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  September 2012    


The eleventh anniversary of the disaster of September 11th in New York City, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania gives us pause to reflect on war and destruction. If you think the attacks of September 11th only affected two towers in Manhattan, please do a little research. Several towers in New York were destroyed as well as a section of the Pentagon. Almost 3000 people were killed.

For the last year, I have sent almost every day the President of the United States a postcard with the September 11th ten year anniversary design. He, in response, has written me a couple letters. He has also listened to my regular notes and gotten our military out of Iraq as well as worked for equal rights in America on several fronts.

As with the shooting at Virginia Tech and the recent shooting at the Sikh temple in Milwaukie, sent a box of First Aid spray to several relief sites in NYC. One box, sent to a dear personal friend in New York, was discarded because it was thought I was trying to poison him.

Distance gives perspective. Eleven years later, our world has more violence than ever. And we seem to be more immune to it. How many of you have forgotten that one of the hijacked planes went down in a field in Pennsylvania, killing 44 people? Many people ignore the plane that went into the Pentagon, killing 64 on the plane and 125 in the building. Each and every life was important.

It is not too late to work for a better world. Send the September 11th design postcard or greeting card to President Obama and to your senators and congressmen. Wear a GREAT MINDS t shirt to school, to work, to church, to bars. Give EQUAL RIGHTS NOW gifts to your friends and acquaintances. Stand for something or sit on your hands. With the current craziness, the world needs every drop of rational love.

The small and infrequent profit from the sale of these products supports the humanitarian works of in the United States and the world. For more information or to donate, click here. For free peace posters, click here.

As a result of the disaster of September 11th, the Patriot Act (and several more since) was passed by congress which removes the personal and civil rights afforded by the Constitution of the United States and its Amendments. Ask your congressmen, your senators, your president to repeal these infringements of the very rights every American is proud to have.

Autumnal Equinox

On September 22nd, the Northern Hemisphere will enter the Autumn Season. The day of the equinox, a balance of day and night, suggests a balance within ourselves. Take the day before, the of, and the day after the equinox to examine balance in your own life. Consider your inertia (your time of motion, your time of rest), your lightness and darkness, your silence / your singing… Find a place of balance and the world will balance around you.

The Spiritual Remedies that promote balance are: Bright Brain, Chakra Tonic, and Green Light. Use these liberally during this time of transition: season change, back to school, or any disruption of daily life such as home remodeling.

Feng Shui

The feng shui for the month of September is like the early universe: all mixed up. Good luck and bad luck of various sorts are all mingled together… Romantic relationships will have conflict, divorce, and death. There is some hope for an increase in career money and out of disaster may come money luck from heaven… But there is also an increase in the loss of money. This month, also, it is very important to keep yourself out of situations where you may break bones or get cut. For feng shui treatments for the month of September, click here.

Thank you for your love and support. May the transition of life always move you closer to ecstasy.


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