specific intention in your mind and heart while lighting the candle.

Please note: The blessthehome.com soy and vegi-soy candles are less expensive than any others on the market ~ with the finest quality. Due to increases of the cost of business, the prices will be increased in the near future.


Sunday Evening Meditation Class is becoming quite popular as stories about how it has changed lives circulate around Los Angeles. If you do not come to class regularly, be sure to call the Blessings Center to verify its location. As the weather improves, meditation will occasionally be held in outdoor locations.

Are you praying for the world? Five seconds a day makes a difference. (see blesstheworld.com newsletter January 2005.)

Please note: links to the newsletter archive and testimonials archive are now posted in left column.

Buddha Brain

April 8th is the Buddha's birthday. Use this reminder to take the Buddha's life into your spiritual practice ~ discipline of mind, discipline of body.

Spiritual Remedies to assist meditation include: Bright Brain, Chakra Tonic, Silver Light, Green Light, Grace and Peace and Joy.

Herbal Remedies to assist meditation include: Resurrection, 1000 Lotus petals, Tai Chi.

See website for details.

I sit in meditation~
a pearl in perfect lotus hands.

the bodhisattva sits in meditation~
I am held in perfect lotus hands.

the buddha sits in meditation~
the bodhisattva is held in perfect lotus hands.

shiva sits in meditation~
the buddha is held in perfect lotus hands.

God sits in meditation~
the universe is held in perfect lotus hands.

I sit in meditation~
I am the pearl in perfect lotus hands.

I am the gift, the offering, the manifestation.
I am myself the perfect lotus hands.

May the opportunities offered from the blesstheworld.com network bring your heart and life to grace and peace and joy. Happy Spring!

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