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  November 2018    


We are living in challenging times. We are living in times when compassion is ridiculed and divisiveness is glorified. We are living in times when we are encouraged to be our lower, ignorant selves.

Without radical change, it will continue. Without participation in the higher good, it will continue.

Let every action be an action of grace. Let waking in the morning, bathing, and dressing be an act of grace. Let breakfast be an act of grace, not just words. Let commuting and communicating be acts of grace. Let all interacting be acts of grace. Let work be an act of grace.

Find within yourself that divine spark of humanity that burns day and night, into eternity.

Go out into the world and be that act of grace.

+ + +

I would like to thank those who helped support Anjan, a Nepalese graduate student having financial difficulty in a poor country. And I would like to thank those who will help in the future.

The last money I wired him arrived when he had been without an evening meal for three days.

His tuition is paid to the end of the year but his living expenses are not. He is humble and gracious and happy but the circumstances of his life take a toll.

Once again, any financial support is appreciated. Send checks to me, earmarked for Nepal. Your grace in the world is appreciated.

Roy Anthony Shabla
Box 4503
Downey, CA 90241

+ + +

This month may be the most challenging of the year. Use First Aid spray every day. Eat healthy, clean food and use Bright Immunity every day. To assist in your personal transformation and that of the world, read RADIANT IN ALL REALMS and use Green Light every day. Your elevation models elevation for all.

+ + +

I currently have sixteen books in print, most of them have had the prices reduced for the holidays. They make wonderful small gifts, some priced as cheaply as a good greeting card. Give a gift with meaning and resonance, even to yourself.

I also have two t-shirt websites. Only one links from my website; the other links from the art gallery that represents my film work, Los Angeles Center for Digital Art. While there is some overlap of images, both websites have different products. There is something for everyone.













Thank you for your love and support. Keep strong and the difficult times will pass.

Roy Anthony Shabla


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