. September 2003  
Fighting Physical and Spiritual Disharmony  

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Welcome to a network of websites grounded in the philosophy that spiritual consciousness infuses and informs all physical substance.

The world and everything in it is created of light and grace and exists in every moment complete and perfect.

Align yourself with that perfection and reveal your own true grace and light.

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in the presence of the poet,
all is poetry;
in the presence of the lover,
all is love.

come to the banquet hungry
and ready to dance.

there is no sound
but music and singing;
there is no life
but celebration and gratitude.

has your invitation been misplaced?
have your ears been plugged?

you cannot remain dry
in the pool of devotion;
you cannot remain rigid
in the wind of the divine.

come to the celebration-feast hungry
and with dance in your heart.



It may appear the challenges of the summer are winding down but don't be lulled into a false sense of security: the challenges are merely morphing form. It is highly suggested to maintain burning a blessthehome.com Feng Shui candle in the Southwest sector of your home. It is also suggested to maintain the liberal use of blessthebody.com Green Light on yourself and family. Both treatments are to remove disharmony.

One of the greatest personal disharmonies is cancer. Numerous clients have recently inquired about the use of the spiritual remedies in relation to cancer.

Following is some general information:

  • Radiation Cleanse: corrects the polarity of cells so cancer cells do not develop so easily. It is especially important for blood disorders. Also, an excellent aid during radiation therapy.
  • Bright Brain: strengthens the etheric body (see below) so the non-physical progression toward cancer is diminished. It is especially important for tumors/masses.
  • Bright Immunity: sets the pattern of healthy (anti-cancer) organs into your energy field. It also strengthens the body to not accept cancer cells.
  • Green Light: works in the future to prevent the tendency toward cancer.
  • Implant Cleanse: removes the deep/ dimensional encoding of cancer.
  • Sunshine herbal remedy: addresses the physical/exogenous source of cancer (see below).
  • Secondary remedies include: Chakra Tonic, Aura Spritz, Karma Cleanse, E-motion Potion, Love Light, White light. And use First Aid to help you through everything. Complete descriptions for all products available on website.

Bright Brain

The brain is the master computer of the physical body and the main interface with the subtle worlds. Poor diet/nutrition, toxic environment/blood, imbalanced hormones and chemicals, and electro- magnetic and other radiational fields contribute to a decrease of these functions, as do inter-dimensional interferences. Headaches, dizziness, buzzing, inability to focus/inability to remember, poor coordination, mood-swings, insomnia, and general degeneration are all symptoms of a decrease of these functions.

Bright Brain restores vitality and light to the essence of the brain which balances and enhances its functioning. It also strengthens the etheric body, slowing the degeneration of the physical body. Rudolph Steiner said that cancer was a degeneration of the etheric body. Use of Bright Brain as a tonic maintains a strong etheric body.

It is important for serious meditators, students, drug-users, and anyone over forty years of age.

Combine with Radiation Cleanse, Chakra Tonic, White Light for severe symptoms. Combine with Silver Light for chronic anxiety. Add Resurrection and Love of Life herbal remedies for rejuvenation.


Parasites and funguses are at the exogenous root of most physical dis-ease. Recent research by Hulda Clark confirms this but the idea originated in the Middle Ages with Hildegaard van Bingen. Removal of destructive parasites and fungi from the physical body is crucial for longevity and quality-of-life.

blessthebody.com Sunshine is a general, non- traumatic, parasite/fungus cleanse. It is highly recommended to anyone with digestive disorders, fatigue (both physical and mental), and skin abnormalities; but can be used against ANY DISEASE (especially cancer, according to Hulda Clark).

Take five herbal capsules a day for a month. Then take acidophilus for two weeks. Then return to five capsules of Sunshine a day for another month. Repeat as needed. Combine with blessthebody.com Love of Life herbal remedy for deeper cleansing. Combine with Radiation Cleanse, Bright Immunity, Aura Spritz, White Light as needed.

Ritual and Feng Shui Candles

Fire is one of the basic elements/building blocks of the universe and the use of fire in real magic and ritual dates back to pre-history. Fire is symbolic of cleansing/preparation, completion/re-birth, and devotion. It is used as a continuous, daily, and occasional element in feng shui, magic, and rituals both conventional and esoteric the world over.

Be sure all candles say "100% beeswax, soy or vegetable wax" — otherwise they pollute the environment and contribute to serious health problems such as brain tumors, lung cancer, miscarriage/ abortion. Never burn regular candles in the home of a child with asthma/allergies.

blessthehome.com Ritual Candles are 100% white soybean wax and unscented for the very sensitive.

blessthehome.com Feng Shui Candles are 100% red crystalline vegie-soy wax with intoxicating aroma.

All candles are completely natural (wax, color, aroma) with unbleached cotton wicks and are prepared in recyclable glass for your safety and peace-of- mind.

To enhance fire blessings, always hold a specific intention in your mind and heart while lighting the candle.

Feng Shui

As stated more than once in the blesstheworld.com newsletters this year, it is very important to place a metal windchime in the North sector of the home to maintain health until the Year of the Goat passes in February 2004. blessthehome.com has the most activating windchime for this feng shui cure. If you have any health challenges, place the blessthehome.com Great Cure Windchime in the North sector until February. Then it can be used elsewhere.

While most popular feng shui treatments relate to love or money, health issues are the most important aspect of feng shui analysis. Without some level of health, love and money become powerless.

Following is a short list of common feng shui problems relating to health:

Dried flowers/potpourri = death.
Skeletons/ghosts (Day of the Dead figures) = death.
Funerary items/relics = death.
Tombstone-shaped headboard = death.
Sleeping with feet towards door (a corpse is removed from the room feet first) = death. (if you cannot move your bed, place a blessthehome.com Bagua Mirror over the door.)

Sleeping with head under window = restless sleep.
Sleeping with plant in room = restless sleep.

All white room/too much white = depression.
Ceiling beams = headaches, insanity.
Indoor tree touching ceiling = headaches, insanity.

Toilet doesn't flush completely/easily = poor digestion/eliminations.

Plants growing on outside walls = skin problems.
Peeling paint = skin problems.

For severe health challenges, hang a blessthehome.com Great Cure Prism halfway up the left-side of the house.


The universe does not set up a problem without a solution,
a disease without a cure.
Nature is the great teacher in this matter.
If you are to heal yourself,
you must first accept it is possible to heal.
Then you must accept the healing.
Since health is a change from disease,
you must not consider healing yourself without changing yourself;
you must not consider healing yourself without
being changed by the healing.
When you are willing to follow nature,
you can yourself cure any disease you have
and in so doing, accept your part in setting the perfect universe right.

May the products and information from the blesstheworld.com network raise your health to radiance.

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